Silwy Magnetic Drinkware review- the best travel glassware EVER?

New motorhome or camper owner? Looking for the essential motorhome accessories you need for your new van? Here are 21 ESSENTIAL things you need right now

Looking for the best wine glasses or tumblers to use in your motorhome, campervan, RV or boat? How about some that you can fix horizontally?! Oh yeah- these are the coolest glasses you never knew you needed!

Disclaimer: We were given the opportunity to road test (literally!) the Silwy magnetic drinkware and Silwy glassware accessories- here’s our review after 3 weeks of constant use! We NEVER promote anything we don’t 100% believe in- which is why you find very few product endorsements on this site. Feel free to read this post, watch the video and make your own decisions. 

Glassware for motorhomes/ campervans

Anyone else HATE plastic cups and glasses? Perhaps hate is too strong, but I really really dislike them. I think it stems back to being a kid and going camping- and the plastic cups always smelt a little funky- like stale orange juice.

Is it just me?

Anyway, for as long as we have lived on boats or motorhomes (which is over 17 years, in case you’re wondering!), we have had this debate. Common sense says carry plastic, unbreakable cups and glassware.

My heart says ‘Don’t you dare’. 

As I’m usually one to follow my heart, we have been storing proper glass glassware in layers of cloths, plastic boxes and all other crazy contraptions to keep them safe while travelling (and to stop rattles in the motorhome!)

We have had a couple of accidents, but it’s just so SATISFYING when we get to relax at the end of the day with a little something yummy (from a proper glass!) They should be on our motorhome essential accessories list!

Silwy Magnetic Drinkware

Enter: Silwy.

Silwy is a German company who have designed a range of travel drinkware. Travel MAGNETIC drinkware.

They do a range of high-end plastic magnetic drinkware, complete with lid to protect against spillage or insects. If we travelled with kids, these glasses would be PERFECT for them.

Silwy Magnetic Drinkware Review for Motorhomes & Boats
Silwy Magnetic Drinkware Review for Motorhomes & Boats

Silwy Magnetic Glasses- ACTUAL wine glasses

But what REALLY fascinated us when we looked at the range were the CRYSTAL wine glasses. And tumblers.

They are actual, proper glass (seriously, watch the video). And they can be stored on magnetic strips so that they are kept secure, safe, and there were NO rattles.

Seriously, it was like someone designed these exactly for us! We had to give them a try.

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Silwy Magnetic wine glass Review

We tested 2 crystal wine glasses and 2 crystal glass tumblers, each of which came with their own magnetic coaster. As well as these, there are also champagne glasses, beer glasses and whiskey glasses in the magnetic crystal range.

Each glass has an attractive silver magnet fitted into the base- the magnet is actually moulded into the glass so it can’t fall out. I personally love the look of the glasses- they’re ‘grown up’ and look expensive. The magnet isn’t obtrusive or weird- they really are beautifully designed.

Both the wine glasses and the tumblers hold a generous amount of liquid, and they have a nice weight in your hand.

The coasters have a sticky back, so they are firmly attached to the surface you place them on, but they can be peeled off (without leaving a sticky residue) and placed somewhere else as you wish.

Magnetic wine glass holder strip

We also got a magnetic strip for the glassware to ‘stick’ too. The strip is designed to be attached to any surface (except oiled wood) and can even be attached to the ceiling, with the glassware hanging upside down!

I was completely sceptical about this (as you can see in the video!) but you really can hang them upside down! The power of the strip is impressive- you can FEEL the glass and the strip ‘connect’ via the magnets and you really need to WANT to get them off the strip- you can’t just casually knock them off.

WATCH THE VIDEO of us testing the Silwy Magnetic Drinkware

We used these glasses in our motorhome for over a month before reviewing them. See the good (and bad!) bits here!

Glassware Storage ideas for RV interiors

We decided to store our Silwy magnetic glasses mounted on a wall sideways in our Motorhome, so they were at a 90-degree angle. No, we didn’t think it would work either.

The strip was really easy to install and the glasses were in place in about 5 minutes- the hardest part was deciding where to put them!!

Once mounted, we decided to REALLY test out these glasses before we decided if they were worth recommending or not. In true Wandering Bird style, we drove down (and up!) several mountains in the French Alps, over HUGE potholes, down gravel lanes, went wild camping and more! They didn’t slip once for over 3 weeks!

Silwy Magnetic Drinkware review- Best Travel glass for motorhomes

I am so genuinely impressed by these glasses. I was completely sceptical, but I am converted. Being able to store them in a previously useless space in the motorhome was great and freed up much-needed cupboard room.

The only problem we had came when the temperature reached over 40 degrees C in southern France. This high temperature weakened the magnetic strip and the strip fell away from the wall.

We fixed this by drilling the strip in place. If you want proof that we genuinely like these glasses, we have now put holes into our motorhome for them! No going back from that.

The coasters aren’t strong enough to hold the glasses in place whilst you’re driving, but that’s not what they are designed for. If you want to store the glasses ‘out’, you will definitely need to buy the magnetic strip.

But the coasters are really useful if you’re wild camping in your motorhome on a slope- no slippage at all!! 🙂

Best Wine Glass for boat?

We also tested a mat, which is designed to be attached to a tray, so glasses don’t slip on the tray whilst you’re carrying them. We don’t have trays on the motorhome (see our complete packing list here), but the mat would be REALLY useful on a boat or in a bigger RV which uses trays!

I wish we’d known about these glasses when we were cruising a lot in our boat. Nowadays, we don’t venture out much (too busy touring Europe in our motorhome!) but if we ever do decide to go back to boat life, we will DEFINITELY get more of them. They are the perfect glassware for boats- both in terms of storage and use!

Silwy Magnetic Drinkware review- final thoughts

All in all, we are really pleased that these glasses live up to the hype. We feel the strip needs holes in, so it can be permanently attached if desired- that is the weakest part of the system in our opinion. But the strength of the strip and the magnets is impressive- NOTHING is budging those glasses when they are attached to the strip.

As I previously mentioned, we like them so much we’ve decided to permanently install the strip (in the same place above the cupboard) and we’ve removed all other wine glasses and tumblers from the motorhome! We are definitely converted.

If you’d like to try Silwy magnetic drinkware for yourself, you can buy them from:

Amazon UK

Amazon USA

Direct from Silwy (Use wandering10 for 10% off)

UPDATE- May 2020. We are STILL using these glasses daily (or at least, when we’re travelling in our van… which is NOT a lot given the current situation!) We have driven all the way to the Dolomites (including the craziest road we’ve ever seen), Croatia, Slovenia and France. Not one droppage, slippage or issue. We still highly recommend them as easy and practical motorhome glassware.

We were provided with the Silwy magnetic glasses and accessories free to try. As always, all opinions are entirely our own. 

Packing your RV Kicthen? Are you looking for the BEST travel glassware to store in your camper? These glasses are PERFECT for RV Life- they can be stored in dead space all around your motorhome and don't budge as you travel! You can pack them away or leave them on display. Used indoors or outdoors. Check them out in our video today! #rv #rvlife #rvliving #rving #kitchen #packing #tips
Packing your RV Kicthen? Are you looking for the BEST travel glassware to store in your camper? These glasses are PERFECT for RV Life- they can be stored in dead space all around your motorhome and don’t budge as you travel! You can pack them away or leave them on display. Used indoors or outdoors. Check them out in our video today! #rv #rvlife #rvliving #rving #kitchen #packing #tips

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    I’d go anywhere the mood takes me. We’re lucky enough to be living the dream in our motorhome full-time. We’ve found so many wonderful places to visit and experience, many on personal recommendations from people we’ve met. The world is our oyster and we’re loving it!

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  23. Grate review and yes the glasses are fantastic with one slight problem: highly breakable specifically during wash-ups, I’ve just bought a second set of those, but also I copy the idea and make my own magnetic glasses by gluing similar magnet (can get 10 of those for 17€) to standard wine glass with crystal silicone, also I’ve made few of those magnetic strips out of magnetic stainless steel sheet and attached it with double side adhesive mirror tape. Strip and glasses survived even when I drove in to huge pot whole (so big that the crash sensor get activated and turned the engine off) And also instead of sticking those coasters to the table I simply glued very thin metal plate under the table and it works just as the coaster but on all surface of my table.

    1. Wandering Bird says:

      Awesome ideas Andy- thanks for sharing.

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