33 perfect gift ideas (that motorhome owners will LOVE!)

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Looking for Motorhome gift ideas or campervan accessories for the perfect present? I get it- it can be tough to find the right gift for someone who owns a van- especially if you don't know much about motorhome life.

You want a useful present, or a funny motorhome gift for Christmas or their birthday or anniversary- something which shows you really know the recipient. Or you're looking for the PERFECT secret santa present for a colleague who owns a motorhome (or caravan.)

Whatever your budget, whatever your reason, we have some of the BEST motorhome gift ideas right here- most of them are even on Amazon Prime in case you…umm.. forgot. Tut tut. 


Gifts for campervan and motorhome owners

Before we get started, this post focuses on gifts for people with motorhomes. If your friend or relative has a campervan, here are 35 AWESOME vanlife gift ideas for campervanners which is full of ideas perfect for spending time in a van. 

Motorhome Gifts

There's a range of gifts for motorhome owners here- some perfect for the couple who spend every weekend away in their camper, others for people who are heading off on long-term adventures around UK, Europe or even further! There's also a range of budgets- from fun novelty gifts to ones which will really change their motorhoming life!

We share perfect motorhome gift ideas for couples, families or anyone who likes to get out and explore in their motorhome.

Best Motorhome gifts for couples, families or people who explore in their camper

Motorhome Gadgets

People LOVE their motorhomes, but often don't like to spend too much money on things to make their lives easier. Here's a great opportunity for you to get them some of the best motorhome gadgets- something they REALLY want and need.

Sat Nav

A motorhome sat nav is essential. You NEED to know where the low bridges, one-way streets and crazy roads are… and how to avoid them in a big vehicle. 

Yet many people struggle along with Google Maps or a car sat-nav, and often end up in all sorts of trouble. Get them a dedicated motorhome sat-nav and watch their eyes light up! 


Anti-Theft Tracker

Motorhome theft is sadly a real problem. If the motorhome is kept on a driveway or street, it can easily be a target for thieves. This anti-theft GPS tracker is perfect to give someone peace of mind- or to track their motorhome should the worst happen.


Easy Levelling for Motorhomes and caravans

This easy to install levelling device allows you to level a motorhome with ease. When the van's level, the LEDs show it. It's as simple as that. No more fighting, endless adjusting or embarrassment on a campsite. 


Reversing Camera

A reversing camera is another motorhome gadget which we feel is almost essential- especially for the bigger motorhomes. This is the system we installed and it's brilliant. It allows us to see both behind us (REALLY useful if you don't have an end window) and also down at our trailer or bike rack. 



Motorhome Gift Ideas- Useful & Practical motorhome accessories

Let's be honest, if your recipient has owned their motorhome for longer than a week, they probably have most of the basics already. So let's find some unique gifts they probably don't have yet. 


Heated blanket

This. Is. AMAZING.

Sometimes it gets cold in a motorhome- even with heating. If you use the motorhome all year round, or if your recipient is always cold, this 12v plugin heated blanket is PERFECT. It can keep passengers warm in the back, or can be used when parked up on a campsite or around the campfire. It doesn't draw a lot of power, so the battery can run it without a problem. Seriously, I'm in love.




If your recipient is anything like us, they will LOVE taking photos and videos of the places they visit- even if it only stays on their hard drive. 

Why not help them get even better shots of their travels (and their motorhome!) and treat them to a drone. We LOVE our DJI Mavic Pro 2, but it's quite big and expensive for newbies to drones, so the new DJI mini is a better starting point (and cheaper for you too!) 

It takes amazing footage, is easy to fly and won't take up much space in the motorhome. 


Go Pro

If you think a drone is too much for them, a GoPro Hero 7 BLACK is just as useful. We use our ALL THE TIME to capture memories and silly things which happen on the road (which you can see on our Instagram)

The GoPro Hero 7 BLACK is amazing (it has to be the black- the other colours aren't as good for some reason.) There's also a Hero 8 out now too- which I'm sure will be even better!


Motorhome fun accessories

Photo Printer

I'll be honest- I was a bit sceptical about this. It seemed a bit ‘gimmicky'. But we genuinely use our photo printer ALL the time. It's a great way to print out photos as we travel and stick them up inside the motorhome- or give them to people we meet as a fun memento of our meeting. 


‘Real Fire' Crackling Candle

One of the things we love in the motorhome is campfires. There's nothing better than sitting outside, watching the sunset over the horizon and watching the flames.

However, sometimes that's just not possible- due to weather or location, so this AMAZING candle is the next best thing.

The Woodwind crackling candle actually sounds like a real fire, it smells awesome (I love the berry ones) and it doesn't get warm on the bottom so it's safe for any surface. Easy to light and relight, this is the perfect gift for anyone who uses their motorhome through the winter (or anyone who likes candles!)


Bottle Light

We use our bottle light ALL the time. It's battery-powered and gives a soft glow which isn't bright enough to block out the stars, but gives enough light for us to find our beer in the dark! It's the perfect light for warm evenings in the motorhome.

Motorhome Wall Clock

This fun gift isn't for IN the motorhome- but rather to remind them of what's waiting. It's a motorhome wall clock, with different makes of camper or RV at each number. Makes a great talking point for visitors to their home.


Personalised Motorhome Gifts for couples

There are a wide range of personalised gifts you can buy for motorhome or RV owners. This cute personalised motorhome sign is one of my favourites- well made, easy to put up in the motorhome and a constant reminder of how awesome you are to buy it for them!

 (Here's a cute handpainted personalised caravan sign if that suits better)


Motorhome Gift Ideas- Books

Believe it or not- motorhome lovers like to read about motorhomes, adventures, motorhome systems and electrics, cooking in the camper… and many other things. Even people not normally known to pick up a book (my husband!) has a selection of Motorhome themed books that he likes to flick through on a wet afternoon when we're chilling with no phone signal. Here are some of our favourites:



Motorhome gifts for families & kids

One of the reasons many people buy a motorhome in the first place is to spend time together as a family. Here are some great ways to help them do that.

Games in the motorhome

The Motorhome and Caravan Board Game– will you ever get to your destination?

 Harry Potter Cluedo. Like normal cluedo… but better and fun for kids (and adults!) of all ages. (No knowledge of Harry Potter required) 


Motorhome Caravan Doll House

I dare you not to want this- it's the cutest thing ever. I feel deprived that I never had a motorhome or caravan dollhouse as a child. 


 Lego Motorhome & RV sets

There are so many cool things about this I don't even know where to start. But it comes with a boat. And a BEAR. It's just awesome. 


Other awesome motorhome and campervan lego sets include:



Motorhome clothing

Everyone loves a funny/ themed t-shirt and people do wear them at campsites all over the world. Here are some of our favourites: (Other colours are available for most of them)

Campervan and Motorhome gifts- Tshirts for men


If you're looking for more present ideas for men, here are 15 PERFECT motorhome gift ideas for men to choose from.



Motorhome T-shirts for Women


Motorhome Gift Ideas for Women

Personalised motorhome wine glasses, camping bags, camper hoodies or pretty mugs. Any woman with a motorhome will love them all!



Fun Motorhome Gift ideas for the Kitchen

Cute caravan salt and pepper pots, motorhome apron, halogen cooker (so useful if there's no oven) or a cute camper tea-towel. Perfect gift choices for every motorhome owner!


I hope that helps sort out your gift giving needs for Christmas, Birthdays, anniversaries or anything else! If not, these might do the trick:

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