Motorhome Door Locks – should you fit extra security?

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Motorhome security is something which concerns pretty much every motorhome, campervan or RV owner. We all hate the idea of anything happening to our camper- and most of us are interested in the options available to make security better.

We fitted a Milenco 4718 motorhome Security Door lock – here's everything we learned.

Why fit an additional motorhome door lock?

The habitation door is one of the weak points on a motorhome. It is one of the places thieves try- especially opportunists (which is more likely what you get whilst travelling)

We wanted to make this a less vulnerable area- so decided to fit an additional door lock. You can also reduce your motorhome insurance costs with additional security, so it's worth considering.

If you carry items such as a motorhome TV or a dedicated camper sat-nav, these can be particularly attractive for thieves- learn how to reduce the risks with our motorhome security tips.

Milenco 4718 Motorhome habitation door lock

We chose the Milenco 4718 Security Door Lock

This is a high-security door lock, which locks from both the inside or the outside. It also protects with against bump keys.

Milenco Security Door Lock specifications

You can fit the motorhome door lock in either landscape or portrait position- it doesn't make any difference to its effectiveness if fitted correctly.

  • This is the “improved” design which only needs a 30mm gap between the door frame and wall fixings/furniture.
  • The handle only requires 50mm to turn. (see video below for clarity)
  • The handle projects 33mm away from the inner wall surface

Fitting the Milenco Security Door Lock to our motorhome

Here's a video to show us fitting the Milenco motorhome door lock to our habitation door.

Motorhome Security Door Lock Review- fitting the Milenco 4718 security door lock to our camper

Motorhome Security Door Lock- does it make a difference?

Well, the lock has now been fitted for a month, and we haven't had anyone try to break in! 🙂 We used it every day and night whilst we went touring in the French Pyrenees and visited the breathtaking Cirque de Gavarnie (home to Europe's second-highest waterfall!)

It's very simple to use (once you get the hang of it- as you see in the video!) and it's easy to lock from inside and out. We feel much happier leaving the van when we're wild camping or using aires. Next on our list is to tackle the motorhome windows!

Where to buy a motorhome door lock for additional security

We bought ours from a motorhome show, but the easiest place is probably Amazon.

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