18 beautiful road trip travel Journals & log books

If you enjoy recording or journalling your road trips, you will LOVE these motorhoming journals/ travel logbooks- perfect for motorhome, campervan, RV, caravan or any other road tripper. Create beautiful memories of your journeys to enjoy for years to come.

I'm not a scrapbooker. Or a diary-writer.

I try SO HARD and I dutifully buy a new diary every single year… and then forget to write in it until August. Heck, I've even tried one of those ‘one line a day' diaries… still nada.

But a road trip travel logbook is something else.

Why write a motorhome travel log or road trip journal?

Before motorhomes, we lived on boats for 15 years. It was part legal document, part way of making sure we'd checked the tides. Writing the journal was just one of the tasks we did, both before we set off and during the trip.

And those logbooks are GOLD. Even now, years later, we love reading through them, remembering the funny/ foolish/ embarrassing things we did. It's the best keepsake we could ever have, (especially the mini arguments we had, where one of us wrote a silly comment in the log, so the other replied… and we filled up 3 pages with utter nonsense!)

That's EXACTLY why a motorhoming/ road trip logbook is so essential- it's a living record of your adventures- created AS they happen… not 5 years later when you're trying to remember.

If you travel ANYWHERE by road (for adventures, not just the morning commute), then we highly recommend you treat yourself to a road trip travel log book and start recording the trips. It doesn't matter whether you travel by motorhome, campervan, RV, caravan or anything else- you'll really appreciate these travel journals (or diaries, if you prefer) in years to come.

Don't forget, even if you're not planning a motorhome, RV or road trip yourself, these make the BEST presents.

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Road Trip Journal Logbook

We travel a LOT with our motorhome. But we struggled to find a decent road trip journal/ logbook which would help us record our trips.

So we created one which suited our needs as motorhome owners, but also those of campervan and RV owners. Inside, there are pages for recording your trips, where you stayed and what the journey was like, but also checklists, things to remember and useful guides for cleaning and winter shutdown. It's a one-stop guide for motorhome and campervan owners everywhere.

You can find out more about our exclusive Road Trip logbook HERE

road trip journal logbooks- motorhome, RV, camper, car road trip
Our exclusive Wandering Bird Logbook.

Travel Journals for any adventure

These beautiful travel logbooks and journals make wonderful gifts for couples, or a perfect gift for a friend going travelling. They work for UK, USA, Canada or anywhere else you're planning to go!

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Road Trip travel log books & motorhome journals

Here are some of our very favourite road trip travel logbooks and motorhome journals. They make wonderful gifts for motorhome owners, or a little treat for yourself. (Sssshh, I won't tell!)

Some of them are formatted pages inside, and some are blank notebooks for you to add your own personality too, so please do check carefully to make sure you get the type you want.

Motorhome RV log books and travel diaries

Campervan logbooks & travel journals

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Best Children's road trip logbooks

Helping a child to record their trip is a wonderful idea. It helps them to express themselves, be more thoughtful and try to remember things which happened. Keep it simple and fun, and it will be an exercise they enjoy for many years to come.

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And don't forget to check out our exclusive Wandering Bird road trip/ motorhoming logbook HERE

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