35 Awesome Camper gift ideas for him (motorhome/ caravan gifts for dad)

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Looking for a practical gift for a man in your life? Whether it’s a birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas or anything else, these caravan, campervan and motorhome gifts for him (whether that’s Dad, Husband, Son, Brother or any other male relation) are sure to be a huge hit.

There’s something here for every budget and taste for men who like camping and a life outdoors. I hope you find the perfect present.

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Gift Ideas for Men Who Like Campervans, Motorhomes, RVs, Caravans or Camping

WHY are men who like ‘outdoorsy’ life so hard to buy gifts for? Seriously?! Both my husband and my father are pains in the proverbial when it comes to Father’s Day, Birthdays or Christmas.

They’re both practical men who love camping, outdoors and (in my husband’s case) motorhomes, but there are only so many multi-function knives or hip flasks a guy needs. 

To make matters even harder, we travel most of the year in our motorhome and everything needs to justify the space it takes up. So, believe me when I say I feel your pain.

But, through trial, error and demanding they tell me what they’d like, I have found some AWESOME campervan gadgets and practical gift ideas for men who like camping, campervans, motorhomes or generally being outside as much as possible. I hope you find the below useful.

(If you need presents for Campervan owners – here’s a great list of campervan Gift Ideas they’ll love!) Looking for gifts for motorhome couples, women or families? Check out these PERFECT presents for motorhome owners.

Practical Gifts for Camping Dads/ Husbands/ Brothers/ Uncles…

Is your Dad (Husband, Son, Brother, Uncle, Grandfather…

Ok, quick note before we move forwards. Can we just agree that if I say ‘Dad’, I mean all male relations or friends? Saying ‘Man’ sounds rude. Deal? Ok, let’s continue…)

Is your Dad practical and outdoorsy? Does he LOVE being out in nature and uses his camping gear, motorhome or campervan to head off into the wild, where you suspect he’d happily stay forever if he could? Good, these gift ideas are for him.

The perfect practical gifts for Dad are ones he'll use again and again
The perfect practical gifts for Dad are ones he’ll use again and again

Biolite Woodburning and USB Charging Stove

Picture the scene. You’ve parked up in a beautiful location. Dad is happily outside, starting a fire for the BBQ… while at the same time providing electricity to charge phones, iPads, torches and much more!

What an amazing idea. The Biolite Woodburner and USB charger uses sticks or wood that you find at your camp stop- no need to carry extra fuel in the campervan. The fire is smokeless, it can boil water in minutes and if you buy the kettle you can make hot drinks for free!

UPDATE: I just bought Mr WB one of these for his birthday. He LOVED it. We will use it thoroughly for a couple of months and then report back with a proper review- but first signs are VERY good. 

Inflatable Kayak – Perfect Gift for Men

This is the inflatable kayak we have- and it’s a FANTASTIC camping gift idea for him. We’ve used it all over the place, including on a fjord in Denmark.

Even if you’re not travelling that far in your camper, this is a perfect place for Dad to get away from it all, maybe with a fishing rod?

Freestanding Hammock- One of the Best Ideas for Camping Dads Ever

Who doesn’t want to spend their days swinging in a hammock and watching the world go past? It’s not always easy to find available trees at home or when camping, so a free-standing hammock is a great idea! 

It’s even better if you have a campervan with a roof rack for easy storage. You can fold down the stand to fit inside a car, motorhome garage or on a roof rack, or just take the hammock part when you travel. Either way- Dad’s going to love it!

If he does do a lot of wild camping, this tree-hammock might work even better!

Alternatively, we carry one of these inflatable air sofas in the camper and it’s BRILLIANT.

Practical camping gift ideas for dad and men
Practical camping gift ideas for men- time spent in a hammock is time well spent!

Practical Motorhome Gift Ideas for Men Who Like Gadgets!

Have you got a gadget lover in your life? Yep- me too. Give my husband anything ‘techie’ and he’ll happily spend a day (or five) figuring out everything it does. Here are some of our favourite (and most useful!) motorhome gadgets.

Reversing Camera

Parking a motorhome is not always easy, especially if you’ve been driving a long time. We LOVE our reversing camera and wouldn’t want to be without it now.

This is the reversing camera we fitted into our Motorhome- and it really is brilliant. It has two cameras, which allow us to check the bikes when we’re driving and also the bag which we strap to the bike rack.

The screen is very clear- useful when you’re trying to see just how close you are to that post! We’ve now used this for 6 months and highly recommend it.

Go Pro 

If your husband or Dad ever films ANYTHING  while travelling, get him a Go Pro. It’s one of my favourite things in our van- and I use it weekly, if not daily whilst we’re travelling. (To be fair, I use it more than the husband… even though it was his gift. Oops!)

I use and LOVE the Go Pro Hero 10 and it’s AMAZING. Seriously- I’ve never used anything like it.

There are a huge range of Go Pro accessories to go with it- personally, I use the mini tripod ALL the time for filming and just holding the Go Pro if we’re walking around. 

Practical Motorhome present ideas for men- gopro
The best practical present ideas allow memories to be captured

360 Camera

We also just got the Insta 360 One X2 camera, both for motorhome trips and also for use on the motorbikes. Not had a chance to use it extensively, but it looks amazing so far!


I admit, you have to REALLY like your Dad for this camper gift idea- or to have screwed up so badly that only a massive gesture will do!

But for anyone who explores, a travel drone is a great present. We love capturing some of the magical places we visit.

Just be really careful to check the rules in each country you want to use it in- even across Europe, the rules are wildly different.

We personally use the DJI Mavic Pro 2, which is awesome but for casual travellers I’d recommend the Mini 3– it’s cheaper yet still with great results and falls under the weight restrictions for many countries.

The Mavic Pro 3 has just been released too- it looks amazing!

Sat Nav- one of the best practical gifts for camper men!

One of the most useful things we did was get a dedicated sat-nav for our motorhome. Normal maps or Google maps on the phone are great- but they don’t help you avoid the roads that are just too small (no matter how much your man doesn’t want to admit it!

Make adventures easier, and treat him to a proper motorhome or camper sat nav, like this one

Practical motorhome and campervan gift ideas for him
Practical motorhome and campervan gift ideas for him

Camping, Motorhome and Campervan Book Gift Ideas for Men

I’ve found men will read book after book if they’re interested in the subject! Here are some ideas for them to get stuck into!

Travel Journal

We lived on boats for 15 years and one of our favourite things is to read over our old logbooks and remember our adventures.

Blogs, photos and videos are great, but there’s something about seeing it written down on paper that makes it even better, which is why a road trip logbook is a fantastic gift idea for men or women who enjoy travel by motorhome or camper.

We love to put silly comments in ours about the drive, the weather, our musical tastes or some strange event that occurred. Trust me- you’ll love looking back on it in years to come.

Motorhome, Camping and Caravan Books 

Some other books he might enjoy are:

Online Guides

Don’t forget, we also have our eBooks and digital toolkits, which are available in PDF format and can be printed and bound as you wish- they make excellent gifts.

You can find all our motorhoming ebooks and guides here

Funny Camping, RV, Campervan & Motorhome Present Ideas for Him 

Everyone loves funny gag gifts, and these are some of our favourite camper &  motorhome gift ideas for him. 

Lego Campervan

Ok, full disclosure. I own this amazing lego VW campervan. My husband bought it for ME for MY birthday. 

And I love it, despite the fact that I am not a man. 🙂

It took me 3 days to build (I occasionally stopped for food) and it was COMPLEX- and it sits pride of place on my dresser. It’s a brilliant gift for a motorhome or campervan owner. 

 They also do a camper with a surfboard, an RV with boat and a caravan/ trailer. Guess what I’m putting on my Christmas list 🙂 

Head Torch- Perfect Practical Campervan & Caravan Present for Men

No celebration is complete without a spoof gag gift – and this is the gift that keeps on giving!! You get to give him something practical and then you get to laugh at him. A lot.

NOBODY looks good in a head torch. 

We use these head torches and they’ve been brilliant. They last for ages, have a range of light settings, including red which we use more often than I thought we would, especially when trying to set up night photography or something technical like that.

You learn to embrace the uncoolness and just be grateful you can see the path!!

Funny Mug Motorhome Gift ideas for men

It just wouldn’t be a complete list of gift ideas for men without a comedy mug! This one made me laugh out loud,  but there are many other funny motorhome and campervan mugs to choose from!

Talking of which, if your Dad is always complaining about his hot drink going cold too quickly, this is the perfect practical camper present for him. We’ve used these for years and it’s never let us down! It’s worth every single penny.

Motorhome Keyrings- Perfect Gift Idea

Everyone loves a key-ring- and these ones are perfect. You can even personalise them with your name or his nickname

Funny Camper T-shirt & Hoodie Gift Ideas for Him

T-shirts and hoodies are always a great gift idea, particularly for motorhome owners who are proud of their camper!

It’s not always easy finding useful and practical camping, campervan or motorhome gifts for men. I hope he appreciates all your hard work and enjoys whatever you pick for him!

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    1. Hi there! Thanks for your question. In the UK, use the app (Droneassist)- it’s brilliant for telling you where you can and can’t fly safely. Overseas we Google the local laws for each country- if we’re not sure, we don’t fly. Avoiding all crowds and residential areas is a safe start. If you are going to buy one, may I humbly ask that you consider buying through one of our affiliate links, either on the resources page or on the side bar? We’d really appreciate it. Thanks 🙂

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