Watching the lunar eclipse in Germany. Sort of

Driving from Holland to Germany

The last couple of days have been driving days. The problem with having deadlines to meet (and ferries to catch!) is that when you take a couple of days off to visit a village with no roads or a model village of Holland, you then spend the next few days playing catch up with the mileage!! 

Free Motorhome parking at Geeste

We finished our motorhome tour of Holland and are now officially motorhoming in Germany and spent last night in a great little free campsite at Geeste, just on the German side of the Dutch/ German border. Geeste is a pretty little village which we spent very little time in, but we chose to spend the night there for one major reason- it had a swimming lake. After a day in Giethoorn where we desperately wanted to go swimming but the canal was brown and murky, we (I) was determined to find somewhere suitable for afternoon bathing.

Geeste- free campsite in Germany

Geeste is an AWESOME stop- it’s free and the motorhome bays are in long lines so you’re not parked next to each other and can easily fit in a long motorhome with a trailer. There’s a big lake suitable for swimming/ watersports and a cafe which sells currywurst and fries. Seriously, what more do you want out of life?? There is no facilities- don’t think there’s even a waste emptying point, but it’s a lovely place to spend the afternoon/ evening.

Bratwurst mit pommefrites

There aren’t any services here and you can only stay for a maximum of 24 hours, but I’d most definitely stay here again if we pass this way. Word of warning though- I’d been here about 2 minutes when I felt something bite my shoulder… which turned out to be a spider which had dropped from the tree above me. Urgh. Luckily I didn’t see the size of said spider…. Mr WB’s face was enough for me to know I shouldn’t have that in my memory!  Don’t forget- it’s Germany. Nowhere is safe.

Lunar Eclipse- and wedding crashers!

It just so happened to be the night of the lunar eclipse, so at 9.30pm we went for a walk to see the moon… and ended up at the lake with over 300 people. It was a great atmosphere, people were laughing, chatting, drinking and taking awesome photos of the moon. Everyone was fairly smartly dressed, and we felt very out of place in our bikinis (me) and swim shorts (him)- how lovely that at 10pm we weren’t cold at all.

Geeste swimming lake

It was only after we’d been there for some time, sitting on the shore of the lake and people watching as we waited for the eclipse, that we realised we were sitting in the middle of a wedding. Honestly, I think it was the lady in the big white dress which gave it away. Nobody seemed to mind us being there in the slightest- in fact, several people smiled at us- but we felt a little uncomfortable so we moved further down the shores of the lake away from the party. Oops!

As the lunar eclipse started, I could have kicked both of us- we forgot to bring our big expensive camera out of the motorhome with us (god knows why we bother to carry it- we never take it anywhere!!) We also forgot to bring our portable telescope… seriously, what better time would there be to use it??? Doh.

If you haven’t seen it yet, our portable telescope is AWESOME. It packs away into a small rucksack and is there for when we’re camped up a mountain under the Milky Way or, you know, watching a lunar eclipse in Germany with perfect weather. That sort of thing!

Celestron 21035 Travel Scop...Shop on Amazon 

Still, we sat and enjoyed the view and took a few shots on our iPhones- are you impressed….?? I was amazed by how LONG the lunar eclipse went on for. Long enough that we started walking back to the Motorhome before it had finished- turns out bikinis get a little chilly around 11 pm in Germany!

Our pitiful attempt at a Lunar eclipse shot- are you impressed?!?!?!

Details of Geeste Motorhome Parking

Here are the details of Geeste Motorhome campsite:

GPS: N 52°35’39.0084” E 7°16’24.8664”


Although we only stayed one night, we really enjoyed Geeste. Definitely a great free stopover on your way East/ West to the UK.
Do you have a favourite stopover point in Europe?? Let me know in the comments- I’d love to hear about it!

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