Guide to Hasenhorn Rodelbahn- Todtnau Toboggan Coaster!

Hasenhorn Rodelbahn Todtnau Toboggan Coaster Germany

Fancy racing downhill on a tiny sled on rails at over 30mph?? Welcome to the Todtnau toboggan run! This incredible ride is actually known as the Hasenhorn Rodelbahn or Todtnau Coaster- and it’s one of the best things to do in Todtnau, Germany!

We visited while motorhoming in Germany and stayed for a couple of days. There’s a Stellplatz nearby, but there is also a village with hotels and plenty of parking, so you can just visit for the day if you wish.

What is the Hasenhorn Rodelbahn?

I’ll be honest- the Todtnau Rodelbahn coaster was not how I envisioned it. I thought there would be ice, a halfpipe and a lot of terror. Instead, there was a metal rail track, with a plastic sled and a handle which acted as a brake. Apparently.

Watch the video of the Todtnau Toboggan Coaster

It’s probably easier to explain if you watch the video of our ride down the Hasenhorn Rodelbahn! My husband took our daughter (camerawoman extraordinaire) and I’m in the sled behind them. For the record, the laughter and small cries of terror are entirely real!

Where is the Todtnau Rodelbahn?

The Todtnau Rodelbahn is in Schwarzwald, the Black Forest, about 30km south of Freiburg.

The Coaster itself is an easy 10-minute walk from Todtnauberg- (the town of Todtnau). It’s fairly easy to find, although we had some trouble from the Stellplatz motorhome parking we stayed at overnight– we took the wrong tunnel. Doh!

If you’re in the Stellplatz, take the tunnel under the road near the swimming pool, then turn left and keep walking. You’ll see the Todtnau Coaster on your left,

Todtnau Toboggan Run are kids allowed?

Yes! Kids from the age of 4 are allowed. Children over 8 with a height of at least 1.4m can go by themselves. Younger children must share your sled. I don’t believe kids under the age of 4 are allowed.

Hasenhorn Rollercoaster- is it just for kids?

Oh heck no. Adults are welcome and encouraged- there are plenty of adults going up and down with no kids at all. This is truly an activity for everyone!

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How do you get to the Todtnau Rollercoaster?

You catch a chair lift up the mountain…. the exact same chair lift which in winter takes you to the top of a ski run. It takes about 10 minutes and there are only 2 to a chair. Like many ski lift chairs, it’s pretty easy to fall out of and swings a lot if you move- so hold on to young kids.

Todtnau Toboggan Run- the Hasenhorn Rodelbahn!
Todtnau Toboggan Coaster- the Hasenhorn Rodelbahn!

Opening times for the Hasenhorn Rodelbahn Todtnau

In 2019, the opening times are 10am-16:30. My advice is to get there early, especially in school holidays, to avoid long wait times.

The Rodelbahn may close in bad weather, like thunderstorms, high winds or frosts, so check in advance if concerned. I believe it still runs in the rain!

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Hasenhorn Coaster Todtnau Price

Prices in 2019 are:

Chair lift and Toboggan run 10€ each (8.50 for chidren under 16)

Pictures from the picture booth at the bottom of the run (there’s a camera set up near the bottom to capture your screaming face) 3€ each

You can buy multi-ride passes and also just take the chair lift up and walk back down if you prefer. The views from the top of the mountain are stunning.

Check the latest prices HERE

Hasenhorn Mountain Coaster- training

The training was… uh… minimal. It lasted about 15 seconds (in Germany) and consisted of how to go faster and how to brake. The problem is, you’re being strapped into a plastic sled at the time, so it’s hard to pay attention! Up to 2 people can go per sled, but the front one has to be small (child size)

Then, you’re pushed to the edge of a drop which looks a lot steeper up close than it did at the bottom, and sent on your merry way.

Black Forest Coaster, Todtnau Germany- things to know

This ride is not automated. It’s not a rollercoaster. You push the stick forward to go faster and pull it back to brake. If you don’t brake, you will probably die. If you brake too much, the person behind will probably run into you.

It is your job to stay at least 25m away from the toboggan in front…. but most people are screaming/ laughing too much to pay any attention.

Todtnau Toboggan Run- the Hasenhorn Rodelbahn!
Todtnau Toboggan Run- the Hasenhorn Rodelbahn!

What we thought of the Todtnau Toboggan Run

The whole ride was a lot longer than I thought- it took about 7 minutes to get down and all I can say is WOW! We were all beaming from ear to ear and would all happily have gone up and done it again, even Jade who doesn’t like heights and didn’t really want to go in the first place (we bribed her with bratwurst.)

It was truly epic- so much fun. If you’re ever near Todtnau, make a detour to to the Todtnau Coaster- you won’t regret it.

Todtnau Rodelbahn restaurant

Talking of which, at the bottom of the Todtnau toboggan run is a lovely little cafe which served Bratwurst and Mr WB’s personal favourite, Currywurst. Given that we hadn’t had a German sausage yet (nope, not laughing at the sausage jokes) we decided to indulge.

It was so warm that we actually sat outside in OUR T-SHIRTS. At the beginning of April. Heaven. We were basking like lizards in the sunshine and enjoying our lunch, whilst deciding what we wanted to do for the afternoon.

Bratwurst x 3 (in the sunshine) 14€

Other Rodelbahn in Germany

The Hasenhorn was so much fun, we want to do some more Toboggan Coasters!

Here’s a map of some of the other Rodelbahn in Germany:

You can see more details about each place by clicking HERE

Have you ever visited the Hasenhorn Rodelbahn or Todtnau Germany? What did you think?

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