Kiel canal with a motorhome!

Day 7- we finally made it to Kiel canal on our motorhome tour of Germany. Seriously- just look at the size of those ships! This is pretty cool, being able to sit right next to the canal and watch them. (Wow… I’m a ship geek. Who knew??!!)

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Kiel Canal with a motorhome

Motorhome parking at the Kiel canal

The day after we crashed a wedding in our swimwear, we set off reasonably early and continued our motorhome tour of Germany by heading for the Kiel Canal. It was a few hours drive- we thought were going to stop at Hamburg but decided to press on so we could have an extra night in Denmark. It’s all a balancing act between too much time in one place versus less time somewhere else. I look forward to the day where we don’t have these schedules any more. Having said that, they do keep us focussed and motivated to keep moving, which I guess is a good thing.

Motorhome parking at the Kiel Canal

There are a few wild camping options, but we decided to pay for a campsite on the edge of the canal so we could charge our batteries and get everything sorted before we headed into the wilds of Denmark. We also needed to do some work, which meant we wanted to stay a little longer in the morning- not easy in a wild camping spot, as we learnt in Belgium!

Motorhome parking next to the Kiel Canal

We stayed here:

N 54°13’29.9784” E 9°36’7.9272000000001”

Address :

Motorhome parking at the Kiel canal
It cost 12€ for the night, plus electric. We put 3€ into the electric meter and it didn’t run out throughout the night, so that was good. There is also a small grill/ bar which serves Bratwurst and a few other things between 5pm until 6.30pm. Unfortunately, we arrived too late to enjoy any of it, so we enjoyed couscous and chicken for dinner. If you’re looking for some easy road trip meal ideas, these might help.
There are full facilities at the campsite, which cost 1€ for fresh water and 1€ for toilet disposal. There’s also waste water emptying and a refuse bin.
Kiel canal motorhome service point
And now we’re off into Denmark! A new country to add to our map. Have you ever been to the Kiel Canal? What did you think of it?

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  1. Paul Featherstone says:

    Super lively blog, read all of it on the ferry from Ireland! Can you tell me who gave your van such a great makeover please – mine was sourced from the same company with the same green logos. In return, I am buying you a coffee!

    1. Hi Paul and welcome! Firstly, thank you so much for your donation to our coffee addiction- we really appreciate it! We got ours wrapped by Monster wraps in Hedge End, near Southampton. (I should probably charge them for advertising! 🙂 ) We were really pleased with them- although they weren’t cheap! Are you planning any adventures in your van?

  2. Paul Featherstone says:

    Well, we went in June to France, only to find the whole country threatened with storms. So we looked at a weather map for sunshine and found it in Devon! Rang Brittany Ferries and switched route to Roscoff-Plymouth and had a lovely week in Dartmouth. The advantage of a “house on your back” as the french describe a motorhome. Thanks for the info about vinyl, will make an enquiry. Have a wonderful time in Scandinavia. Paul

    1. Funnily enough, that’s what happened when we went to Scotland! Isn’t it nice being able to change your plans to go with the sunshine!

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