What to do in Triberg! 6 essential things to see (and what NOT to do!)

What to do in Triberg Germany- Things to do in the Black Forest

Visiting Triberg in Germany? Looking for the best things to do? For a small town (around 5000 people), Triberg has a LOT of things to do. Including some of the best things to see in Germany!

Triberg is home to the world’s LARGEST and the world’s SMALLEST cuckoo clocks. It’s also home to about 2000 OTHER cuckoo clocks- but don’t let that put you off. There’s also the biggest waterfalls in Germany, an impressive church… and cake.

There’s a lot of cake.

What to do in Triberg Germany- Things to do in the Black Forest
What to do in Triberg Germany- Things to do in the Black Forest

Where is Triberg?

Triberg is in the Black Forest, (South-West Germany)

Why is Triberg famous?

Triberg is famous for having the world’s largest and smallest cuckoo clocks, as well as the highest waterfall in Germany.

What to do in Triberg Germany- Things to do in the Black Forest
What to do in Triberg- Triberg Main Street is very pretty

What to do in Triberg first?

See The World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock

Schonachbach 27, D – 78098 Triberg
(Black Forest)

This Triberg Cuckoo Clock isn’t just large- it is the size of an entire two-storey building! Yet it’s actually quite easy to pass if you’re not looking for it as all the other buildings around it are characterful too!

The clock ‘chimes’ twice an hour (on the hour and at the half hour).

The store itself is two storeys and FULL of many, many different types of cuckoo clocks and other wooden tools and toys. I heard there is even a clock for sale in there worth 25,000€!!!!! That is a lot of money to spend on a clock.

Believe it or not, there are actually several “World’s Largest Cuckoo Clocks” as stated by the Guinness World Records. However, this one in Triberg was built in 1997 and is newer than many of the others, so it’s widely believed to be the current World’s largest. (And yes, it’s CUCKOO, not COO-COO clock. A common mistake apparently…)

Tour inside the Triberg Cuckoo Clock!

The clock is on the outside of the building and chimes twice an hour. The bird inside the clock is 14FEET long and weighs 330lbs! You can watch the clock without having to pay anything, but if you want to take a guided tour inside it’s 2€pp. Full details and opening times can be found on the website here.

Triberg Waterfalls- Wondering what to do in Triberg? This is the most popular thing to do!
Triberg Waterfalls- Wondering what to do in Triberg? This is the most popular thing to do!

Hike the Triberg Waterfalls- highest waterfalls in Germany!

Schönwälder Str. 2, 78098 Triberg

Yep, the waterfalls at Triberg should definitely be on your list. Although, they’re on a lot of other people’s lists too! Get there early and follow the clearly marked trail, which is about 1.3 miles long. It’s a mostly easy climb and suitable for kids, but be careful of the spray making some parts slippery.

The entrance to the waterfall shuts at 5pm. Unlike Todtnau, you have to pay an entrance fee on these falls (I believe it’s 3.50€) and the opening hours are normally 10am- 5pm.

Eat Black Forest Gateau

Literally any cake or restaurant, anywhere near Triberg, will have Black Forest Gateau (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte) for sale. This cake is made with black cherries, chocolate sponge, whipped cream and more cherries! Not the best time to be on a diet! Personally, I’m not a fan, but Mr WB would live in Germany for the Black Forest cake alone.

It’s as good a reason as any to live somewhere I suppose!! 🙂

What to do in Triberg? Eat Black Forest Gateau!
What to do in Triberg? Eat Black Forest cake!

Where is the world’s SMALLEST cuckoo clock?

Hauptstraße 8, 78098 Triberg

The smallest cuckoo clock in the world is just 5.1 inches tall and weighs only 6.6lbs! I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of cuckoo clocks (love the craftmanship, hate the noise) but this one is just CUTE. You can also buy one as a souvenir if you like (unless you’re clever like us and arrive JUST after the shop had shut for the evening so our daughter couldn’t go shopping. Shame…!)

Visit Maria in der Tanne Church

Cl.-Maria-Hofbauer-Straße 17, 78098 Triberg

This beautiful church is supposedly home to a magical spring (water, not bed) which has healed everything from blindness to leprosy. Whether you believe that or not, there’s no denying this building is beautiful. Set among the trees of the Black Forest, it’s definitely got a spiritual air about it!

Triberg Cuckoo clocks- Wondering what to do in Triberg? This is the most popular thing to do!
Triberg Cuckoo clocks- Wondering what to do in Triberg? This is the one of the most popular things to do!

Enter the House of the 1000 clocks

Hauptstraße 79-81, 78098 Triberg,

There are many (many!) shops all along this street proclaiming to be the ‘House of 1000 clocks’, but this one is the original.

It’s hard to believe unless you see it, and I dare anyone to try and count, but I’ll readily believe there are 1000 clocks in here. The staff are friendly and happy to let you browse, or they’ll share their knowledge with you if you ask. A great place for souvenirs… maybe we should get one in the motorhome?!?!?

What to do in Triberg- visit the Cuckoo clock shops!
What to do in Triberg- visit the House of 1000 Cuckoo clocks!

Visit the Black Forest Museum

Wallfahrtstraße 4, 78098 Triberg,

This museum is useful if the weather is being unkind and if you’re interested you can learn all about the way people used to live and work in the Black Forest. You can also learn about cuckoo clock making and mining!

How long should you spend in Triberg, Germany?

You can easily spend a day in Triberg. I think 2 days might be pushing it unless you REALLY enjoy cuckoo clock shopping, but it’s very pleasant for a night.

What to do in Triberg if you only have a few hours or a day?

If you can, get to the waterfalls early and, hopefully, you’ll avoid the worst of the crowds. After that, I’d wait for the chiming of the World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock, take a photo of the House of 1000 clocks and maybe pop in for a piece of cake.

What NOT to do in Triberg!

Well, don’t do what we did! We visited while touring Germany in a motorhome and left our motorhome at a Stellplatz in Lahr and travelled here on the motorbikes, arriving in Triberg at 5.45pm. I hadn’t taken into account the delay the broken water tank had caused and what time it actually was when we left.

So, unfortunately, we didn’t get to see much at all, and had to ride all the way back! Luckily, we had time to swing past Triberg again later in our trip, so we did actually get to see this pretty town!

How far is it from Baden Baden to Triberg?

About 111km or 90 minutes by road.

Triberg Motorhome Parking Stellplatz

The closest Stellplatz to Triberg is here:

GPS :N 48°8’46.6836” E 8°11’23.244” 48.146301,8.189790

Address :18 Obertalstraße, 78136 Schonach im Schwarzwald

There is Motorhome/ Camper parking in the middle of Triberg for the day here, although some have stayed overnight without problem:

GPS : N 48°7’47.5068” E 8°13’50.0952” 48.129863,8.230582
Address :17 Kreuzstraße 78098 Triberg

Lahr Stellplatz Details:

N 48°20’24” E 7°53’54.96” 48.340000,7.898600
Adresse : 2 Breitmatten, 77933 Lahr/Schwarzwald, Germany
We actually stayed at the Stellplatz just outside the town of Lahr, about an hour away. There is space for 13 motorhomes to park and each has a private-ish seating area outside. The stellplatz isn’t very pretty, but it’s fairly safe and was a great base for us for a couple of days. We started off paying for two nights (6€/ night- paid into the machine) but extended it for a third night (which turned out to be free as the machine was broken.)
Pitches were easily long enough for us with our trailer and we felt happy going off on the motorbikes and leaving the van for the day when we visited the Black Forest and Triberg- which was exactly what we wanted. There was also fresh water available- very useful!

Other things to do near Triberg, Germany

Triberg is only an hour from Todtnau, one of our favourite places in the Black Forest.

Ride the toboggan run and visit the famous Todtnau Waterfalls

Triberg is also only 80 minutes from Hohenzollern Castle– one of the prettiest castles in Germany!!


Parking at the Lahr Stellplatz for 2 nights- 12€

Fuel for motorbikes- 17€

Fuel for motorhome- 90€

Shopping (food)- 55€

Did you know what to do in Triberg, Germany? Have you already been? Share your favourite tips below!

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