Things to do before vacation- printable checklist

Pre Travel Checklist- things to do day before vacation holiday trip. FREE Checklist downloadable pdf

Does anyone else start dreaming about their trip just before they go? Like actual, proper dreams about a place you’ve never been before? No? Just me then…. #awkwardsilence.

Moving on… let’s remember all the things to do before vacation!


Things to do before vacation printable checklist


This post is all about the silly little jobs which often get forgotten in the excitement of a holiday. Not all of these will apply to you (they don’t even all apply to me!) but I’ve tried to include as many as I can think of so nothing gets forgotten. Let me know if you think of any more!

Things to do before Vacation

  • Start winding down the contents of your fridge/ freezer
  • Confirm booking with pet sitter/ kennels/ cattery
  • Tell your bank & credit card you are going abroad- turns out, my bank no longer cares…!!
  • Leave a rough itinerary with a friend/ family member, along with phone numbers
  • Find someone to water plants/ garden
  • Ask someone to check your mail if necessary
  • Make sure your phone numbers are stored with +44 (if in UK) or you won’t be able to dial from abroad
  • Talking of phones, back up and clear out old photos so you have plenty of space
  • Take a photograph of your passports and keep it on your phone so you have it to hand
  • Start downloading movies, podcasts, TV shows or music which you might want to take with you (CHECK OUT our 150 best road trip songs HERE)
  • STOP BUYING things which might be delivered whilst you are away
  • If you get daily deliveries, like milk or newspapers, make sure you let them know you will be away
  • Start doing your pre-trip laundry, and putting stuff you want to take to one side
  • If your campervan/ motorhome has been stood for a long time, consider washing out your water tanks with chlorine
  • Print the checklist of things to bring with you- especially useful for an early morning departure!


    Get a PRINTABLE checklist of all the jobs you need to do before your vacation. #printable #checklist #vacation
    Things to do before you travel- the more organised you are, the less stress there will be!


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Get a PRINTABLE checklist of all the jobs you need to do before your vacation. #printable #checklist #vacation

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