Travel Document Checklist- ESSENTIAL papers you NEED to carry

Travel Documents Checklist- with printable checklist

Travel documents– are they the bane of anyone else’s life? I HATE feeling that I’ve forgotten something important- the panic in your head as you try to remember whether you packed your driving licence.

Or your passport. (And yes, I have driven 5 hours before realising that I’d left my passport on the photocopier… and had to turn around and drive back again. THAT was frustrating!!)

So to help you (and me!) out, I’ve created a downloadable pdf travel documents checklist.

You can print this out and use it as many times as you like- some organised people have even laminated theirs so it’s reusable- I only aspire to be that organised!!

Travel Documents Checklist- with printable checklist
Travel Documents Checklist- with printable checklist

Travel Documents Printable Checklist

(Don’t see a form? You’re already on my list and should have access to all the checklists already)

Internation Travel- What documents to take when travelling abroad (from UK)

List of Generic Travel Documents

  • Passport (ideally with over 6 months left before it expires)
  • Children need their OWN passports, including babies (Learn how to apply for a babies first passport)
  • Visa (if you needed one)
  • Driving licence (in date and pink card only) You need this for EVERYONE who will be driving.
  • If you’re hiring a car, you might need a code. Get one HERE
  • Personal travel insurance valid for the country or countries you are visiting and also the activities you will be doing! I never did find out if toboggan runs or dangling off the CN Tower were covered!!
  • A European Health Insurance Card is invaluable if you are eligible for one- although not sure if this will continue after BREXIT
  • Pet passport and details of injections
  • Travel details- ferry/ flight booking details etc
  • Some countries require details of where you will be staying. If you’ve booked a campsite/ hotel in advance, have those details to hand.
  • Personal items insurance details- in case you lose jewellery/ laptop etc.
  • If you need any vaccinations for your travels, bring proof that you have had those and the dates.
Travel Documents Checklist- with printable checklist
Travel Documents Checklist. What documents do you need when travelling abroad?

Road Trip Travel Documents Checklist

If you’re taking your own vehicle overseas, you’ll need to carry the following:

  • Vehicle Logbook (V5C)- original (take a photocopy before you leave)
  • Vehicle insurance- must clearly show it’s insured in the country you’re visiting
  • Green card- not needed for every country. Check in advance if you need one.
  • International Driving Permit. Again, not always necessary. Check here if you need one.
  • MOT valid for vehicle (make sure all essential vehicle checks are done)
  • Breakdown cover- ideally store the emergency number and your client ID in your phone in case you need it quickly
  • Vignettes for your vehicle if travelling to a place which uses them.
  • Toll pass- not strictly paperwork, but it’s so useful!
  • If the vehicle is a HIRE VEHICLE, you MUST have proof that you are allowed to cross international borders with it- as well as all the relevant docs. You’ll probably be given a signed letter, instead of the logbook.
  • If you’re in a motorhome or RV, here are 7 RV checklists which will help

If you are towing vehicles, you need to bring:

  • EU trailer certification
  • Insurance for each vehicle being towed
  • MOT for each vehicle
  • Logbook for each vehicle
  • Green card for each vehicle
  • Breakdown cover for each vehicle
  • Vignettes for each vehicle

Planning on driving in Europe after BREXIT? Here’s the info you need on what rules have changed

Road Trip Travel Documents Checklist- with printable checklist
Road Trip paperwork checklist

International Travel Documents Checklist

Want this list in a handy, printable checklist. No problem- here you go!

Don’t forget to make at least 2 photocopies of every piece of paperwork you’ll be travelling with- just in case you need to give one away. It never hurts to be prepared!

Driving to Europe from the UK? Find out if the Ferry or Eurotunnel is better.

Essential jobs to do before you travel

Have you told your bank you will be going abroad? Cancelled deliveries? Charged everything you need on the day before? Here’s a complete list of essential jobs you need to do before you travel– with another printable checklist!

Have you ever forgotten an important travel document? I hope not- and I hope this post helps! If you found it useful, or know someone who would, we’d love it if you shared it on social media- thank you!

Travel Documents Checklist- with printable checklist
Travel Documents Checklist
Road Trip paperwork checklist
Road Trip paperwork

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