7 awesome Campervan Storage Ideas you’ll regret not using!

The best storage hacks and storage solutions for motorhomes, campervans, caravans and RVs

Looking for storage ideas for small campervans, motorhomes or RVs? You’re in the right place. As people who live (almost) full-time in their van, we are MASTERS at cramming too much stuff into not enough space! Here are some of the best storage solutions for life on the road.

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Campervan Storage Ideas for Small Vans and Motorhomes

Does storing clothes in a camper drive anyone else a little crazy?? Seriously, the motorhome manufacturer states the van is built for 6 people… but you can’t even hang 6 coats up in the wardrobe, let alone any other clothes!

Trying to pack our clothes for long-term motorhome travel was tough- and sadly the main problem was me. I had far too many clothes and there just wasn’t enough room to store them all!

I know, I know- after 14 years of living on boats I should be REALLY good at living minimally… but I seem to be getting worse as I get older.

I’m a little reluctant to write this post; I’m scared my husband might see it and realise I’m hiding clothes in the cushions…! Still, I’m taking the risk so I can share our best camper storage tips and hacks with you- I hope you appreciate my sacrifice. 😉

The Problem with Clothes & Long-term Vanlife

Because we are travelling all over Europe in our motorhome, and we travel all year, we need clothes for hot summer days in the south of France, clothes for cold winter hikes (or impromptu trips up the majestic Mont Blanc, walking clothes, exercise clothes, smart clothes, casual clothes and clothes for those days when you’re feeling bloated and nothing else fits.

(Tell me I’m not the only one with days like that…) 

To make matters worse, every single one of those outfits requires different shoes! And that’s before we even get started on Mr WB’s stuff…

Campervan Clothes Storage Hacks for Long-term Motorhome Travel

However, when trying to store ALL the things, we found some great campervan storage ideas for clothes. Actually, it’s more like “While trying to hide things from my husband in the motorhome, we found some great storage places….!!” 😉

Here are 5 of our favourites!

(Note: although we have an external motorhome storage box, I don’t recommend keeping clothes in it, except perhaps hiking shoes if you really must. You’ll find things get damp and may even become mouldy.)

I love finding storage ideas for small campers- but clothes became one of my personal challenges!! So, if your campervan layout doesn’t allow much space for clothes storage either, read on for some of our favourite hacks.

Did I say our? I meant mine…

In this post, I’m mainly going to focus on clothes, but you can find our other storage posts right here:

Storage Ideas for Small Campers- Hide Clothes in Cushion Covers

This is one of my favourite ideas- and it’s so simple. Just remove the stuffing pad from a cushion and put soft clothes which you don’t need to keep flat inside. We have 4 cushions in the motorhome – there are so many options to choose from- you’re bound to find something which fits your style.

I use two to store warm snuggle blankets, one for winter gear such as hats, scarves and gloves and one for gym gear and tights. We haven’t gone as far as getting rid of our pillows yet… but I guess you could!

TOP TIP– pack the cushion quite tightly so it keeps its shape. Nothing worse than a saggy cushion. Also, try to get a cushion with a zip on the back- you don’t want things falling out if someone moves it!!

Use Mesh Bags for Underwear and Socks

Mesh bags are brilliant because you can see into them, and they fit into any space available. They’re also a great way to keep underwear and socks neatly organised and not falling about inside the cupboard. Get bags with a zip (like these) to make it easy to store.

Best Campervan Gift ideas and gifts for vanlifers and campervanners
Campervans need carefully thought out storage ideas!

Rv & Campervan Storage Ideas for Closets- Put Boxes on the Wardrobe Floor and in Shelves

Boxes are perfect for storing bulky things jumpers, t-shirts and jeans, which take up a lot of room inside a small cupboard. We try to stack things ‘on end’ so you can easily see what’s in the box.

I prefer to keep our boxes removable, so we can pull them out to see the contents, but you can always put a screw through the bottom into the wardrobe base to keep it in place.

We also use fabric boxes like these instead of plastic- that’s a great way to stop rattles in your motorhome.

Motorhome Clothes Organisation Ideas- Put Storage on the Back of the Wardrobe Door- and Any Door!

This is a simple idea which we’ve used on the boat for years. We’ve tried a selection of door storage units over the years and my favourites are the ones without zips… because I’m lazy and I never zipped them up anyway!

I like the one with the deep pockets, but it might not fit in a small locker, so go with one with smaller pockets.

Screw them to the door (be careful not to use long screws which will go through!!) and that way they won’t rattle! (Have you noticed how much of my life revolves around getting rid of rattles!! 🙂 )

Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags

These bags are great for all sorts of storage. They are super popular and are a great way to save space extracting air out of the bag so you can maximize storage room in the you van.

A friend of mine uses these and says they are great for chunky winter clothing being stored when not in used or for extra bedding and blankets.

The best campervan storage ideas and motorhome hacks for organisation. Small campervan clothes storage ideas and tips.

Storage Ideas for Small Campers- Get a Box for Your Shoes

We use one of these and store it under the table. It holds all our shoes. (Get plastic bags for muddy boots!) If you need  to use the table, put the box in the passenger footwell when you’re parked, and move it when you’re driving again. Easy peasy.

If you want to be REALLY organised, get some large elastic bands and secure the shoes together in pairs so they’re easy to find!

For this, I do recommend an easy to clean, plastic box. We love this trolley box because we can use it if we need to transport something heavy, which is why we got one with wheels. But a normal plastic box will work for shoe storage too.

Extra Clothes Storage Hack for Your Camper

Top Campervan storage tip– DO NOT PUT CLOTHES AWAY WET- it will cause damp & condensation (Here are 12 easy tips to reduce condensation in your van.) We hang wet clothes in our bathroom to dry first.

If you don’t have a bathroom, hang some elastic over the front cab or any place you’re not using and let things dry there.

Do YOU have any good motorhome or campervan storage ideas? Share them below so we can all benefit.

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essential campervan storage ideas and organization hacks for motorhomes RV and campers. Best small campervan clothes storage ideas

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  1. Emma Burrows says:

    There are 3 of us. We have two shoes racks in our wardrobe and we have all our clothes in there. Our coats go on a coat rack in the wardrobe. We have a shoe cupboard but it’s max of 3 pairs each (me and hubby have boots, trainers and jandals, my daughter had boots and jandals). We all have big feet too. Our ski kit goes in packing cubes under one of the seats.

  2. Great tips, thank you. ?

    1. Wandering Bird says:

      You’re welcome 🙂

  3. June Goetz says:

    If you like throw pillows…open pillow and replace pillow form or stuffing with socks, underware, jeans well u get the idea. (U may have to add a way to close the pillow opening if none exists, or zipper or Velcro.) Also a get way to store additional bedding. I love the cushon idea.

  4. I have a very small camper van and store my clothes in compression bags – labelled so I know what is in which. My shoes live underneath my front passenger seat.

    1. Wandering Bird says:

      Now that’s a great idea! Are you able to recompress them if you get something out??

      1. Donald Gillies says:

        We re-compress them by rolling tightly, then while keeping the rolled bag really tight, zip-lock it closed. Add a couple of elastic bands to be sure!

  5. Keep extra bedding under the mattresses, spread out of course.

  6. How to keep a stationary Travel trailer Smelling fresh over summer storage in Florida

  7. Susan Howard says:

    How do you keep Cushions plump as you remove and wear the clothes? How do you store dirty clothes?

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