How to fit Gaslow refillable gas bottles to your Motorhome

Looking to install Gaslow refillable gas bottles to your Motorhome or campervan? Here are easy to follow Gaslow fitting instructions and video! #gaslow #refillable #bottles #fitting #instructions #motorhome

After our hilarious (not!) trip to France (when we realised we had arrived on a Bank Holiday weekend… without any gas!), we decided to install refillable gas bottles in our Motorhome. We chose Gaslow and have now fitted two Gaslow refillable gas bottles. Here are our Gaslow fitting instructions for a motorhome, although it should work very similarly for caravans or campervans too.

Watch the video of us installing Gaslow into our Motorhome and filling the bottles for the first time.



Gaslow Kit for Motorhomes- what did we get?

We bought a twin bottle system, with one 11kg and one 6kg tank. We can actually get 2 x 11kg into our gas locker, but we decided to get one smaller one as we use that locker for storage as well.

The kit arrived very quickly, containing:

  • 1 x 11kg refillable gas bottle (with fuel level gauge attached)
  • 1 x 6kg refillable gas bottle
  • 2 x fuel hoses (1 to each bottle)
  • 1 x auto switch-over
  • 1 x filler hose
  • 1 x filler
  • 1 x filler cap
  • Appropriate screws and fittings
  • 3 x European adaptors
Looking to install Gaslow refillable gas bottles to your Motorhome or campervan? Here are easy to follow Gaslow fitting instructions and video! #gaslow #refillable #bottles #fitting #instructions #motorhome
Gaslow fitting instructions- the kit

Gaslow Fitting Instructions

As you could see in the video, we didn’t do it right first time! The system was actually very easy to put together; drilling the hole in the side of the Motorhome was a bit nerve-wracking but the hardest part for us was deciding which way around the screws went. In our defence, the picture on the instructions is not clear. Goodness knows what the service manager in the fuel station thought when we started unscrewing parts of our gas system!! (This will make much more sense if you watch the video! 🙂 )

Gaslow fitting instructions for Motorhome

  • 1- make sure the bottles you’ve order fit inside your gas locker!
  • 2- Disconnect all bottles, remove hoses and disconnect regulator
  • 3- Attach auto-changeover to regulator and reattach regulator to wall
  • 4- Put in your primary gas bottle, usually the largest. This is the one the filler hose will connect directly to.
  • 5-Attach filler hose to top of bottle (ours used a 90-degree fixing). Also attach auto-changeover to bottle.
  • 6- Add in second gas bottle if using and attach hoses.
  • 7- Ensure filler hose goes out back of gas locker, not through the door!
  • 8- Cut the hole for the filler. BE VERY CAREFUL to ensure the hose reaches the spot you want the filler, without any pulling. Check this many many times before you drill a hole into your Motorhome! (And yes, you NEED this. Many places in Europe check that there is an external filler before they will sell you gas!) Gaslow uses a 70mm hole, but please check the dimensions before drilling.
  • 9- Put together filler and put into hole. We added notches into side of the Motorhome to stop it spinning. Screw in place. There should be no screws sticking out into filler. (This is the bit we got wrong)
  • 10- Attach filler hose to filler.
  • 11- Attach filler cap
  • 12- Fill your new system!

It should now look something like this:

Looking to install Gaslow refillable gas bottles to your Motorhome or campervan? Here are easy to follow Gaslow fitting instructions and video! #gaslow #refillable #bottles #fitting #instructions #motorhome
Gaslow fitting instructions for a 2-bottle Motorhome system.


Why did we choose Gaslow for our refillable gas system?

We did a lot of research between the top companies, and honestly, there isn’t much between them. Mr WB spoke to Gaslow directly and was very pleased with their helpfulness- so that’s who we went with! The Gaslow bottles are fire tested, which was important to us- we’ve seen and heard enough horror stories about gas and boats to be very wary of it. Gaslow also had quick availability- I think the kit arrived two days after we ordered it.


Is it really better to have a refillable gas system in a motorhome?

For us, absolutely! Refillable gas is cheaper to buy and it’s so easy to get in Europe- most of the big service stations have a refill point. Admittedly, most of the big service stations sell the bottles too, but you don’t need to worry about connectors, or exchanging bottles from a different country or filling out any paperwork.

We find it much easier having refillable gas bottles installed on the motorhome and we estimate that we will make back the cost of the system within 12 months- obviously depending on how much gas we use!

Looking to install Gaslow refillable gas bottles to your Motorhome or campervan? Here are easy to follow Gaslow fitting instructions and video! #gaslow #refillable #bottles #fitting #instructions #motorhome
Fit Gaslow- wild camp in incredible places! 🙂


Gaslow fitting instructions – Using Gaslow in Europe

Talking of using Gaslow in Europe- how does it work? Well, it’s pretty much the same as using it in the UK. You pull into a fuel station (or dedicated gas station- most of these are automated). You select the appropriate adaptor, attach it to your filler and attach the hose. There’s still the same ‘whoosh’ of gas to scare you at the end too! 🙂



Gaslow adaptors for Europe

There are 3 main adaptors you need if you’re going to be travelling Europe.  And they are COMPLETELY different. You still need to fit the UK Bayonet, which comes with the kit and forms a permanent part of the system. You do NOT take this off to use the adaptors. The UK works in UK and Holland.

There’s an adaptor for –

  • A long thin one for Spain and Europe
  • A flat round one for Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Croatia, Luxembourg and Switzerland. (And the USA, should you venture over there!)
  • ANOTHER flat round one for France, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Norway, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland and Luxembourg. (Yes, I am aware that some of those countries overlap!)

You need to check which Gaslow adaptor you need when you arrive, although we’ve found many stations have adaptors on string, ready for people to use. The adaptor (of any type) screws into your UK filler- attach it BEFORE you start filling.


How to find LPG in UK?

First thing to remember is that not every petrol station sells LPG. In our experience, the petrol stations near big routes and motorways have the most chance of having some. We’ve found a garage very close to us which sells it, so fill up there before every trip.

We also the myLPG website, which is really useful. It shows you a map of refill stations, and you can download the data before you go if you want to. Just remember that the data could be out of date- we have been to several which have closed down. If you do find one like that, please take the time to email myLPG so they can keep the map updated.

Looking to install Gaslow refillable gas bottles to your Motorhome or campervan? Here are easy to follow Gaslow fitting instructions and video! #gaslow #refillable #bottles
Gaslow Fitting Instructions for Motorhomes

Where to find LPG in Europe

LPG stations have so far been fairly easy to find. We check it every day and refill as soon as one bottle is empty, so we never leave it until the last minute. Like the UK, not every petrol station has LPG filling.

This is a fairly long subject, so I covered it in another post, which you can read here: How to find LPG in Europe


READ MORE:  other ways of getting gas in Europe, such as exchangeable gas bottles.



Find LPG in Norway

If you are heading up to Norway (which I HIGHLY recommend!), we used LPGNorge as well to help us find stations. Most of the LPG stations in Norway are automated, so you pull up, pay with your card, use the pump, put it away safely and off you go. This video will help explain it better!


Gaslow System Review

So, after using it for all those miles around Norway and Europe, what do we think of our Gaslow refillable system?? Honestly, it’s brilliant. One of the best things we’ve installed on the Motorhome. It’s easy to use, easy to check and makes our life on the road much simpler. Win all around! If you’re looking for more essential Motorhome kit, click HERE.




Want to save this list for later? Here’s the pin. 


Looking to install refillable gas bottles to your RV, Motorhome or campervan? Here are easy to follow DIY fitting instructions and video! #refillable #bottles #RVtips #roadtrip #motorhome #rvlife #essentials #gas

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  1. Hi Kat, loving your travels!!
    We’re just getting ready to pick up MoHo #2 and are struggling with what gas solution. Our current van has a 20 litre under slung lpg tank which generally seems to last 4-5 days unless it’s summer! Which is ok-ish until you want to go to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland for 2 weeks and lpg stations just don’t happen apart from major towns…
    So … for the new van we’re going with gaslow per your recommendation. Question is one 11kg tank and one 6kg normal propane cylinder or two 11kg refillable tanks?? Having one 6kg propane cylinder means we can easily switch that one over at garages etc and is a back up … but then reading your posts looks like there’s different bottles etc across Europe so could become a nightmare!! What’s your experience been and how long does your gas last … not sure how different litres and kg are …
    Many thanks and happy travels!

    1. Wandering Bird says:

      Hi Fred. Exciting times for you! Personally, I would always choose refillable gas now I know how easy it is! Yes, it’s a little trickier in remote places like Scotland, but there are still stations around- you might just need to fill up as you pass them. You won’t have that problem on the continent- there are loads more places. You could always carry a fitting for an exchangeable cylinder- just in case you need to get one up in Scotland. If you can get 2 x 11kg, go for that. More gas is always better! Good luck on your travels!

  2. Steve & Judy says:

    Hi Guys,
    A friend of mine got life changing damage to his hands when an LPG nozzle malfunctioned in Portugal. So as a precaution I bought a cheap pair of welding gauntlets from Screwfix and always wear them when connecting or disconnecting the nozzle. They are very bright red so look quite naff but a small precaution that could save your hands if things go wrong. LPG is so cold it will remove skin.

    1. Wandering Bird says:

      Oh my goodness! I’m sorry to hear about your friend. I think that’s a very sensible precaution you’ve taken- we might do the same. Thanks for sharing.

  3. JOHN PETERSON says:

    Hi love your site can you slowdown the caption giving more time to read detail ?

    1. Wandering Bird says:

      Hi John. Thanks for your kind comments. I do try and keep the captions slow, but of course people read at different speeds. Don’t forget you can always play a video slower, rewind and pause as you need.

  4. Hi, Brilliant info, thanks. I don’t know about gaslow. I’m assuming it is a brand name of LPG. Could you please confirm. I really feel like installing it. I live in France and am about to tour Italy and Spain.

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