Brit Stops – free Motorhome parking in UK and Ireland

Ever heard of Brit Stops– the book of free motorhome parking spots around Britain? I'll be honest, we'd heard of it, but never really looked into it until very recently. Turns out, that was a big mistake!

Our introduction to Brit Stops

The other day, we were wild camping in the motorhome in Wales and looking for more free camper parking spots near us. At least, we were trying to.

The problem was, we had no internet. Not a stitch. Not even the phone had a signal. We were in the middle of nowhere and thus, had no way of finding a new place to go!

After a few minutes of doing the ‘hunt for a signal' dance, our friends reached beneath their seat and pulled out… a book.


Like, an actual book. On paper and everything. It was the 2019 edition of Brit Stops.

Brit Stops


Brit Stops offer FREE motorhome and camper parking stops around the UK and Ireland.

Yes, you read that right- FREE MOTORHOME AND CAMPER PARKING SPOTS– all over the UK!

Brit Stops was created in 2011 as a way to try and emulate the France Passion scheme, which is a scheme throughout France where vineyards (and other locations) offer parking to motorhomes in the hopes of selling some of their produce. Brit Stops is actually part of a scheme called FEFI (Fédération Européenne de la Formule Invitations) which includes France Passion and other similar schemes across Europe.

It's a way of promoting the local produce and beautiful areas of the country, both to UK residents and visitors from abroad. The UK is notorious in not being very welcoming to motorhomers used to French aires or wild camping- the motorhome and campervan parking laws are strict. Brit Stops might just be making that easier!

How does it work? 

The 2019 edition has over 700 places listed where you can stop for the night. There are country pubs, vineyards, farms, shops, local breweries and even a llama park!?!

All these places offer free overnight parking for motorhomes or campers- with no obligation to buy. However, if you're going to go for a meal or a drink anyway, it makes perfect sense that you would buy from the pub, or get your milk/ eggs the next day from the shop, or sample the local ales… all things we enjoy doing as part of our motorhome travels.

Free camper parking in the UK and Ireland

Obviously, if you're stopping for free you can't expect any services. There is no water, waste disposal or electric and there are unlikely to be showers or toilets for your use.

Basically, you're staying on someone's land for free. There are a few rules (most of which are exactly the same as motorhome wild camping):

  • No awnings, outdoor furniture or pup tents
  • Only stay for 24 hours and don't leave your van unattended (unless given special permission by the host)
  • No generators or noise at night- it's someone's house.
  • No fires or BBQs, except with approval from the host.
  • Arrive during working hours- again, it's someone's home.
  • Be mindful of your children, especially if you're staying somewhere like a farm. There's a lot of trouble for unsupervised kids to get into.

Aires in the UK

I LOVE this idea. I have been moaning about the lack of aires in the UK for ages- and it seems that there are slowly becoming more options; especially in England where wild camping is becoming notoriously difficult.

Heck, there are even Brit Stops near ferries or the tunnel for you to use before you head off to Europe.

Are dogs allowed at Brit Stops?

Each location has a full breakdown on what is allowed. Dogs are allowed to stay at many Brit Stop places, but not necessarily allowed inside the pub/ shop/ llama park. If in doubt, phone ahead and ask.

Map of Brit Stops
Map of Brit Stops

Is Britstops for caravans?

Sadly, at the moment, Brit Stops is just for motorhomes or anything marked as a motor caravan on the logbook. So no caravans, no unconverted vans, no cars and no tents. Which is exactly how it is at most of the aires in France.

Is there Motorhome parking near me?

One of the hardest things in motorhoming is finding overnight motorhome parking spots near you. But just look at that map- there is almost guaranteed to be a Brit Stop nearby! What's even nicer, some of the locations will allow you to leave your camper there for the day while you go explore the local town or area, so you can sometimes get free parking too!

Is there a Brit Stops app?

Not at the moment- and maybe never. I'll be honest, it was kinda nice looking through the book- so much nicer than campsites. There's a little information about each place, what facilities they have and what you can expect. It feels very personal and friendly. I think an app might lose some of that- although I suppose all the relevant information could be shared there too.

One thing to note is that ‘hosts' are allowed to close their site whenever they like (for personal or business reasons), so it's always advisable to phone ahead before setting out. If there was an app, this might make it easier to see if a place was closed or full before you decided to visit.

Although, if there was an app, we wouldn't be sitting around a table in the middle of Wales, looking at pictures and debating which lovely country pub to visit for Sunday lunch. And wouldn't that be a shame.

Brit Stops 2019

Buy the latest edition of Brit Stops here

(To avoid confusion, no, this isn't a sponsored post. Just a review of a service we hope will be around long enough for us to find the Llama park!)

Have you ever used Brit Stops? We'd love to hear your experiences- drop them in the comments below.

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18 thoughts on “Brit Stops – free Motorhome parking in UK and Ireland”

  1. Can you let me know when I can buy 2020 book as looking to stop somewhere in August. Can I contact land owner when purchased book or can I do now.

  2. Unfortunately we have used a few bits stops pubs ( which is a fab idea). But sadly whilst we got talking to the landlords it’s in some not all pubs. They do expect you to order food etc unlike what you say.

    • I think you have missed the point.
      Pubs are happy for you to stop, it’s only polite to repay their hospitality by buying something, more than a cup of coffee!

  3. Hi would love your honesty and simplicity in the laws. UK is it true, you have to be in a camp site, however in France, you are able to park up with freedom! Many thanks Claire

    • Europe and France in particular welcome motorhomes and Wildcamping. However mainly in less touristy areas. Though with the increase in motorhomes more and more “Aires” are springing up. Some free and others up to 30€ depending on location and services provided.

  4. We have used Britstops alot in the past for a night stopover. We have always had a meal and a drink in the pub and reckon that is roughly what we would have spent on site fees.
    Some places better than others but description is usually quite a good guide.
    We have a dog which can be a bit of a problem if there isn’t any open ground or wood nearby.

  5. Hi Kat,
    Just about to embark on a tour of Scotland and have planned a couple of Brit Stops on route from Hampshire. Will be touring Dumfries and Galloway and Borders for two weeks and pencilled in another 5 in between campsites. After Dunbar we are thinking of travelling the NC 500 and there are opportunities to use Brit Stops with other forms of camping. Ideal opportunity to try the local beers and not worry about driving home ?

  6. We have been using Britstops for the last 3 years, you mentioned in your post that you couldn’t empty waste, fill up with water or plug into electric but if you look in the book, there are symbols which show which of these the Britstop location offers.

    • Thanks Sarah- and great point. I was referring more to how it was like wild camping instead of a campsite, but I agree there are places where you can do those things.


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