Amazon Prime Day- UNMISSABLE deals for Motorhome, Campervans & Road Trips!

Want to save money on THOUSANDS of products and useful things you need for motorhoming, campervanning, caravanning, road trips (or just general life!)? I’ve got good news- you’re in the right place!

Read on to discover how to save £££ – and you can even do it for FREE!!

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Why I love Amazon Prime

I’m in Ireland, on an epic road trip with my motorhome and my over-excited cocker spaniel.

My water hose, it turns out, is not! 😱

I’m not 100% sure where it left us (one would presume at the last place I filled up the tank) but I can assure you of two things:

  • 1- it doesn’t really matter where it is, it’s not flipping here
  • 2- I’ve forgotten to replace the collapsible jug I use for emergency fresh water top-ups after I accidentally used it for waste water…


All in all, my options for getting fresh, clean drinking water in my van are limited, especially as it’s St Patrick’s day weekend and the entirety of Ireland is in the pub (aka- I can’t go to a shop).

Enter, Amazon Prime

Within 24 hours I have a new shiny water hose delivered (you can use a campsite address or a collection point when touring).

I also ordered another bag of hose connectors too because they are always handy (and also seem to disappear rapidly while touring!)

This has happened a few times whilst I’ve been travelling in my motorhome. Forgotten chocks. Broken electric cable. Lost sunglasses! 

Being able to get so many things delivered to wherever you are within 24 hours (in the UK/ Ireland) has been SO useful, especially when you also don’t need to pay for postage. 

On TOP of that, Amazon Prime also gives you access to loads of top TV shows & movies (which you can download on your home wifi and watch whilst travelling- saying on data usage), plus music, podcasts and much more. 

Even better? As an Amazon Prime member, you get FREE access to Amazon Prime Day, the next one of which is October 10th and 11th 2023 (yes, I know that’s two days!)

What is Amazon Prime Day?

If you’re new to the concept, Amazon Prime Day is a day (or two!) when THOUSANDS of products are reduced in price across Amazon.

Like, 100,000 products. 

And not just rubbish stuff either.

Over the years we’ve bought a handheld Dyson at nearly half price, camping chairs, electrical stuff and LOADS of bits for the motorhome. 

In fact, the deals are usually so good that I tend to save up my shopping list, just in case I can get a great bargain on something I was going to buy anyway!

How to get the deals for FREE

To take advantage of the discounts, you MUST be an Amazon Prime member (sign up here.)

But before you sigh in disappointment, you can get a 30 day FREE trial of Amazon Prime, which will give you FREE access to ALL the deals which happen over Amazon Prime Day.

Then, if you don’t think it’s worth it for you, you can just cancel you membership and it’s cost you NOTHING. Winner-Winner.

You MUST be a Prime Member, so sign up here – it takes less than 5 minutes.

BONUS MONEY-SAVING TIP: Are you a student? You can get a 6-MONTH trial of Amazon Prime right HERE!

Live outside the UK? Click here and see what Amazon Prime can offer in your country.

How Amazon Prime Day works

Once you’re signed up, you just log into Amazon as usual (you can use this link to get the the deal page) and then shop as usual. Discounts will be auto-magically applied.

The important thing to remember is that the deals DO NOT all last for all of those 2 days.

Oh no. They are either time-sensitive and last only a few hours, or there is only limited stock- when they’re gone, they’re gone!

I’m going to be keeping my eye out for great deals for motorhoming, campervanning, road trips and other travel goodies and I’ll share them here for you to make it easier to find AMAZING deals.

Amazon Specials

Some other deals you might like to take advantage of:

Kindle Unlimited Membership– 30 day free trial for eBooks (don’t need a Kindle- I read mine on my iPad with the Kindle app)

Prime Video (included with a Prime membership and SO worth it- there are some fantastic Amazon Only series/ movies)- 30 day free trial

Audible Membership– 30 day free trial for audio books. I listen to LOADS of these whilst driving. You also get access to exclusive podcasts.

Prime Reading (magazines and other books) – 30 day free trial

Amazon Music- 3 months free to loads of music.

Kids+ Family plan- 3 months for just £3.99. Access to 1000s of kid-friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games.

At the moment, you can get a 30-day free trial, so join now and make sure you’re ready to take advantage of the deals on the day!

Early Bird Deals

Most deals aren’t announced until the actual Prime day, but there are many ‘early-bird’ opportunities for you.

Did you know Amazon does ‘Deal of the Day’ every day? LOADS of fantastic offers on useful products- you can find them here.

Click the images below to go straight to the section which interests you most:

vanlife iceland- northern iceland with camper

Electrical items for motorhomes/ campers/ caravans

NOTE: I can’t guarantee exactly what will be on sale when, so keep checking back if you don’t find a deal you love.

Motorhome TVs

(read our review on how to pick the best Motorhome TV here)

Highlighted products:


Reversing Cameras & dash cams

Security cameras

Security cameras are a great addition to your motorhome, both for security and also to watch any pets you may have whilst you’re not there. Last year, we saved LOADS on this Arlo Go system.

Motorhome security (inside and out)

See our favourite motorhome security devices


All the different ways to get power in your motorhome or campervan


We feel an inverter is essential, especially if you’re going to be staying off-grid with your van


Powerbanks are crazy useful if you’re staying off-grid. You can get small ones for phones/ iPads, or larger ones for laptops. We have both types and use them almost every trip!

Highlighted products:

Internet/ Wifi

For many people, internet and wifi is essential. There are many options on how best to do it (read our internet in a motorhome guide)

Electrical items for road trips/ travel

Vanlife in Iceland. Taking a Motorhome to Iceland
Having a drone makes your road trips way more fun!


DJI Mini 3 pro – doesn’t require registration in most countries and it’s brilliant!

See my round up of best travel drones here.

Go Pro

One of the BEST gifts I ever got. Love this thing- 90% of our videos are filmed on it.


Last year, they had some INCREDIBLE deals on cameras and camera equipment (like, 50% off sort of deals!) Of course, there’s no guarantee… but there’s a VERY high chance of there being something similar this year

Pivo Pod– Helps me film videos 🙂


The Kindle is one of the BEST travel accessories EVER! You can use the Kindle app on an iPad, so you don’t need to buy a dedicated Kindle, but if you don’t have an iPad it’s a wonderful way to take books with you!

Things for INSIDE the motorhome/ campervan

There are soooooo many things for inside the motorhome, campervan, caravan or even the car.

Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Things for OUTSIDE the motorhome/ campervan

Camping / outside gear

Gift ideas for motorhomers, campervanners, road trippers, campers etc

People who spend a lot of time in motorhomes, campers or on road trips are often HARD to buy for!! We often prefer minimal living and ‘life experiences’ over ‘things’.

We’ve created several gift guides for van owners, which you can find here

Dog/ pet travel

Road Trip with kids

There are hundreds of presents you can buy for kids who road trip frequently BUT the trick is to find something that keeps them happy… but quietly occupied.

Here are some ideas for you:

For other ideas:

Don’t forget, to take advantage of these deals on Prime Day,  you’ve got to be a Prime Member, so sign up here and get ready to start shopping!

I hope you find this list helpful- you may want to bookmark this page or save the link so you can come back regularly and see what goes on offer.

Happy Shopping- let me know what you get!

Looking for the best 2019 Amazon Prime Day deals for Road Trips, Road trip kit, accessories, gear, motorhomes, campers and more? Here's how to find them! Amazon Prime Day is actually BIGGER than Black Friday, with over 100,000 deals!! Here's how to take advantage of them and save yourself some serious money!

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