12 Gifts for friends going travelling ( Useful travel Presents for women)

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Finding useful presents or gifts for travellers can be EXHAUSTING. What on earth do you buy for a woman who is always on the move? Or a friend has minimalised and is downsizing… so they can go travelling?!?!

Finding unique gifts for friends going travelling- or those already on the road

We've been the ‘awkward ones' in our family for many years when it comes to gift buying and we know it can be a difficult task finding gifts for friends going travelling- you want a useful gift, something practical, thoughtful and that they'll actually want to use!!

We've put together a list of the things WE love and use while we travel, in the hope that it will help you narrow down the search. Whether they are women who prefer road trips, backpacking or luxury travel, there's something for them here.

All of these useful presents for women are suitable for Christmas, birthdays or any other special occasion, so we hope you find the list useful for those hard to buy for people!

If you're shopping for men, this list of practical presents might help too! 

Gift for friend going travelling. Useful present ideas for women or friend going travelling
Gift for friend going travelling. Useful present ideas for women or friend going travelling

Perfect Gift for Friends going travelling- anti-theft backpack

This anti-theft backpack is AMAZING. Seriously, if you need a travel gift for women or indeed any friend going travelling, this is one of the most useful presents ever. 

It's perfect for anyone who takes their camera with them when they travel- what I love is that the camera compartment is on the back, so can't be opened by pickpockets. BUT, you can easily reach the camera itself from the side- so handy when you're taking photos. It will also carry a 15.6″ laptop (like my MacBook Pro), as well as LOADS of useful stuff you need whilst exploring. It's possibly the most used travel kit I own, after my phone and camera! 


Gifts for Friends going Travelling- Secret Zip Boots

I LOVE these boots- I wear them everywhere and they're so comfortable. Definitely one of the most useful presents I ever received. I have them in Burgundy, but they also come in several other colours (they're ALL on my Christmas list this year!)

Apart from the colour, my favourite thing is the secret zip pouch on the side- perfect for putting keys or some cash. It's not quite big enough for a passport… I'll show you where I hide that next!

NOTE: As far as I can find, these are only available on Amazon US, not Amazon UK or Europe BUT I ordered them from Amazon.com and they arrived within a week, no problems. 


Useful Presents for women who travel- hidden pocket scarf

This scarf is the PERFECT gift for a friend going travelling or one who likes to travel light. I hate carrying a handbag when I'm walking around town, which is why this hidden pocket scarf is so useful.

It's genuinely warm, and the pouch is strong enough to hold my passport, some cash and my key. I've also put my GoPro in there from time to time too. 

It comes in LOADS of colours, styles and patterns- so pick the one which suits your favourite travelling woman best!

Useful Gifts for women who love to travel- Noise-cancelling headphones

I will never ever EVER get on a plane/ train/ bus without these ever again.

We've tried many (cheaper) makes and nothing comes close to how good these noise-cancelling headphones are at blocking out screaming babies, giggling girls or snoring plane-mates. Yes, they're expensive, but for anyone who travels regularly, it's the PERFECT gift.

They come in over-ear or smaller in-ear ones- I prefer the smaller in-ear ones as they fold away neater but our daughter prefers the over-ears as they stay in place better and she says the sound quality is better. Either way, you can't go wrong!



Gifts for Friends going Travelling- Powerbank

We've all been there- you're happily using your phone as a camera to take a bazillion photos… and you realise your battery is dying! Not good- for many reasons, but particularly when you're travelling in a foreign country.

I use my phone for directions, translation, booking references- EVERYTHING, so if it dies, I'm in trouble! That's why a powerbank is the perfect useful gift for a friend going travelling.

Even if you rarely wear makeup, this mirror with power bank is too cute to resist! Perfect for popping into a handbag or rucksack if you're out for the day – the power bank is great for topping up your battery whilst you relax and take in the sights for a short while. It even comes with a cable for charging!


Travel Gifts for women- Folding Yoga Mat

Yep, they now make folding yoga mats– and they are awesome! As you may know, I struggle to stay fit on road trips. I always have the best intentions, but honestly, pulling the mat out of the storage unit is never as appealing as…well… sitting down and having a cup of tea (and some biscuits!)

But this mat allows me to keep it in one of the motorhome lockers, or my bag if we're travelling by plane. It's small enough and light enough to pop into a backpack- and durable enough to actually use! Whether it's a gift for a friend going travelling, or for someone who likes doing yoga in the park, it's a REALLY useful present they'll love.

Need a gift for a friend going travelling or a useful present for a loved one?
Need a gift for a friend going travelling or a useful present for a loved one?

Gifts for People who love to travel- Travel Pillow

Anyone who travels regularly will know that being able to fall asleep in comfort is one of the most useful tricks! ‘Normal' u-shaped travel pillows are fairly uncomfortable, but this one from Travelrest allows your entire upper body to stay supported whilst you sleep.

It can be used in a car/ Motorhome, on a plane or anywhere else you want to get a little rest! It folds up really small- perfect for putting into a rucksack or stashing in a cubbyhole.

Travel Gifts- Shampoo Bars

Many travellers are becoming more and more concerned with the impact we are having on the planet. The news is full of devastating stories about plastic in the ocean and destroying many beautiful beaches.

It may not feel like much, but if every person stopped using disposable toiletries and used eco-friendly products, it would make a HUGE difference and is the perfect gift for women who travel. We love shampoo bars, which have absolutely no plastic packaging at all- they even come with a cute bag to keep them in!


Useful Gifts for friends going travelling- Compression packing cubes

Ok, I'll be honest. I never really ‘GOT' packing cubes. Surely they could never be as good as just rolling everything really tightly and squeezing it into a case? 

Oh, my friend, I was wrong. So so wrong. These things are GENIUS. Not all packing cubes are created equal- the REALLY good ones are compression cubes, like these. 

They allow you to pack your clothes into each pouch, and then you compress, just like you do with an overpacked suitcase. It's genuinely incredible how much they can squeeze down and save space in your luggage. It's the perfect useful present for anyone going travelling.  


Gifts for people who love to travel- Portable coffee maker

I'm married to a die-hard coffee addict. Seriously- you don't want to meet him before at least his first two cups of coffee… possibly three. Although he drinks instant when needed, he LOVES a ‘proper coffee' as he calls it- and this portable coffee maker is perfect.

It's compact, lightweight and can be used pretty much anywhere… even on a paddleboard, according to their marketing pictures!! It's every travelling coffee-lovers most useful present!


Gifts for Travellers- Portable Hard Drive

It's not sexy. It's not cool (although just look at that red! I'm getting that one next!!) They might not even know what it is at first glance, but I use my portable hard drive daily and it's one of the best things I've ever bought.

I take so many photos and videos that it's impossible to keep them all on my phone or laptop. And after I've put a few on Instagram or made a Youtube video what do I do with the images?? (are you following us on Youtube? If not, you can fix that HERE!)

Honestly, they sit on my hard drive… until I take them out again and do something pretty with them- like make a calendar or something. But at least I know I have all the mementoes of our trips, which is the important thing!

Portable hard drives come in a range of sizes and colours and are small and lightweight for popping in a rucksack or laptop bag. And yes, you can take them through airport security without a problem.

Travel Gifts- Drone

You all know we LOVE our DJI Mavic Pro, but that's one heck of a gift!!

It's also probably more drone than a lot of people need, so the DJI Mini is a great alternative. Don't get me wrong, it's still a pretty expensive gift, but over half the price of the Mavic Pro. Just think of the eternal love and gratitude you'd get if you got it as a gift for a friend going travelling!! 



Gift for friend going travelling. Useful present ideas for friend going travelling
Need a gift for a friend going travelling? Or a useful present for a loved one? This list will help

Unique Travel Gifts from Not on the High Street

If none of the above grabs you as the perfect gift for a friend going travelling, might I suggest Not on the High Street? They have a wide range of unique and beautiful gifts, many of which can be customised and personalised.

My wishlist on there is long but distinguished (bonus points if you can tell me which film that's from! 🙂 ) Sorry, I digress. Here's the link to Not on the High Street- they'll be sure to have the perfect travel gift for you to give. 

Personally, I want this one, and this one and this one... (thanks in advance, family. And you say I'm hard to buy for!)


I hope that's helped. I'm sure your friend or loved one will be thankful for whatever you chose to give them. Let me know what you decided on.

Know someone who might find this useful (or want to give them a hint if there's something you want for yourself??!!) Feel free to share it with them.

Travel gifts for women and gifts for friends going travelling.
Travel gifts for women and gifts for friends going travelling.


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  2. Portable coffee maker was the best things we could buy for our travels. My husband can’t go a day without a cup of coffee, so when we travel and make our own coffee it saves us lots of money. Great list!

    • I love that too!! It’s so easy to use- and will just slip into your pocket! 🙂 Hope you get what you wish for for Christmas!

  3. I am very interested in a portable coffee maker, however your link to one appears to go to a selection of lush shampoo bars for hair!
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