BEST Black Friday Deals for Motorhomers & Roadtrippers!

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Do you like Black Friday?

I used to HATE it, but then I realised what an incredible opportunity it is to get all the things you NEED (like Xmas presents!) at a fraction of the cost.

But the sheer scale of it can be OVERWHELMING, so I'm gathering as many amazing deals as I can find on this page, ready for you to choose from.

I can't promise they will ALL be live ALL the time- many of the deals are time-sensitive- but at least you'll have a chance to find some great money-saving offers


Half Price AudioBooks

We LOVE Audiobooks. We listen to them ALL. THE. TIME on road trips. But they can be crazy expensive- often as much as the actual book! 

Which is where Audible comes in. Powered by Amazon (and that HUGE library), Audible allows you to download and listen to as many audiobooks as you like, then return them and get another one. You can choose how many books you want to listen to each month, so you're not paying more if you're an occasional listener.

Personally, I LOVE the Harry Potter series, read by Stephen Fry. But there are a HUGE range of fiction and non-ficton books to choose from- pretty much any book available to buy in the store is available to listen to.



Amazon Kindle

If you prefer to actually read, but you have to worry about weight (I mean the motorhome- not post-Christmas mince pie weight…) then a Kindle is a perfect present idea! 

I wasn't sure at first, but wouldn't travel without it now. They're getting faster, lighter and better every time and this Black Friday you can get amazing deals on many of the range. My favourite is the Paperwhite with wifi and storage- now available in Black or a very pretty blue! 



Get rid of condensation and clean your windows the easy way!

I have said many times that I possibly love my Karcher more than my husband…:)

In all seriousness, you don't realise how AMAZING this product is- until you get one. We use it on the motorhome to remove condensation and in the boat to clean the huge number of windows- and it's genius. 

Currently in the Black Friday sale at a huge discount!



40% off CAR HIRE!!

Book here to get up to 40% off car hire with Europcar. This is the company we use all over the world (not just Europe, despite their name!) and we've never had a problem.



Cheap Ferries to France

DFDS are offering some great deals from the UK to France on all their sailings. If you're planning next year's holiday, it's the perfect time to book.






European Breakdown Cover

If you're heading to Europe, don't forget to arrange European Breakdown Cover. The AA are offering fantastic deals on breakdown cover, which can cover a vehicle, or you are a driver & passenger in ANY vehicle.

(If you want UK Breakdown deals, you can find them HERE)



 Travel Money Deals

We also recommend the Post Office– especially now you can order online and get it delivered to your home! Post Office are offering several Black Friday deals on currency exchange.





Amazon Prime

We LOVE Amazon Prime. Not just because we can get next day delivery (although I can't tell you how useful that is when you REALLY need a part), but because of Prime Video. We can (and have!) watched it all over Europe and the range of shows available is amazing. 



Visit some history

Do you love travelling around historical sites and buildings? We certainly do and an English Heritage membership has saved us a LOT of money. If you're planning to spend any time exploring the UK in the next 12 months, snap one of these up!




Planning a long trip?

Ever thought of letting someone else look after your property while you travel?

For anyone looking to go off for a few weeks or more, housesitting is an excellent way to keep your home safe while you travel. And no, it's not just a lot of teenage kids – we've met LOADS of housesitters of all ages who use it as a way to stay cheaply in a place for several weeks so they can really explore it. Most people we know who use it are over 30! 

Alternatively, do you love pets and want to travel cheap? Housesitting is a GREAT way to do both. 


I try to put all the essential kit for motorhomers and road trippers in one easy place. No matter if you need to stock a brand new motorhome, or just want some cool ideas to enhance your van, you can find them all in the Wandering Bird Amazon Store.
Want some present ideas (who knows- you might find them on sale over Black Friday!)


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