15 Easy tips to Stop Condensation in your Motorhome, Campervan or RV

Looking for ways to stop condensation in your Motorhome, RV or camper?? Here are 12 ways to help get rid of condensation so you can enjoy winter camping! #rvlife #camper #roadtriptips #rv #winter #tips #condensation

Worried about condensation in your campervan, motorhome, caravan or RV? You’re in the right place- we’ve got all the best tips and tricks to reduce your vanlife damp woes.

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Condensation in Campervans & Motorhomes- The Problem

We love road tripping out of season. Campsites are quieter, the roads are less busy and you can go to some AMAZING places without queuing for hours. 

HOWEVER- cooler weather brings one really annoying companion… condensation.

Whether you’re in a motorhome, campervan, caravan, RV or boat- you need to find ways to stop or reduce condensation or damp. Otherwise, out-of-season touring is going to become pretty miserable.

(Alternatively, just run away somewhere warm, like these 7 warmest places in Spain in winter!)

We lived on boats for 14 years before we got a motorhome, so we have been doing battle against condensation for a REALLY long time. On the plus side,  we’ve become really good at managing/ stopping that annoying moisture all over your windows, especially in the morning, not to mention the damp in your cupboards.

Whether you’re new to motorhomes and campervans or been doing it for a while,  here are 15 of the best tips to stop condensation in your motorhome or camper, which we hope will help you enjoy trips in your van all year round. 

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Condensation in a Motorhome- What Causes It?

Don’t panic- I’m not going to get technical on you.

In (very!) basic terms, condensation is caused by the volume of water in the air increasing (often because we’ve breathed it out!) This air, now full of water vapour, touches something cold, like a window.

The air is then cooled down too quickly and can’t hold the moisture in it anymore, so the vapour turns to liquid on the cold surface it’s touching.

You’ll find the most condensation in the coldest part of your van, which for us is the front cab windows as we don’t really heat that.

So, there are two main ways to get rid of campervan condensation (or at least reduce it!).

First is to reduce the amount of water vapour in the air. Second is to stop that air getting cold. Simples. 

Looking for ways to stop condensation in your Motorhome, RV or camper?? Here are 12 ways to help get rid of condensation so you can enjoy winter camping! #rvlife #camper #roadtriptips #rv #winter #tips #condensation

Tips to Reduce Damp and Condensation in your RV, Motorhome & Caravan

The following tips will help you either stop condensation and damp completely, or give you ways to reduce and deal with it if it does occur. Not all tips will work for every motorhome or campervan- give them all a try and see what works for you. 

1- Keep your motorhome warm

This is our preferred solution to stop condensation on both the boat and in our motorhome and it works, although it will increase your costs.

Heating your motorhome or campervan and keeping your space at a comfortable temperature stops the air cooling down enough to cause condensation. I should point out that when it gets REALLY cold outside, this no longer works so well. 🙁 

You can use an oil filled radiator if your van is plugged into mains power- these work really well and are safe to leave on for long periods, although you may wish to put it on a timer to reduce costs.

2- Open a window

A simple solution, especially if you’re living in your motorhome, but not always fun if it’s freezing/ raining!

Getting some fresh air into your motorhome allows air with less water vapour to enter, reducing the humidity and therefore reducing the level of condensation which can occur. Just be sure to pick your moments.

There’s no set rule on how long you have to have it open for- obviously the longer the better! We always open a window or a vent whenever we are cooking.

I know, this seems to contradict point one, but heating from cooking generally involves steam, which contains… you guessed it = moisture! That’s why something like a low-wattage slow cooker or an air fryer is a good idea 🙂

Looking for ways to stop condensation in your Motorhome, RV or camper?? Here are 12 ways to help get rid of condensation so you can enjoy winter camping! #rvlife #camper #roadtriptips #rv #winter #tips #condensation

3- Use an extractor fan/ vent in your RV motorhome

For the same reasons as above, if you have an extractor fitted either in your bathroom or kitchen, use it to freshen up the air, especially after a shower/ while cooking.

Showers are the hardest- so much hot, moist air which needs to go somewhere.

We leave our vents open for a couple of hours after a shower and keep the bathroom door shut as much as possible so that air doesn’t get out into the rest of the Motorhome.

4- Get a Handheld Window Vacuum cleaner

These things are GENIUS! Battery operated, easy to clean and work really well to remove condensation for windows in just a couple of minutes!

I had never heard of them before we got a Motorhome- now I’m not sure how we ever lived without one!

A window vac definitely one of the easiest ways to remove condensation from Motorhome, RV, Boat or camper windows.

Our favourite brand is Karcher, but there are other types on the market- check them out here (UK)

(Based outside the UK? Use this link for cheaper options for you.)

Kärcher 16332220 WV 6 Plus N Window Vac, 10 W, 240 V,…
  • 100 Minute Battery Run-Time – The…
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5- Use Campsite facilities if available.

We love wild camping in our motorhome. We. LOVE. It. Pretty much any other page on this website will tell you why wild camping is preferable to campsites for us.

BUT, in winter, we use campsites a lot more.

We also use their facilities more, both for showers and for washing/ drying clothes. (See below.)

6- Don’t hang up wet clothes/ towels to dry

One way we save some money during summer is use a laundrette to wash our clothes, then hang them up in our bathroom to dry overnight. It works great.

But don’t do this in winter if you can avoid it.

All that extra moisture in the air will cause havoc for your condensation levels.

Mr WB has already mentioned putting the dog in the tumble drier before we let him back into the motorhome!

(Sadly, I feel compelled to state that I am joking. Don’t ever put a puppy or any animal into a tumble drier. Please don’t call the RSPCA. We’re nice people. Honest. Thank you.)

7- Can you use a dehumidifier in a motorhome or campervan?

We don’t use plug-in dehumidifier’s on the motorhome, but we do on the boat- and they work great.

On the motorhome, we use stand-alone, disposable packets, like they have worked very well. We also have hanging ones, like this, to reduce moisture in the wardrobe.

If you are looking for a dehumidifier, I’ll share some of the best ones below.

NOTE- a dehumidifier will NOT remove mildew. Once that has started, everything needs a thorough cleaning with disinfectant, and then it all needs to be dried thoroughly and left with sufficient airflow.

Looking for ways to stop condensation in your Motorhome, RV or camper?? Here are 12 ways to help get rid of condensation so you can enjoy winter camping! #rvlife #camper #roadtriptips #rv #winter #tips #condensation
Stop Condensation in Your Motorhome- travel to warm countries!! 😉

8- Create airflow around your camper

One thing we occasionally suffer from on the boat is mildew/ mould- caused by not allowing enough airflow into our cupboards/ drawers/ wardrobes. (Usually after we’ve been away for a week or more.)

For this reason, we often leave everything open/ ajar when we go travelling- it stops the mildew. You can do something similar on the motorhome- either cut small holes or fit a vent to allow airflow to cupboards which don’t already have them.

Or don’t put clothes in cupboards which don’t have airflow into them. Having said that, mildew also affects paperwork and books, so be careful what you leave onboard when you’re not using your van.

9- Remember cushions and seats need love too!

You need airflow around your cushions and seats- so make sure to pull them out a little so that you don’t come back to seats covered in horrible green spots- which is damp/ mildew.

We often remove our cushions if we’re not using the motorhome for a while.

10- Put a protector over your windows

There are several ways to do this, and it works exactly like double-glazing; you have a buffer between the cold surface and the warm air inside the motorhome. We tried it on the boat several years ago and it worked…ok.

But it seems to work much better on the motorhome. Our coldest part is our cab, so silver or thermal screens on the exterior reduce the problem. It doesn’t stop it completely, but it does reduce it.

You can also get fun ones with eyes here.

NOTE- the pull-over fitted screens inside the cab are great for privacy, but don’t stop condensation as the air just circulates around them.

11- Keep things clean and dry

Whether you’re using your motorhome throughout winter or not, keeping your cupboards clean will definitely help to reduce damp. Damp is caused by condensation (or other moisture) sitting unchecked for too long.

It can cause serious problems for both the vehicle and your health. You can reduce the chances of damp/ mildew by increasing airflow, cleaning out cupboards and drying them thoroughly after cleaning. Your campervan storage gets easier too.

Do NOT put anything into your cupboards/ wardrobe which is damp. This includes coats and shoes. If you’re packing a motorhome, try not to put anything damp back into the cupboards. 

12- Check for leaks in your campervan

It’s probably common sense, but if your van is leaking, you’re going to get more moisture into your space. Moisture= condensation when it’s warmed up, so make sure there are no leaks.

We carry a tube of silicone with us- just in case!

Common places which leak are around the motorhome tv aerial, the van wifi antenna or anything you’ve drilled, like a solar panel or awning.

Can You Use an Electric Dehumidifier in a Motorhome?

For some reason, people seem worried about using an electric dehumidifier in a motorhome. It’s perfectly safe, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and remember to empty it regularly.

Personally, I wouldn’t leave an electric dehumidifier switched on in the motorhome for a long period of time (while on a driveway for example), especially if I wasn’t there to keep an eye on it. However, it’s certainly not a problem overnight while you’re there.

You can add it to your Christmas list, along with these other perfect motorhome gifts!

Pro’s of using an electric dehumidifier in a motorhome

  • Safe around pets! This is a big one for us- disposable dehumidifiers are harmful to animals if ingested.
  • Easy and efficient to use
  • You don’t need to worry about buying replacements
  • Probably kinder to the environment, as there is less plastic wastage.

Cons of using an electric dehumidifier in a motorhome

  • You need 12v or mains power & something reliable to plug it into.
  • You must remember to empty it.
  • It takes up space.

There are plenty of dehumidifiers on the market. Make SURE the one you are ordering has an automatic shut off when it gets full and a plug appropriate to your country (you’d be amazed how many don’t come with a plug!)

See our recommendations below.

What’s the BEST 12v Dehumidifer for a Motorhome or Campervan?

I’ll be honest (as always!) and tell you that we’ve REALLY struggled to find a reliable 12v dehumidifier for our motorhome. We’ve tried several models- and they’ve all either failed within a few days or not made any difference whatsoever.

That’s why we prefer boxes or sachets like these.

However, we are really pleased with the electric dehumidifier we use on the boat. They work great in the motorhome too, but obviously, you need mains to run them on.

Looking for way to stop condensation in your Motorhome, RV or campervan?? Here are 12 ways to help reduce that annoyance of winter camping!
Stop Condensation in your Motorhome so you can enjoy winter travel!

RANDOM Bonus Tip to Stop Condensation in your Motorhome!

Ok- full disclosure- we haven’t tried this but I thought I’d share it in case it helped anyone out.

APPARENTLY, if you put a very thin coating of washing up liquid over the inside of your windows/ windscreen, it stops condensation.

My guess is the washing up liquid creates a barrier between the cold glass and warm air= reduced condensation! It sounds a bit odd to me- surely the washing up liquid smears and obstructs your vision?? And cleaning it off must be a pain.

If you’ve tried it, let me know if it works!!

So there you go, the best tips to help you stop condensation and damp in your motorhome or camper. I hope they help you enjoy trips in your van all year long.

Want more tips for motorhoming?

Here are some more ideas you might find useful:

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Stop condensation in your campervan with this 12 easy tips so you can enjoy winter vanlife. #rvliving #vanlife #winter #condensation

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  1. Thank you, very helpful and informative as always. We are benefitting greatly from your experiences, blogs & writing!

    1. Wandering Bird says:

      Thank you Dominic. 🙂

  2. Used to use the washing up liquid trick on the inside of the visor on my full face crash helmet it worked a treat.

    1. Wandering Bird says:

      Apparently it’s a well-known trick in biker circles- how did I never hear of this!! 🙂

  3. Andrea Balderstone says:

    Great tips Kat I am going to invest in a dehumidifier when we get our van. You would not believe how long my list is now!!!?

    1. Wandering Bird says:

      Oh I would!! 🙂 But that’s the fun part- just don’t look at your bank account as you’re buying it all!!

  4. I can vouch for the last tip, got fiven it by an old biker years ago. You rub a tiny drop onto a visor/ mirror/ window and buff until surface appears “clean”. Then condensation is a thing of the past.

  5. The 100% best thing at killing mildew, rather than just cleaning it or bleaching it, is Oil of Cloves. But don’t try to buy it for this purpose in Suisse, they get very offended that you would use people medicine to get rid of mould, and refuse to sell it to you. Smells good and doesn’t hurt people!

    1. Wandering Bird says:

      Wow! I’ve never heard of that one! I’ll have to try it- thanks!

  6. Phil Humphris says:

    Thanks for all the tips. We purchased a VW Campervan and these e-mails are so helpful

    1. Wandering Bird says:

      You’re welcome Phil. Glad you’re finding them useful

  7. Ronald Morphew says:

    I have heard of the washing up liquid applcation trick for the inside of car windows.

    1. Wandering Bird says:

      Interesting. Might have to try it!

      1. Leave a couple of open tubs of cheap washing powder in the van. These soak up the moisture and leave a clean, fresh smell.

        1. Wandering Bird says:

          Excellent idea Steve- thanks for sharing!

  8. At home, I smear a small amount of toothpaste on the mirror before taking a shower. This stops condensation on the mirror. Guess it might also work in a motorhome. You can rub it onto the glass so that it isn’t visible. Didn’t try this when I lived in my motorhome but only because I hadn’t heard about it then.

    1. Wandering Bird says:

      Good tip Pete! Toothpaste companies everywhere are thanking you! 🙂 But seriously… I might try it.

  9. Sheila Howse says:

    Hi Kat
    I put a few tubs of salt in various places around the motor home this draws the moisture from the air.The salt ends up hard like a brick then I just replace with fresh salt it’s cheap and works for me.

  10. Mike Parker says:

    I don’t know about campervans windows but a thin layer of washing up liquid on a motorcycle helmet visor stops that from misting up while riding.

  11. David sweet says:

    thanks good tips ill try a few

    1. Wandering Bird says:

      Let me know how it goes! 🙂

  12. You can try with Cat Toilet Sand to reduce condensation, just put sand in an old sock.

  13. Washing up liquid tip – OK the water is not on windscreen but doesn’t it have to go somewhere, probably somewhere less obvious or where you cannot access to eliminate.

  14. Condensation forms little droplets, which are visible, but if there’s a thin film of washing up liquid on the glass, the water goes into that and makes the film a little thicker, rather than forming a droplet, so remains invisible. Scuba divers use spit on the inside of their masks for the same reason (although you’ll get some funny looks if you’re seen licking the windows…)

  15. I use shaving foam on my car windows an mirrors to stop misting up. Must be something in the soap similar to washing up liquid/toothpaste.

    Works for me?

  16. salt with rice in containers cheapest works for me in my mobile home and wardrobe. add a drop of lavender and you won’t be bothered by moths and mosquitoes. works well

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