Motorhome Bedding- what’s the best solution for you?

Looking for motorhome bedding? Want to know what’s best? Here are ideas and solutions for motorhomes, campervans, RVs and caravans

What kind of bedding do you have in your motorhome or campervan?

Do you use sheets and duvet?

Sleeping bag?

If you have to make up the bed every night, it can be a pain to have to put away sheets, pillows etc- not to mention you then have to store them.

Having said that, we HATE sleeping bags- it’s fine for a night or two (if we must) but when we spend so long in the van we prefer to be comfortable.

Motorhome bedding- what’s the big deal?

One of the reasons I insisted on a fixed bed in our first two motorhomes was

  • a- so we didn’t have to make up the bed each night and
  • b- so that we would have a proper comfortable mattress.

In our current van, we’ve found a mattress topper on top of the cushions is comfy enough- but it’s a faff putting the topper on, and then the sheets, and then the duvet.

(Although, let’s be honest, it only takes 5 minutes. And at least half that time is spent moving the dog out of the way)

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    Making motorhome bedding even easier!

    Here’s a fantastic solution from a reader, who has created a way to have the topper and sheet as one unit, making the whole process even easier!

    Watch the video and download the step-by-step guide below.

    Download the guide HERE

    If that’s not for you, here are some other motorhome bedding solutions you might find useful:

    Mattress Topper

    One of the most useful camper or motorhome bedding accessories, a mattress topper makes everything a little bit more comfy. Duvalay are the industry standard, but they are very expensive. Here are some affordable alternatives

    If you have a fixed bed or don’t need the travel bag, this option is slightly thicker:

    Motorhome Bedding shaped to your bed

    It can be a pain to get bedding which is shaped for a motorhome or caravan bed. But it IS possible:

    Mattress protectors:

    Fitted sheets for motorhome beds:

    Getting sheets to fit can be a pain- here are some solutions:

    Themed Motorhome bedding ideas

    It’s not for everyone, but if you want a themed campervan or motorhome bedding idea, here are some great affordable options:

    Of course, there are lots of other solutions, like sleeping bags which fold up into compression sacs, or even just using blankets. As long as you’re comfortable, who cares?

    I’d love to know what method you use in your van- let us know in the comments below 🙂

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    7 thoughts on “Motorhome Bedding- what’s the best solution for you?”

    1. Hi Kat – sorry to hear your trip to Norway is on hold. Ours is 2022 fingers x.

      We have a 540 length camper with a fixed bed and a garage underneath for the dogs! We purchased a Dorma topper and use a sheet that gets wrapped around the topper and a duvet on top. Have tried all sorts of combos over the years but we always go back to this. V comfy. Happy travels wherever you end up!

    2. As I live in mine full time and have fixed bed I have duvet and sheets as I would in a house. A company called In Dreams Bedding makes Custom Sized fitted sheets and mattress protectors at a brilliant price – about £8 to £10 a sheet and £10 to £12 a mattress protector for bed 7ft by 4ft 2” by 4” deep. I highly recommend and they have great choice of colours.

    3. Hi Kat, We had a long van conversion with sofas pulled out to make a big bed across the back. We simply use a super-kingsize double duvet (with cover) spread out over the bed to sleep on, and another duvet over the top, as normal. In the daytime both the duvets are folded up and laid on the sofas to sit on (and keep sofa cushions clean). Easy to wash! Have just traded in the trusty van, and we’re now awaiting our new Carthago, which has twin beds, so that’ll be another thing to think about how to make the beds up. Thanks for the ideas.

    4. Great ideas, thank you, we go with a duvet as a topper in a cover with a mattress protector stitched to one side.

    5. Hi Kat, we have an Elddis 115 so short bunks and front seats turn to make up 2 single beds (how we use them). Mattress toppers on bunks then roll out sleeping bags on top. Very comfortable and great for all weathers, makes it quick and easy to make beds up. Works for us and I wouldn’t change. X


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