50 EPIC Campervan Gift ideas (they actually want!)

Best Campervan Gift ideas and gifts for vanlifers and campervanners

If finding the perfect campervan gifts is giving you a headache, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite vanlife and campervan gift ideas for men, women, couples and people living in a van- things they actually want! You’re welcome 😉

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Best Campervan Gift Ideas

Looking for useful campervan gift ideas for a partner, friend or loved one can be tough. Whether it’s for Christmas, birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion, you want to get them something they’ll appreciate and enjoy, but it’s hard to know what.

The fact that you’re reading this shows you CARE about the person you’re buying for, and you’re not just going to get them a novelty keychain or an air freshener.

So here are some of the BEST campervan gifts for the vanlifer in your life- gifts that are practical, funny or just downright awesome. (I’ve also added in a few novelty gifts- just in case that’s what you’re looking for!) 

Campervan Gifts (not motorhome gifts!)

Now, this is very important. Do NOT buy something which says ‘motorhome’ for anyone who owns a campervan.

Or vice versa- unless you are doing it as a joke (in which case, that’s hilarious!)

But people can get quite serious about their camper, and I would hate to lead you in the wrong direction.

This post is for campervan owners, campervan couples, vanlifers and gifts for people who live in a van full time.

If you’re buying for motorhome owners, check out these awesome motorhome gifts or motorhome gifts for practical men

So, let’s get started with this awesome list of gift ideas for campervan owners.

Fun VW Campervan Gifts

Let’s start with some of the best novelty gifts for VW lovers or van owners.

VW Campervan Ice Chest- Scale Model

This VW Campervan ice chest is AMAZING- it’s a scale replica of a VW T1 and is much bigger than it looks in the picture- it can hold around 8 bottles of beer, plus ice.

Made of pressed steel with internal insulation, it’s perfect for keeping ice, beers cold and it has wheels and a handle for easy transportation.

VW Campervan Speaker

Every camper needs a speaker. Especially if it’s a BlueTooth speaker in the shape of a VW camper. You know they’re going to love it!

Campervan Mugs

You can NEVER have enough mugs- especially if they’re awesome camping mugs. 
Perfect for sipping hot chocolate around the campfire.

If you want more cute ideas, check out these amazing campervan mugs for every occasion.

Best Campervan Gift ideas and gifts for vanlifers and campervanners
Best Campervan Gift ideas and gifts for vanlifers and campervanners

VW Campervan Bag

Keeping things organised in a campervan can be tough- so a VW campervan shaped bag is going to be a real hit! It’s perfect for storing ‘stuff’ or keeping wet gear together. It’s waterproof, durable and available in several colours.

VW Campervan Lego T1

This is possibly the coolest Lego set I have EVER seen. It’s a miniature T1 VW lego campervan, complete with inside fittings and a pop-up roof!

You can also buy lighting kits so the interior and exterior lights work. I don’t care how old they are- any campervan owner will LOVE this.

(UPDATE: I loved it so much I got it for Christmas last year. It is AWESOME!)

Campervan Gift- Wine Bottle Holder

This wine bottle holder is perfect for people who can’t be in their campervan all the time- a little reminder of the fun to come.

Best Campervan Gift Ideas- Practical & Useful Stuff

Let’s face it, most people who like campervans are fairly practical. You can’t buy them lots of crazy, big presents as they won’t have space in their camper.

Minimalism isn’t about deprivation- it’s about choice. Space in a camper is at a premium- so it’s all about priorities.

Biolite Woodburner and USB charger

This is one of the best campervan gifts I have EVER seen. You create fire… and the Biolite Woodburner produces electricity to charge your phone or iPad while you’re making dinner. For anyone who travels a lot, getting enough power is a pain- and this is a perfect solution.

Camper Sat-Nav

Let’s face it- one of the best bits of vanlife is exploring off the beaten track. But often, that beaten track can lead you in circles!

Save them a lot of time (and misery) and treat them to a decent campervan sat nav.

There are lots of options on the market. This TOMTOM Go Camper SatNav is the one we use in our van.

It’s easy to use and navigate with and can automatically update using its inbuilt wifi. You can also get Brian Blessed to navigate you… road trips will never be the same again!

Safe Drinking Water- one of the best vanlife gifts

Joking aside, this could be one of the most important gifts you ever give them.

In Europe or the USA, drinking water is normally safe (although we were once on a campsite in Scotland which had contaminated water- not fun!)

One option is the Lifesaver jerrycan, which not only stores and carries water, it also has a filter which cleans the water, making it safe to drink. (It also has a shower attachment, making it the PERFECT campervan gift idea!)

But a much more portable solution is the lifesaver bottle, with all the above safety benefits in a much smaller size.

Ridgemonkey Set

If you don’t have space for an oven in your van, the Ridgemonkey is AMAZING. It’s like a mini oven for the hob (yes- they will need some form of burner for it to work).

You can get lots of different types- toastie makers, ovens, even a steamer set with compartments for easier cooking.

Another great cooking based gift for campervanners is either:

Scrubba WashBag

Keeping clean is always a challenge in a van- and keeping clothes clean can be even harder. We find we will wear some things much longer than we might in a house, but underwear & t-shirts are a problem. Enter the Scrubbabag.

Perfect for lightweight cleaning, just pull it out, pop in the clothes and water and scrub! It folds SO SMALL and is a brilliant piece of kit for anyone on the road.

Campervan Welcome Mat

Every van needs a welcome mat. Here are a couple of our favourite ideas.

GoPro Hero

This is one of the best things we ever bought for our van.

The photos are INCREDIBLE, it holds steady as you’re filming out of a window and it’s great for underwater shots too.

I’ve recently upgraded from my old GoPro to the Hero 11 and it’s fantastic- well worth the money.

Portable Photo Printer

Do your campervanners like to take photos? Then one of the best campervan gift ideas that I guarantee they’ll LOVE this portable photo printer.

Isn’t it annoying when you take amazing photos of your travels and then don’t DO anything with them? We love being able to print photos out as we travel and stick them up in the van.

It’s TINY- about the size and weight of an iPhone but prints incredible photos so they can remember their travels. (Don’t forget to grab them some extra printing sheets too! )

Campervan Towels

It’s always great having a nice towel in the van. Here are a few great ideas for you:

Flickering Candle Camping Lantern

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had compliments about our flickering flame camping lantern.

It’s the perfect light to sit out by the campfire- not too bright, but enough to see where your glass is!

Campervan Dining Set

Having strong, dependable plates is ESSENTIAL in vanlife- and this melamine campervan dining set is one of the cutest. Covered in adorable campers, bright colours and with a matching cooler bag, it’s guaranteed to be a perfect campervan gift.

12v Heated Blanket – Perfect Campervan Gift for Cold Weather

Let’s face it, sometimes it rains while you’re in the van. Sometimes it gets REALLY cold too. That’s why this 12v heated blanket is genius. Just plug it in, and let it warm you up. Perfect for keeping passengers toasty on the drive, or cuddling up under the stars.

It’s also fairly economical on battery power too- one 100ah battery could keep it warm for 20 hours (not that I recommend leaving it on that long and draining the battery… but you get the idea!) 

Campervan Gifts for Couples

Many of the campervan gift ideas on this list can be used for couples, but here are a few more to help:

Personalised Campervan Mugs

Buying a gift for a couple with a camper van? These mugs are ridiculously cute- and you can get their names put onto them:

Campervan Wall Art

These campervan artworks are a wonderful gift idea for weddings, Christmas or birthdays.

Personalised Campervan Cushions

Some lovely camper cushion ideas for that special couple

Fitness Campervan Gift Ideas

Vanlife naturally leads to spending time outdoors, and some people are already well set-up for it. However, some of our favourite fitness items were gifts we didn’t even know existed, like these:

Inflatable Kayak

Our inflatable kayak has been an amazing addition to our tour of Europe in a camper. We use it to explore creeks, fjords, lakes- whatever we find. It’s a great way to get outside and get some exercise in too.

Water Dumbells

I LOVE these water-fillable dumbells. You fill them up with water, and voila- ready made workout. Yet you don’t need to worry about storage, or weight in the camper, or anything else. Easy peasy.

Folding Yoga Mat

You’d probably be surprised how many vanlifers enjoy yoga. There’s something about the two which go hand-in-hand.

This are the prettiest foldable yoga mats I have ever seen- and even better- they are foldable (not rollable- takes up less space!)

Campervan Gifts- T-shirts & Hoodies

I promise- you can’t go wrong with a campervan-themed shirt when you’re looking for the perfect present. We have a dedicated post on campervan & motorhome t-shirts but here are a few of our favourites which make perfect vanlife gifts for campervan owners:

Colour-in Campervan t-shirt

Special mention to this AWESOME colour-in campervan t-shirt, which comes with pens and design for hours of entertainment! That’s one of the best campervan gifts we’ve ever seen!

Campervan Gifts- Books for the Bookshelf

Trust me on this- you can NEVER buy enough campervan books as a gift. People who like campervans like reading about how to make their campervan better, or about other people exploring vanlife. It’s the perfect campervan gift idea!

Here are a few of the most popular book ideas to get you started:

Campervan Gifts- Journals and Log Books

We lived on boats for 15 years before moving to vanlife, and reading our old logbooks is one of our favourite ways to remember those adventures. Travelling by campervan or RV is no different, so we designed a logbook just for road trips!

Campervan Gifts for Her

Most women will love any of the items already listed here, but sometimes it’s nice to get them something a bit more girly. So here are some seriously CUTE girl campervan gifts.

Campervan charms

I LOVE this Campervan Pandora Charm Isn’t it adorable?

Campervan Scarf – Perfect Gift Idea for Women

These campervan scarves are pretty AND practical- the perfect vanlife present.

You can find more gifts for women with campers here.

Funny Campervan Gifts for Men

Campervan novelty socks

Yeah, ok, I went there. But honestly- what use is a gift list if it doesn’t include novelty socks??

You can find a complete list of practical gifts for men who like campervans HERE

So there you go- the best practical or funny campervan gift ideas for couples, men and women. I hope you found something on that list useful. Looking for more?

More ideas you might find useful:

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Campervan gift ideas that vanlife owners will love for Christmas Birthdays, funny campervan gifts
Campervan gift ideas that vanlife owners will love for Christmas Birthdays, funny campervan gifts

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