Visiting Mont St Michel with a Motorhome or Campervan

Visiting Mont St Michel with motorhome or campervan while Motorhoming in France

Planning a trip to Mont St Michel with your motorhome or campervan? Wondering where to park or what the access is like for a larger vehicle? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Visiting Mont St Michel with a motorhome

We visited Mont St Michel with our motorhome in March 2022. Admittedly, it wasn’t a planned stop, but it was a wonderful area and we enjoyed exploring it.

On the way there, I was struggling to find any useful information about where motorhomes and campervans could stay overnight at or near Mont St Michel, so I thought writing this up might help someone else who is motorhoming in France.

Visiting Mont St Michel with motorhome or campervan while Motorhoming in France
Motorhomes parked near Mont St Michel

Access roads for Motorhomes to get to Mont St Michel

Access to the Mont St Michel area was fairly straightforward. There are two main routes (see map) and both were ok for a van, although route A is definitely wider and ‘normal’ roads, while route B is much smaller.

However, route B will allow you onto the seafront, which gives you the opportunity to hop out and take some photos of your camper with Mont St Michel in the background.

NOTE: There is no stopping places on this road. We got the photos by me jumping out and Mr WB driving really REALLY slowly along the road; luckily, in March it was pretty quiet so we were able to do that. Don’t try it in peak season!

Map of where we went with the motorhome at Mont St Michel

If you find this easier to visualise, here’s the map of where we went.

Can you drive up to the island of Mont St Michel?

Nope. Only official buses are allowed up there (and I think there were some rules for less able people too). You get these from next to the Tourist Information Centre in the main car park.

All other vehicles must park in the designated parking areas. There is one large car park, which motorhomes can access and several motorhome aires nearby, which are only a short walk from where you get the bus.

Or stay at the cafe where we stopped, next to the Biscuiterie de la Baie du Mont St Michel. We bought two hot chocolates and asked the man if we were able to stay in the parking area for a few hours. He didn’t mind at all. Remember, this was low season- might be different when it’s busier.

Visiting Mont St Michel with a motorhome or campervan- cafe parking
Visiting Mont St Michel with a motorhome or campervan- cafe parking

Walking to Mont St Michel

We decided to stretch our legs and the dog needed a run, so we walked from the cafe along the dyke and up towards the island.

It was a lovely walk and one I highly recommend. We got about halfway in an hour before turning back. There’s a proper paved section which makes pushing prams or wheelchairs easy, but there’s also a grassy area which is perfect for dogs to run and play. Just remember the road at the top is not fenced off!

Staying overnight near Mont St Michel

There are several aires nearby where motorhomes and campervans can stay overnight. There are also a couple of campsites, but they all appeared closed in low season. The Mont St Michel website has a list of them here.

The Mont St Michel aire is about 2km from the tourist centre and shuttles. What I find fascinating about this aire is it seems to be possible to book a space in advance, which is something you normally cannot do in an aire. The website is here and the button for booking goes to a broken link, but you may wish to phone or email in advance if you’re visiting in high season and see what they say.

Motorhomes under 8m can park in section P8. NOTE: There are signs everywhere saying no accommodation, but overnight parking is allowed.

Visiting Mont St Michel with motorhome or campervan while Motorhoming in France
Motorhome aire at Mont St Michel parking – P8

My opinion is that’s a translation issue and they mean no camping, not that you can’t stay in your vehicle overnight (after all, where else are you going to go!?!?) There seemed to be several motorhomes on site, all of whom were staying in their vans. They just didn’t have awnings or outdoor furniture out, and there’s no electric hookup.

Visiting Mont St Michel with a dog

Dogs make visiting Mont St Michel a little complicated.

Visiting Mont St Michel with a dog
Visiting Mont St Michel with a dog

For a start, they’re not allowed on the shuttle buses unless they are guide dogs OR are small dogs which can be carried in a ‘basket’.

For all other dogs, you can walk to the island, but no dogs are allowed into the Abbey.

HOWEVER, Mont St Michel does have kennels which you can leave your dog in for the day at a cost of £8.60. I was actually quite impressed at this, although we didn’t use it.

NOTE: You MUST be back to collect your dog before the Tourist Information Centre closes (times vary throughout the year). Otherwise, your dog might be given to Animal Protection services…!

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