Find wild camping & aires for motorhomes in Europe

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It's time to start thinking about your first-night stopover. But how do you find wild camping and aires for motorhomes in Europe? 

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How to find wild camping and aires for motorhomes in Europe

When we first started travelling in our motorhome, the thought of wild camping TERRIFIED me. I mean, I was completely against it. I'm pretty sure my husband and I had a full-on fight about it!

I didn't know where to find safe places to stay, where we were allowed to stay or what the rules were. I thought we were going to be arrested or murdered in our beds!

But we've learnt a lot since then. Heck, we've travelled through 11 countries and done over 17,000 miles!



Finding Free Overnight Stops in Europe for Motorhomes

The first thing is to watch this video, which explains where we search and how we find places to stay:


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Campervan free overnight stops in Europe

So, now you know the sites and you know how to use them, you need to get a rough idea on where you're heading. Obviously, you figured that out all the way back last week when you planned your rough route, right?? If you missed it, here's the post:

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I often do this as we're driving, but it's good to have a rough idea of where we're heading when we get out of the tunnel. We want to move away from Calais and will probably drive most of the way through Belgium, possibly towards Bruges.

It's always good to have a couple of options for your stop- don't just rely on one. There have been a couple of times when we've turned up somewhere and the place has become a building site, or it's been full. Having a couple of options allows for a plan B. For the same reason, we try to stop early evening if possible, to ensure we get a space in good time.


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4 thoughts on “Find wild camping & aires for motorhomes in Europe”

  1. We too have been full time Rubbertramping for a long, long time in Europe. We have just ticked over 300,000 Km’s and are approaching the beginning of our 18th year out here. We are American’s and have only seen just a handful of us out here yet we have been to every EU country, N. Africa, the Middle East and Russia. We just keep saying “They will come someday.”

    We just want to tell you to keep it up and keep up the informative work on your blog. Many fellow travelers ask us how we get about with information, your blog will be a recommendation.

    • Fantastic! You sound like you have had some amazing adventures. Where’s been your favourite part in Europe? Thank you for your lovely comment- it makes all the hard work worthwhile to get feedback like that. Perhaps we’ll see you out on the road somewhere!!

  2. It’s my dream to wander in a van and hopefully will soon be reality. I am very grateful for the information and tips you share… Thank you


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