Which is the Best Sat Nav for motorhomes & caravans?

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Are you looking for the best sat nav for motorhomes, campervans or caravans? Are you feeling a bit frustrated and confused by all the various sat nav options on the market?

Why do you need a dedicated sat-nav for a motorhome or caravan?

We all agree that driving a motorhome, caravan or even a campervan has several problems you just don't face in a car. Taller, wider and longer- it's easier to get stuck in a narrow road and a LOT harder to turn around/ reverse out of the area- especially if you're like us and tow a trailer behind your motorhome!

We rarely use a sat nav in our cars. But in the motorhome, we very much want to avoid low bridges, narrow lanes, town centres.

Driving a caravan has similar complications- you want to be sure the road you're heading down is right- reversing with a trailer or caravan attached is no fun! That's why getting a dedicated motorhome or caravan sat nav is important. In fact, it's SO important that it made our list of the top 21 essential motorhome accessories EVERY van should have!

The problem is, there are many (MANY!) caravan and motorhome sat navs on the market which MIGHT do what you want… but what do you want?

Hopefully, this post will help you narrow down the options and find the best one for you.

How to choose the best GPS motorhome sat nav for you

I'll be honest- a sat-nav is not the place to try and save money- after all, this little box is going to be working pretty hard. You definitely need to make sure you get one which is up to the task! And depending on where you're travelling or living on the road, it may affect what you get.

Look at the following criteria and decide what you NEED and what you would like from your sat nav:

  • Ability to input height and width (essential!)
  • Ability to input weight (useful if you have a vehicle over 3.5 tonnes)
  • Works in Europe (if you're planning to take your motorhome to Europe! More on that later.)
  • Turns into a rear-camera when reversing (SOOOO useful if you don't already have one!)
  • Do you want your GPS or sat nav to show you campsites? (In my opinion, there are better options to find these)
  • Do you want it to have a dashcam or Bluetooth connection so it can sync with your phone? (Again, nice to have but probably not essential)
  • Size of screen- too small might be annoying to see, too large could block your vision
  • If you're looking for the best caravan sat nav, make sure the unit can be programmed with or without your caravan, so you can still use it as a car satellite navigation system if you want to.

These are just some of the features offered by the biggest and best motorhome sat-nav manufacturers. It's up to you to decide which ones are right for you- and which you can live without.

One more thing, if you are hiring a motorhome, make sure you know if they provide a sat-nav or not!

Ok, let's take a look at some of the best options on the market for motorhome and caravan sat-navs.

The best Motorhome sat nav options (which work for caravan sat nav too!)

Garmin Camper 770LMT-D 6.95 Inch Sat Nav with Full Europe Lifetime Maps, Free Lifetime Digital Traffic, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Backup Camera, Black

I love this option which has a reversing camera (useful for towing), works in Europe, has traffic reports, wi-fi AND Bluetooth. It might even make you a cup of coffee if you ask it nicely! Other features include:

  • Large, easy-to-read Sat nav screen (6.95-inch edge-to-edge); touchscreen display and Wi-Fi for map and software updates
  • Free lifetime map updates for the UK, Ireland and full Europe (45 countries) and free digital traffic reports
  • Custom routing and trip planning for the size and weight of your camper, motorhome or caravan/towable trailer.
  • Display type: Multi-touch, glass, WSVGA colour TFT with white backlight
  • Includes directory of campsites from NKC, MHF and ACSI with search filter and live parking information for parking at your destination
  • Road warnings for sharp curves, camper speed limits, speed cameras, bridge heights, weight limits, narrow roads, steep hills and more

NOTE:  The Garmin 770 sells out regularly- or the price goes crazy high. If that's the case, this is the older version of the product, with the backup camera and outstanding reviews. 

Garmin Camper 770LMT-D 6.95 Inch Sat Nav with Full Europe Lifetime Maps, Free Lifetime Digital Traffic, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Black

This one is almost identical to the one above, without the reversing back-up camera. There's a reason Garmin are dominating the market at the moment- they really are very good units!

Other highlights include:

  • Custom routing and planning for the size and weight of your camper, motorhome or caravan/towable trailer
  • Free Lifetime Map Updates for the UK, Ireland and Full Europe (45 countries) and Free Digital Traffic to keep you updated and moving.
  • Display size: 15.2 x 8.9 cm; 6.95 inch diagonal (17.7 cm)
  • Large, easy-to-read Sat nav screen (6.95-inch edge-to-edge); touchscreen display and Wi-Fi for map and software updates

Aguri Motorhome & Caravan RV720 DVR Deluxe 7″ Sat Nav with Built-in Dash Cam, Wi-Fi and full UK & European mapping

I like the idea of a built-in dash-cam. Seems to make a lot of sense- just be careful where you mount the sat-nav so it doesn't obscure your vision.

  • Free map updates for life. Preloaded with the latest Motorhome & Caravan specialist street level mapping covering all of Europe and the UK. Enter the attributes of your vehicle and RV720 DVR will calculate a safe and trustworthy route avoiding weight, height and width restrictions. Works straight out of the box. No registration required. Free wireless updates.
  • New brighter screen with excellent off-axis viewing and enhanced speaker! Includes extensive Specialist POIs. Over 30,000 caravan sites, campsites and motorhome stopover locations including The Caravan Club, Camping and Caravanning Club, Camperstop plus thousands more all preloaded and ready to use.
  • Junction view and Lane view. Advanced visual warning of the next junction or major intersection. Plus, Text to speech (TTS) directional voice alerts including road name or number. For safer navigation.
  • Speed trap & speed limit alert system with FREE wireless updates. Advance warning of all types of fixed speed traps and mobile speed trap hotspots available from Aguri's all new Speedshield speed trap data services. Plus, displays the speed limit of most roads across Europe at all times. Comes preloaded with the latest Speedshield speed trap database so you can start using it straight out of the box.
  • Built-in DVR dash cam. Prove what really happened and protect your no claims bonus with Aguri's fully integrated 1080P High Definition DVR dash cam with 150 degree wide-angle lens
  • Protective case and travel bag

TomTom Truck Sat Nav GO Professional 6250 with European Maps and Traffic Services (Via SIM), Updates via WI-FI, Designed for Motorhome, camper, truck, Coach, Bus and Large Vehicles

  • Get routes which take into account your large vehicle’s dimensions, weight, cargo and max speed
  • Updating your motorhome sat nav has never been easier: Keep your TomTom GO PROFESSIONAL updated via WiFi. No computer needed.
  • Stopped traffic alerts: Avoid sudden braking with alerts for imminent traffic
  • Hands-free calling & Smartphone message – Have text messages read out from your smartphones & stay connected with hands-free calling

Garmin Camper 785 Advanced Camper Sat Nav with Built-in Dash Cam, 7 Inch Touch Display, Traffic and Voice-Activated Navigation

This 7″ GPS satellite naviagtion unit for motorhomes, caravans or campers features a bright borderless touch screen so you can easily see important information.

  • The Camper 785 takes into account the size and weight of the motorhome to find the best path
  • You can also store the profiles of various vehicles or trailers.
  • Wide database of camper stops for caravans and motorhomes in Western Europe and also free rest stop information with Trailer's PARK
  • Hands-free: Smartphone notifications, voice activated navigation, hands-free calls via Bluetooth
  • Built-in dash-cam for accident detection; front collision alert and lane output

TomTom Camper Sat Nav, 6 Inch, with Updates Via Wi-Fi, Camper and Caravan POIs, Worldwide Lifetime Maps, TomTom Road Trips

  • Updates via Wi-Fi: Get the latest maps and software for your TomTom GO CAMPER with built-in Wi-Fi; no computer needed
  • Camper and caravan POIs: Find detailed points of interest dedicated for campers and caravans
  • TomTom road trips: Discover the world's best routes, personalise them easily so you can relax and be guided on the ride
  • TomTom mydrive: Plan routes, check live traffic and save favourites from your smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Professional sat navigation for large vehicles

TomTom Trucker 6000 GPS Sat-Nav with Full European (Including UK) Lifetime Maps. Designed for Caravan, Motor-homes, trucks and other Large Vehicles

An older model for motorhomes, caravans and campers, but still worth a look.

  • Customised routes for your vehicle type, size, weight and speed
  • Receive an updated map 4 times a year
  • Get a realistic estimated time of arrival
  • Receive real-time traffic information across Europe

Co-Pilot Caravan Sat Nav system- Mobile App

When we got our first motorhome, we decided to try a new system which used offline maps, worked on our existing phones or iPads AND which took the width and height of our vehicle into account- all for less than £40!

Sounds too good to be true, yes? Well… sort of.

Co-Pilot has changed a bit in the last 12 months, but here's our review so you can decide which sat-nav option is best for you.

If you want a dedicated motorhome or caravan sat-nav (which we highly recommend), then the units above will definitely do the job for you!

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10 thoughts on “Which is the Best Sat Nav for motorhomes & caravans?”

    • Hi Angela,

      You can transfer your licence from one device to another, but you can only use the licence on one device at a time. Hope that helps!

  1. Hi there, we have only just found your blog and look forward to reading it – we have been thinking of getting the co-pilot app for a while now, after being directed down a very narrow land in Wales and cracking the awning casing on a overhanging tree on our first motorhome trip away and then surviving (but being the talk of the town) driving through Mevagissey last year, all thanks to being directed by a standard Tom tom car sat nav. Just watched the video and wondered what sort of mount you have, I clicked on the link below the video but the mount looked completely different to the one in your video. We are thinking of buying a 7 or 8″ tablet with GPS & micro SD card specifically to run this app, but how to safely attach it to the motorhome seems to be the current stumbling block.

    • Hi Sarah! Sorry to hear about your troubles- that is the problem we found with ‘car’ sat-navs. The mount in the link is the one we now use but you are correct, we previously used a different one which honestly wasn’t as good- which is why we changed! Make sure you don’t get anything which attaches to the windscreen- they’re illegal in many countries. Good luck!

  2. Thanks, newbie motorhome owner, reformed caravaner! Useful info on sat navs, we’ve all been there with car ones towing. Interesting not. I did talk to one motorhome owner who downloaded an app and seemed well pleased. At the moment I trying to find info on mounting a rear rack to vertical carry my windsurfer? There is a tow bar already fitted. So far various manufactures have not helped. There must be something out there? US RV’s seem to manage it.

  3. Sadly, CoPilot has now changed from a perpetual licence to an annual subscription. The cost-effective benefits of the app have reduced considerably – particularly when specialist units come with dedicated hardware and free lifetime map updates. I’m really disappointed about this as I was about to get CoPilot for my phone.

  4. Hi we have watch your videos on utube,for a long time now,and you have give us inspiration,to do what we have been dreaming off for 7 years now,We camped in france and spain last year but now we want to buy a motorhome and give up work from november 2020 to march 2020,to, travel in the winter months to chase the sun in spain,were do you reccomend and we want to stay on hook up,ie electric, allso we hired a 6 meter rmotothome with a ,drop down bed , but we think a fixed bed is better for us,we have seen a benimar milo fixed bed but its a 7 meter length one, i know its only a extra meter but in your experance is a 7 meter motorhome easy to manoevre ,please reply les and deby

    • Hi Les and Deby,
      Yes, a 7m motorhome is pretty easy to manoeuvre with a little practice. As for destinations, the world is your oyster! I have a post on the best destinations for winter sun in Europe which you might find useful.


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