WestFjords Iceland with a motorhome

westfjords with a motorhome campervan

Welcome to heaven! 

Take Norway, Ireland, Scotland (3 of my favourite places), then add a dab of something utterly unique… and you get the breathtaking Westfjords in Iceland. 

It’s not a large area, but around each corner is a view that makes your jaw drop. I think I stopped around 9000 times and almost filled up a hard drive with photos and drone footage! The YouTube video is just going to consist of me going ‘wow’ a lot!

There are plenty of hot springs, some of the largest cliffs in Europe, fjords, mountains, lakes, and even tropical white sand beaches (not sure how warm the water is though!)

You can drive it in a circle, with a couple of off-shoots. Be warned, the roads are NOT for the faint-hearted. Some are fine, but some are gravel and VERY bumpy, although doable in a 2WD motorhome. 

The worst were the fairly steep inclines and descents (15% at one point!), on gravel, with absolutely no safety barriers to stop you sliding over if you got a hairpin wrong… ?

But don’t let that put you off visiting. It’s BEAUTIFUL and has been one of the highlights of the trip so far. Don’t miss the waffle cafe- they’re delicious! Whales are regularly seen in the fjord there too. 

I was so lucky to enjoy two days of sunshine before the rain started, so I got to play with the drone a lot (especially the ‘follow’ mode). Just beware of the wind- there can be really strong gusts when you turn a corner. Oh, and the birds try to attack the drone too! ?

’Mo’ (the Adamo) has done incredibly well- she’s still trucking along looking after me. I wasn’t sure how an automatic would cope on those hills, but it’s been great and so easy to drive. Going back to a manual might be a struggle!

But let’s not think about that yet. Still two more weeks of this adventure to enjoy first 🙂  

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