Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall- the waterfall you can walk behind!

Day 5 of our Norway motorhome holiday – Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall- the waterfall you can walk behind! We managed to get there early and enjoy walking behind the waterfall all by ourselves- it was awesome! If you get a chance to visit Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall in Norway, definitely get there early!

Where in Norway is the waterfall you can walk behind?

After two relaxing but mostly wet days at Eikelandsosen (see previous post), we decided to embrace the rain and head for a waterfall you can walk behind! Who cares if you get wet in the rain, right?

Steinsdalsfossen waterfall is a 40-minute minute drive from Eikelandsosen, and we decided to beat the crowds and tour buses which visit on a day trip from Bergen and get there early. We were up, dressed and raring to go before 7 and arrived by 7.30. I do hope you’re impressed!

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Ever wanted to walk behind a waterfall? WITHOUT a massive hike first? Here's the perfect waterfall you can walk behind- Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall in Norway #steinsdalsfossen #waterfall #norway #walkbehindwaterfall #roadtrip
Motorhome parking at Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall

Steinsdalfossen Waterfall

On arrival, it turns out you can actually stay overnight in the waterfall carpark, which we probably would have done had we known! There are bays for motorhome parking and as far as we could see there was no charge- which is always welcome as Norway is expensive to visit. There is a tourist office there, which wasn’t open when we arrived.

The best part of many of the attraction in Norway, especially waterfalls, is that you can just walk straight up to them, with no charge. We arrived and less than 2 minutes later we were WALKING BEHIND A WATERFALL!! Seriously.

Ever wanted to walk behind a waterfall? WITHOUT a massive hike first? Here's the perfect waterfall you can walk behind- Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall in Norway #steinsdalsfossen #waterfall #norway #walkbehindwaterfall #roadtrip
Behind Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall

It was raining heavily, but even with this, the falls were still impressive. Waterfalls fascinate me- the volume of water which flows over… and it just keeps going and going and going. So much water.

We were there for over an hour and didn’t see another person until we got back to the car park. Having seen some other travellers photos, I’m glad we didn’t have to compete with the army of selfie sticks from the tour buses. This is definitely one of those destinations which benefit from arriving really early or really late!

We wanted to fly the travel drone to show off Steinsdalsfossen waterfall at it’s best, but unfortunately, with the rain, it just wasn’t possible. I did however go right to the bottom and take a photo up the falls- I figured I was already wet anyway!

Ever wanted to walk behind a waterfall? WITHOUT a massive hike first? Here's the perfect waterfall you can walk behind- Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall in Norway #steinsdalsfossen #waterfall #norway #walkbehindwaterfall #roadtrip
Standing behind Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall… because I can!

Watch the video of us walking behind Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall:

Just click the picture below to see us at Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall- and then see me get soaked when I go stand at the bottom in the freezing cold spray… I’m weird like that!! 🙂

Do you get wet walking behind Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall?

Not at all! The ramp is well built and you can stand right behind the falls and hardly feel any spray, unless it happens to be very windy. The place you do get wet (aka absolutely soaked) is at the bottom. There is a ramp and further up is a viewing platform which allows you to see the full height of the falls- too high to get into one photo! 

Other info about the waterfall you can walk behind:

How long is the walk from the car park? About 2 minutes. You can see the falls from the road

How long can you stay for? As long as you like! Unless you’re on a tour.. then you probably want to get back to the coach on time!!

Is there anywhere to eat? Nothing was open when we were there, but it seemed there were a couple of cafes and tourists shops, as well as the tourist office.

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How about you? Have you ever visited Steinsdalsfossen waterfall? Or any other waterfall you can walk behind?

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