Visiting Madurodam with a Motorhome

Today we visit Madurodam with a motorhome- and find free parking!

After our short trip to the windmills of Kinderdijk, we continue our motorhome tour of Holland to head up to The Hague and visit Madurodam- a miniature version of the Netherlands laid out as a scale model.

Firstly, we discovered we needed a new grease nipple for our trailer (don’t ask me what one of those is… and certainly don’t snigger when I tell you that in Dutch it’s called a Smeernipple…!!) 

Luckily, near Kinderdijk we found a Husqvarna tool shop, which had a couple in stock, so that was a problem easily solved. We also found a Lidl, so it was pain chocolat for lunch! (The French would cry if you did that… good job we’re not French!)

Kinderdijk to Madurodam is about 34 miles. We debated stopping in Rotterdam, but decided to forgo that so we could visit other places later in the week (we have just over a week to get from Calais to Hirstals in Denmark for our ferry to Norway, so we have only a limited amount of time to explore along the way. But we will definitely be coming back to explore Rotterdam and to spend an evening in Amsterdam.)

Entrance to Madurodam

What is Madurodam?

Madurodam is a scale model of some of the most famous landmarks in the Netherlands. It’s built on a scale of 1:25 and covers buildings, landmarks, the airport, port and many other parts of the Netherlands.

Madurodam is 45 minutes from Amsterdam and 25 minutes from Rotterdam.

There are LOADS of activities for younger kids, as well as an amazing adventure playground which I really wanted Jade to go on just so I could go on with her!! There are also simulators, video booths and music stations, which keep them occupied as you walk around.

Costs (in 2018):

Adults: 17.50€ (or 15.50€ in advance on their website HERE) There doesn’t seem to be a child price once they are over two- it’s 17.50€ for everyone.

Children from 0-2 are free.

It’s nearly all outdoors, so pick a good day if at all possible. There are plenty of restaurants and the usual gift shop- much to Jade’s delight.

Madurodam clogs

Visit Madurodam with a Motorhome- where to park?

There is a huge car park for cars, and also parking for motorhomes (follow signs for coaches). I THINK (from looking at it as we walked past) that you have to drive through a couple of (widely-spaced) bollards in order to access the motorhome parking as there didn’t seem to be another entrance- but please ask if you’re not sure!

However, if you arrive after 2pm (which we did, purely by fluke) there is free parking for cars and motorhome down the street Ver-Huellweg, which saves you some money. From here, it’s about a 5-minute walk to Madurodam. I don’t think you can stay here overnight but there are lots of parking options nearby.

Madurodam- some of the attractions

We loved watching the airport (complete with moving planes) and the port, where they unload all the goods. Seeing the trains go past was great too. Another fun attraction for us was seeing the Keukenhof tulips (If you don’t know, the Keukenhof tulip festival happens every year and is a SPECTACULAR riot of colourful tulips- well worth a visit)

Giant tulips

Madurodam red light district

Visiting Madurodam with a Motorhome- is it worth it?

In my opinion, most definitely. All three of us enjoyed it- which is rare these days with a teenager more interested in her phone. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect and it’s probably something I wouldn’t have gone to see without Mr WB- who loves scale models, but actually, it was a brilliant visit and great to see places in Holland which we won’t get to see this time around with our limited timescales.

Enjoying Madurodam

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  1. Nice to see you back on the road.Have a great trip to Norway

  2. Andrea Balderstone says:

    Just being able to see giant tulips has sold it to me. I’ve added it to our list of places to visit ?

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