Full-time Travel & Vanlife

In 2018 I quit my (well-paid & respected) job as an air traffic controller, with no plan to go back to work again.
I was 35.

It was not the first step I took on the path to financial freedom, but it was certainly one of the biggest (and most terrifying!)

My husband and I spent 14 years working to become debt-free, having been completely broke, at rock bottom and clawed our way out of it. We lived on boats (when everyone laughed at us), worked 2 or even 3 jobs to make ends meet and sold our prized possessions to take care of our family.

It’s not been quick, it’s not been pretty and it’s certainly not been easy, but we managed it eventually, and now we are determined to stay out of debt.

That’s one of the reasons leaving my secure job was so terrifying- what if it all went wrong and we wound up in trouble again? That thought kept me up at night for months!

Still, all this time later, we haven’t starved, or gone bankrupt, so I guess things are going well!

We are not experts at this. We are learning right along with you. But, if you’ll forgive us our mistakes, we are happy to share them with you.

We’re also excited to share stories from other people living alternatively, whether they quit their jobs, travel the world or live in strange places to save money for their own dreams.
We hope you find it useful, and inspiring.