Top 10 UK Best Motorhome blogs you’ve (probably) never heard of!

Wandering Bird Motorhome blog and road trip travel blog

If you’re looking for inspiration and ideas for motorhome travel, these UK motorhome blogs are the ones to watch!

No matter how much motorhome travel you’ve done, or how often you’re on the road (let’s just not talk about 2020!!), we all enjoy a little inspiration or sharing of ideas.

To help, we’ve selected 10 of the best (and most unique) motorhome travel blogs and forums – all of which will help inspire you to new UK motorhome travel adventures and answer any questions you might have along the way!

Of course, there are more than just these motorhome blogs in the online world, but there is no way we could list them all! We’ve tried to select a range of motorhome travellers and some of the smaller, less ‘well-known’ sites who we feel will be helpful to motorhomers looking for unique inspiration. (No disrespect intended to anyone we didn’t include!)

So, whether you want to tour Europe in a motorhome, visit Morocco or Spain with your campervan, travel with cats, dogs or want ideas for fulltime motorhome living, we’ve got you covered!

Best UK Motorhome Blogs

If you’re UK based (or looking to visit the UK) all these blogs are packed with helpful tips:

Wandering Bird Motorhome Adventures

Best Motorhome Blog for UK and Europe travel
Wandering Bird Motorhome Blog for UK and Europe travel

We’re reluctant to point out the obvious, but you’re already on one of the top 10 biggest UK motorhome blogs (seriously, we got a digital medal and everything!) 🙂

We’ve helped thousands of people choose and enjoy their motorhomes and have even given advice onstage at the NEC motorhome shows – once with Mac our dog joining me! (You can watch it here; when he started howling it was pretty funny!)

Since 2018, we’ve been touring the UK and Europe by motorhome (and motorbike) and we’ve been sharing our ideas, destinations and (copious!) mistakes on this blog.

There’s a huge amount of information here- have a click around and see what takes your fancy, or use these quick links:

  • Looking to buy a motorhome or campervan? Start here
  • New to motorhomes and want tips to get started? Here you go
  • Want to know more about our story and how we got travelling in a motorhome? Head here

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    Ok, now that the shameless plug is out of the way, here are 10 others who do an excellent job of inspiring motorhome travel 🙂

    *We work hard to make this the best motorhome travel blog and road trip website possible, full of helpful content for you. The website is supported by our readers, so if you buy through links on this site we may earn a commission- at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain our own.

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    Our Tour– Motorhome blog for travel inspiration

    One of our favourite motorhome blogs, these guys are true story-tellers and have a way of writing which just makes you want to pack up and GO! You’ll also find yourself wondering how to change your life, downsize and run away in a van…

    They split their time between home in the UK and travelling and always have a wonderful story or tidbit to share to help future travellers. Read our interview with them where they share 15 useful tips for life on the road here

    Best Motorhome Blog for UK and Europe travel
    Our Tour- Motorhome Travel Blog for UK and Europe inspiration

    Admittedly, you’ve probably heard of them as they’ve been around for a while, but we couldn’t not include their motorhome blog on this list- it’s just too good. They’ve explored all over Europe and Morocco and have even written several books on their adventures. It’s them that have inspired us to visit Morocco as soon as we can!

    The Motorhome Touring Handb...Shop on AmazonOurTour Guide to Motorhome ...Shop on AmazonMotorhome France - An OurTo...Shop on Amazon

    See all our favourite and most useful motorhome book recommendations here

    Tread the Globe– worldwide vanlife travel blog

    Vanlife travel motorhome blog
    Tread the Globe- Vanlife travel blog

    Talking of packing up and travelling the world… would you do it in an aging campervan? In the middle of a global pandemic?

    To be fair, they didn’t plan the global pandemic part, but Chris and Marianne did change their lives and deliberately set off to drive around the world in their trusty campervan, Trudy. Yes, they are literally driving AROUND the world.

    They’re lovely people who’ve spent most of 2020 stuck in limbo in Turkey- and still managed to make it fun. We’re glad they’re enjoying their adventures, but they need to come home soon- we miss them!

    Not sure if a motorhome or campervan is right for you? Find out here

    Winterised– Motorhome skiing blog

    motorhome travel blog- winter skiing
    Winterised- Motorhome Travel blog for winter travel

    If you’ve ever considered motorhome skiing, or spending the winter in the mountains in your van, this is the motorhome blog for you. Seriously, Hannah and James know how to survive in some crazy conditions.

    Their website is a wealth of knowledge about winter motorhoming and mountain motorhome travel, as well as places to stay in the mountains during the ski season.

    Life Beyond Bricks– fulltime vanlife with cats!

    UK Motorhome blog to follow
    Life Beyond Bricks- UK Motorhome blog to follow!

    If you’re planning a UK motorhome tour, this is the one for you. Tash & Jon tour exclusively in the UK (for now!) and love history, so their blogs are full of interesting details and facts you might not otherwise know.

    They’ve done plenty of great UK road trips and scenic drives. Even better, they tour full-time with 3 cats, so have lots of information for anyone who would like to bring their own furball on the road.

    You might recognise Tash and Jon from several of our Youtube videos- like this one in Wales at the National Showcaves, or this one where wild camping went wrong!

    We look forward to more adventures with them soon… (fingers crossed!)

    The Urban Motorhome– fulltime motorhome living

    Fulltime motorhome living blog
    The Urban Motorhome- Fulltime motorhome living blog

    Many people think of fulltime motorhome living as something you do when you’re on a gap year… or selling up to go travelling.

    Instead, Darran turns that on its head and lives in a motorhome… while working fulltime in the UK. He creates fantastic Youtube videos about his life, and his motorhome blog also features more information about him and his lifestyle. Great entertainment on all things vanlife.

    Our Leap of Faith– motorhome blog & campsite wardens

    UK & Spain Motorhome blog
    Our Leap of Faith- UK & Spain Motorhome blog

    Paul and Michele changed their lives to explore and travel in a van. They’ve also spent time as campsite wardens, which gives a really interesting and different perspective on how campsites work and ‘behind the scenes’.

    They travel in their motorhome Paloma with Fred their adorable dog and we love seeing where they’ve discovered. It’s one of the best motorhome blogs for Spain travel- they’ve spent a lot of time there and have loads of useful info to share.

    Next Stop Everywhere– vanlife adventures

    UK Europe motorhome travel blog
    Next Stop Everywhere- motorhome travel blog

    This is another couple who know how to explore! Sam and Claire have been touring in a motorhome for a couple of years and have big plans to keep doing so.

    They had plans to explore Iceland in 2020, but sadly had to spend lockdown in Denmark, before continuing to explore Europe as much as they can within the restrictions. They’re still on the road and we look forward to seeing where they’ll go next!

    The Motoroamers

    Thinking of trying full time motorhome living? Here are 10 things you need to know from the motorhome travel experts
    The Motoramers- fulltime motorhome blog

    Karen and Myles decided to sell up and move into a motorhome full time in 2016. Since then, they’ve been exploring the UK and Europe in Scoobie the motorhome- and sharing it on their blog.

    We’ve done an entire interview with Karen and Myles about full-time motorhome living (you can read it here) but here’s a small extract:

    “Life on the road has changed us in so many ways. We’ve definitely hit what we describe as a ‘purple patch’ where, generally speaking, life is good, despite our challenging moments. Travel has connected us with our deep-rooted values around freedomchoice and simplicity.”

    AdventureWheels– Accessible caravan travel blog

    AdventureWheels- Accessible road trip blog
    AdventureWheels- Accessible road trip blog

    I was lucky enough to meet Karla and Stephen at an NEC show- and they’re a lovely couple. They explore the UK in their caravan and enjoy spending time outdoors, which is common enough- apart from the fact that Karla has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) and requires an electric wheelchair to get around.

    Experiencing road trip travel through their experiences- both the trials and tribulations- is eye-opening and well worth a read. They go to some magical places around the UK and we love discovering places with them, as well as some beautiful walks.

    Town between a motorhome or caravan? Here’s how to decide…

    Champers and Campers- motorhome blog & podcast

    UK Fulltime Motorhome Living blog & podcast
    Champers & Campers- UK Fulltime Motorhome Living blog & podcast

    Ok, ok, this isn’t so much a motorhome blog- it’s a motorhome podcast! Pete and Brydee live fulltime in their motorhome and are exploring the UK and Europe (or as much as they can during 2020!!)

    They started a podcast during lockdown and it’s a fantastic way to learn more about motorhome life while you’re driving (or walking the dog!)

    We featured on their podcast a short while ago- have a listen here!

    Watch the video of the best UK Motorhome blogs

    Want to see more? Watch our video showcasing the best UK Motorhome blogs

    We hoped you found those motorhome blog ideas useful and/ or inspirational!

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