Motorhome Travel Blogs

Why write a motorhome blog?

I started this website as an online motorhome diary for our family and friends, sharing stories about our travels around the UK and Europe in our camper.

That was before I even knew anything about websites (or motorhoming!) and just wanted something to do when I left my job to travel.

I love writing this website and sharing all our best tips, but I also LOVE reading motorhome blogs from other people and I know many readers enjoy hearing about the day-to-day motorhome life of our travels.

How to use these motorhome blogs

There’s something reassuring when you’re planning a road trip with a motorhome or campervan, or even just daydreaming about ‘sometime’ in the future, to read stories from people who have done it.

It’s nice to know how far they’ve driven in one day, what the roads are like, if there are services, phone reception, bad parking spots or the like. I also enjoy the funny stories which other people share, the things which went wrong or mistakes which were made.

After all, you can’t be an expert in somewhere you’ve never been before and blogs are a great way to get information.

Motorhome Diaries for UK and Europe

So here are our stories. Quick, day-by-day motorhome itinerary routes across Europe, with where we stayed each night and costs. I hope you find them useful if you are planning your own trip.

I don’t have a motorhome blog for EVERY place we’ve been. I only started writing them recently and didn’t write detailed notes for all of our trips. That being said, we have several past trips which we will be adding here soon.

Don’t forget that each motorhome itinerary will have several other posts which go along with it, such as driving tips for that country and rules for motorhomes and campervans. Those posts will be linked to with each blog, so you’ll find them easily.

If you want tips for touring UK or Europe with a motorhome or camper, the main motorhome advice page can be found HERE