Best (FREE!) Printable Road Trip planner

Best printable road trip planner- free travel planner printable pdf

Looking for a printable road trip planner? How about a FREE road trip planner? Well, my friend, you’re in the right place. Grab yours here.

Why use a printable road trip planner?

Have you ever tried to plan a road trip (or ANYTHING) on the back of an envelope/ scrap of paper/ discarded napkin?

How did that go for you?

If you’re someone who likes to WRITE, rather than input into a phone, you know that just picking up a pen and marking stuff down helps the brain get in gear. 

And when the brain is in gear, EPIC stuff happens. 

I got tired of planning our road trips on random bits of paper (which I’d generally lose), so I designed this printable road trip planner. It’s too cute to lose, and the fact that I can add GPS co-ordinates, addresses and much more makes my life so much easier! 

Grab your printable free road trip planner HERE

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Best printable road trip planner- free travel planner printable pdf
Best printable road trip planner- free travel planner printable pdf

Never used a road trip or travel planner before?

Here are some tips to start planning your road trip and using your printable pdf planner:

  1. Print it out. Colour is best, but black/ white works too. You can print it as an A4 size, but I prefer to print 2 pages to one sheet so it fits neater in our travel journal. (see below for more on that). You can print as many sheets as you need.
  2. Fill your road trip planner in. Start looking for ideas for places to visit or things to use along your route. Google is great for that, but so is Pinterest (you can find all our road trip ideas on Pinterest here)
  3. I like to input all those places into Google Maps, so we can easily see a rough route or order. Here’s how we use Google Maps to plan a road trip
  4. Start working out how long there is between stops and how far you want to drive each day. This breaks your trip down into daily plans- put that into your printed road trip planner
  5. If you’re using hotels or campsites, start researching those, booking as appropriate and adding the addresses AND GPS co-ordinates into your road trip planner. This will help when you need to pop the details into the sat nav. 
  6. And you’re done! Of course, you need to actually remember to take your road trip planner with you when you go…!


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  1. Mr Harold Selby says:

    Thanks for all your posts Kat, this is our first experience in our motorhome and your tips have really made things alot easier for us.

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