The best campsite in Norway??

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We visited what could possibly be the best campsite in Norway! The views were incredible. See for yourself- watch the video of us at the campsite below.

Where is the best campsite in Norway?

After our adventures behind the waterfall in Steinsdalsfossen, we visited Flamsbana railway and went through the world’s longest tunnel! That made for a pretty exciting day, so we decided to treat ourselves to a campsite!

We also desperately needed a laundrette, as we hadn’t done any washing since we finished our motorhome tour of the Netherlands– I knew taking 14 days worth of clothes was a good idea!!! 🙂

Is this the best campsite in Norway? Just look at those views! This post tells you exactly where this magic spot is and how to get there! #campsite #norway #roadtrip #motorhome #rv #travel #adventure

Amlesanden Campsite can be found here:

N 61°10’37.92” E 7°15’54.648”

Address :

It’s down a VERY small road- at times we wondered how on earth we were going to get the motorhome and trailer out again. It’s quite a steep hill down as well- just to make it more exciting!
Cost is 250NOK/ night, which is roughly £25. Expensive, yes- but then Norway is an expensive place to visit! (read our full costs for the trip here)
The washing machine is 40NOK per wash- all other facilities were included.

What’s it like?

At the bottom of the hill, right on the edge of the fjord, is a field. There are no marked pitches and only a couple of electric hookups, which are in the middle (behind the trees in the photo below). The campsite is actually split into two parts, either side of the road. We looked at the field, and then we looked at the patch right next to the water, where there were a load of camper vans (who probably thought they were safe from the big horrible motorhomes… sorry guys!)

We squeezed in through the gate (loads of room!) and parked up with the most incredible view! You have to park nose forwards, so that there is room for other people. Luckily there was room for us and our trailer to squeeze in at the end. We didn’t use or need electric hookup- there aren’t any on the patch by the water.

Is this the best campsite in Norway? Just look at those views! This post tells you exactly where this magic spot is and how to get there! #campsite #norway #roadtrip #motorhome #rv #travel #adventure
Camping in Norway by the water

The toilet block is practically new and spotlessly clean. There are showers, toilets, waste facilities, fresh water and the all-important washing machine! However, there isn’t a dryer as far as we could see, unless the washing machine does that too. We hung our clothes up in our bathroom overnight and put the heating on (have I mentioned it’s down to 12 degrees overnight now? In the middle of August? Brrrrrrrr!) Our heating has been on a lot and our bathroom gets roasting hot! We just strung a line across and let it all hang out!

What makes this campsite so good?

It was just beautiful- and so quiet. Part of that was possibly down to the rain- I think if it had been drier there would have been more people outside, lighting fires and chatting around them, which could have been fun in a different way. We just couldn’t get over those views and how close we were parked to the fjord. If you’re motorhoming or campervanning in Norway, definitely add it to your itinerary.

There’s a ferry which goes to a nearby town (we think for fjord tours) and watching that go back and forth was fun. We enjoyed wrapping up warmly and sipping our hot chocolate as we sat on the edge and watched people cruising the fjords of Norway sail by on their liners. It was magic.

Watch the video of it here:

Are there other campsites as pretty as this in Norway? Most definitely. Are any of them better? Possibly- but this one is totally off the beaten track, which for us made it pretty much perfect! There’s no road noise, very little other noise and when the sky finally cleared the stars were incredible- although sadly we didn’t get a photo of them. I really need to work on my night photography skills!

So now we’ve got clean clothes, topped up with water and emptied all waste… whatever will come next!!

Where’s your favourite campsite? What’s good about it? Let me know below so we can check them out!!

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Is this the best campsite in Norway? Just look at those views! This post tells you exactly where this magic spot is and how to get there! #campsite #norway #roadtrip #motorhome #rv #travel #adventure

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