Introducing our Adventure Puppy!

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Sooooo….. ummm… well… we kinda sorta definitely bought a puppy! Surprise!! Meet Mac, the Wandering Bird Adventure Puppy!

Watch the video of us collecting our new puppy!

Why did we buy a puppy?

It's an excellent question- and one we have been asking ourselves every day since! (Except for right now; right now he is curled up on my lap making happy little puppy noises in his dreams. It's ridiculously cute!)

We've been talking about getting a dog for years. And years. And years. But the timing was never quite right and common sense always won out in the end, especially when we were both working. But now I'm at home most of the time and the thought of having a furry companion to lie at my feet and curl up on the sofa to watch girly movies with was very appealing, not to mention being able to take him on adventures with us in the motorhome.

During our trip to Norway, our daughter Jade decided to fly home early to see her friends and for the first time in our 16 year relationship, Mr WB and I found ourselves on holiday with only grown-up (ish) children to worry about! We spent about 3 days enjoying this freedom and the ability to not worry too much about whether she was eating/ brushing her teeth/ burning the boat down- and then somehow, someway, we found ourselves on the internet looking at puppies for sale. I have no idea how that happened.

Our family now has an adventure puppy!! We're learning how to travel with a dog and find dog friendly places to visit on our road trips. #adventurepuppy #puppy #dogfriendly #travel #dog #adventure #roadtrip #motorhome
Adventure puppy on his way to the boat

What sort of Adventure Puppy did we get?

Initially, we wanted a labrador or something similar. We've always loved big, clever dogs and don't mind at all the exercise requirements- we're looking forward to all the walks and hikes and adventures. But the more we actually started to think about it, the more we decided that a lab might be a little bit too big for our motorhome or our boat (which I know some readers might find hilarious- we know several people who travel with 2 or 3 big dogs in their motorhome. Don't be too hard on us- we were nervous first time puppy owners!)

Several years ago, we'd researched spaniels. I've always loved their floppy ears and the utter joy on their faces when they play. (I didn't at the time realise their ability to make their eyes so sorrowful and devastated when you stop them doing something… it's heartbreaking!) Spaniels are smaller than labs, but no less intelligent. The more we researched the breed, the more they seemed right for us.

Our family now has an adventure puppy!! We're learning how to travel with a dog and find dog friendly places to visit on our road trips. #adventurepuppy #puppy #dogfriendly #travel #dog #adventure #roadtrip #motorhome


Initally, we thought we wanted a black/ chocolate colour dog- as we mainly wear dark colour clothes!!- but then we saw this picture and we were gone. GONE. Totally in love. To the point that I almost cried before I phoned the breeder in case he was no longer available. He's the one with the white stripe down his face.

Luckily, the breeder sais he was still there and the deal was struck. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Macallan. (Because he looks like whiskey!)

We love him so much that we decided to cut our trip to Norway short and go back to collect him as soon as possible- we're weird like that!! 🙂

How have the first couple of days been?

We decided to stay at a nearby campsite so he didn't have to travel too far with us on that first day. He was good as gold- until it rained during the night and he HOWLED in terror. The noise on the motorhome roof scared the life out of him. My husband was in stitches- all my talk about him sleeping in his crate and not making a fuss… but he was so scared that I spent most of the night sitting next to his crate instead of in our bed (which was only 5ft away, but it seemed to help calm him down!)

The campsite we stayed at was great and soon we were ‘the couple with the new puppy'- all the kids came to stroke and play with him… which was awesome as it tired him out. He seems very settled and well adjusted in the van, which bodes well for the future and our travelling plans! It's a great place to start with a new dog, as you can't go too far away from them- it seems to help build a bond very quickly.

Miraculously, he's very good at night and can hold a wee for about 7 hours- impressive at this age. Let's hope that continues!

Our family now has an adventure puppy!! We're learning how to travel with a dog and find dog friendly places to visit on our road trips. #adventurepuppy #puppy #dogfriendly #travel #dog #adventure #roadtrip #motorhome
Adventure puppy resting…


Some facts about Mac

Date of Birth: 19 May 2018

Breed: Working Cocker Spaniel Pedigree- both parents are working gundogs

Colour: Red (apparently not Red and White, even though he has the white patches)

Favourite things in life so far: Chicken; Ham; Cheese; Squeaky fox; tennis ball; furry mouse (which is actually a cat toy but he loves it!)


Next step- introduce him to the boat and start the training process- although we've already started with his name and sit. He's also been for a walk on the lead- which was hilarious as he (and I guess all puppies!) refuses to walk in a straight line, so you nearly stand on them about 100 times.

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Do you have a dog? Let me know all about them below- can't wait to hear more! 

Our family now has an adventure puppy!! We're learning how to travel with a dog and find dog friendly places to visit on our road trips. #adventurepuppy #puppy #dogfriendly #travel #dog #adventure #roadtrip #motorhome

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9 thoughts on “Introducing our Adventure Puppy!”

  1. A bit of The Proclaimers moment….. bit more than 500 miles!!!!!

    Love it.
    We have an 11 near old English Spinger and just got back from France and he has travelled so much We need a new passport for the vet stamps as the spaces have run out.

    Good luck

  2. Best thing we ever did was go on eBay and search for pet bell and got our Sprocker spaniel Meg a yellow duck (yes like the bath kind only tiny) pet bell ordered the night we collected her as she is dark brown and carpet is black – many squeaks and howls no more until she is still then you wonder WHAT she is at! She is now 3 and still under the feet but the bell is the best thing as in the woods we can hear approximately where she is at all times and it’s been a god send anyone with a spaniel will know what I mean the nose hits a sent or a deer trail and they are in hunt mode! The bell never bothered her at all and we have 2 one on her wet water collar which is louder and ideal when she has her waterproof coat on as it can still be heard and of course the yellow ducky! Fab works a treat! Great also for any dog who goes exploring off lead in undergrowth!


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