Road trip with a dog- 5 essential dog travel accessories

Planning a road trip with your dog? Want to know the best dog travel accessories and things you need in a motorhome, camper or car for your dog? After years of road trips with our pup, here are our essential dog travel accessories!

Dogs are the best road trip companions- they're always happy, they let you play whatever you want on the radio and they NEVER whine ‘are we there yet?'!

Still, on our first few trips with our adventure puppy, Mac, we either took WAY too much stuff for him, or we forgot something important- like his food bowl…

(If that sounds like something you might do (no judgement), here's a FREE checklist for you to print and use. Let your furbaby know he's loved.)

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Are you planning a road trip with your dog?

I know dogs need less ‘stuff' than a human travel companion, but it doesn't always feel like it. At times, we've found ourselves wondering where to put the crate, bowls, food, toys, BALLS, leads, drying coat, towel, brush and everything else a dog needs.

Still, there are some things we can live without- and others we would turn the motorhome around to go back for- they're that useful!

Also, keeping your dog cool is always important whilst travelling in the heat, so don't forget these tips to help you keep your dog cool in a car or a camper.

Disclaimer; I know dogs come in ‘he' and ‘she', but for the sake of ease I'll just use ‘he'. I have absolute faith in you being able to apply these tips to your own dog, whatever sex they might be! 😉 )

Travel Crate

It is against the law to let a dog roam free in a motorhome, camper or car. He must be restrained at all times. There are several ways to do this, but crate or travel harnesses are the most popular. 

We tried Mac with a travel harness when he was a puppy… he chewed through it! We also used to have a collapsible, fabric crate… but he clawed through that and jumped forward to sit on our laps at the front of the motorhome.

Seriously, this dog is Houdini with fur.

So a metal crate is what we have. Yes, it's bulky, yes it's a pain, but it keeps him safe while travelling and also should be leave him for an hour or two.

This is our favourite dog travel crate for car/ motorhome road trips; be sure to get one big enough for your dog to sit up straight in and turn around. 

UPDATE: Mac is now nearly 2 and can FINALLY be trusted with a seat harness. He still uses the crate if we go out, but he travels in a harness which clips to the seat belt. 

Food/ Water Bowls

I love the ease of these stackable dog travel bowls– you can put food and water into them before you set off, perfect for a short road trip or if you're travelling overnight in a pet-friendly ferry cabin. The top bowl is also water-tight, so you can keep water in there as you travel. Genius!


You can bring any toy your dog normally uses. Mac LOVES antlers, so we always carry at least 2 of these in our motorhome for ‘quiet time'. I don't know why, but it calms him down really well after a walk.

He also has a tug toy and about 6 balls- just in case! 

Dog Travel Bag

This bag is BRILLIANT. When Mr WB got it for me, I thought he was kidding… I mean, it's not the most stylish thing in the world. But it really is awesome for keeping everything handy so you don't forget stuff when you head out for a walk. I use it daily on our road trips.

Mine carries poop bags, clicker/ whistle, tennis ball, treats/ chew stick for if we stop at a cafe somewhere, lip balm (for me, not Mac!!) and some cash, as I tend to use this instead of my handbag nowadays… glamorous, aren't I??!!

But seriously, it's on of the best dog travel accessories we've bought. It also comes with a clicker and a collapsible water bowl, which we have used a million times *probably not ACTUALLY a million, but it's been a lot.* 

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Sturdy Lead

We don't use extendable leads as I've heard too many stories about them breaking when a dog gets over-excited. We love this lead as the extra hook points make it easy to shorten/ lengthen the lead and keep an excitable and curious puppy close to us when necessary. 

We also carry a cheap lead for walks which I don't mind getting muddy- it goes in the shower with him afterwards! 

So there you go- 5 essential dog travel accessories for your upcoming road trip. 

We've found it easier to get a set specifically for the motorhome- makes it easier to remember everything. But we also use our handy, dandy dog travel checklist, which you can get right here! 🙂 

I hope you have a wonderful road trip with your dog. Safe travels.

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