Strada Della Forra- the Gorge Road

Strada Della Forra- Italy gorge road near Lake Garda

Heading to the Italian lakes? Want to drive or ride the most incredible road you’ve NEVER heard of? Welcome to Strada Della Forra.

Strada Della Forra is an incredible road on the west side of Lake Garda- about halfway down. It’s also called the Gorge Road, SP 38, way of the Gorge and “Holy C*^P that’s steep”: call it whatever you like- this road is pretty special.

Watch the video of us riding Strada Della Forra

Strada Della Forra is literally carved into a gorge in the mountainside and is so steep and narrow that only cars and motorbikes are allowed up it. The tunnels t are so low that you couldn’t drive through in anything bigger than a large car- motorhomes are a definite no no.

This is the road Winston Churchill referred to as the 8th Wonder of the World. It’s also the road where James Bond smashed up his beautiful Aston Martin whilst being shot at in Quantum of Solace (one of many incredible movies set in Italy!)

The road is AMAZING to drive- there are hairpin bends, blind corners and magnificent views across Lake Garda.

There’s a parking place (for bikes) about halfway down, which is where we stopped and were able to get incredible footage of the road and the lake with our drone.

The road took 4 years to build and takes about 10 minutes to drive up or down it. But it’s so cool you’ll want to turn around and do it again. And again. It’s free to ride, but try and go out of peak season- so you can slow down and really enjoy the trip!

Strada Della Forra- the gorge road carved into the side of a cliff
Strada Della Forra- the gorge road carved into the side of a cliff

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