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Hi- welcome to the Wandering Bird motorhome travel and road trip blog

Here we share tips and tricks for travelling the UK and Europe by motorhome, camper, bike or car. I’m Kat and I’ll share more about me in just a bit. But first, let’s talk about YOU.

Do you want to travel more?

Are you dreaming of motorhome travel and road trips BUT:

  • You don’t want to waste the little time or money you have available?
  • You think you’re too old/ too young/ too unknowledgeable to have the adventure you want? 
  • You’re feeling daunted by everything you need to learn?
  • You don’t want to break any rules or get into trouble?
  • You don’t know where to start?
  • You’ve just bought a motorhome or camper van and feeling a bit overwhelmed?
  • Or maybe you’re planning for ‘someday’, when you can quit your job, downsize your house and head off in a motorhome/ van for unlimited freedom- but there seem to be a million questions/ problems to deal with first?

You are not alone. Since I started this blog in early 2018, I have received hundreds of emails, comments and Facebook messages asking for help. Some people want specific advice on motorhome travel, which is our favourite way to see the world.

Others want to know how to plan a road trip, whether it’s by camper, car or motorbike.

Many people want to know how to change their life so that they can travel more frequently or for longer periods of time and maybe even quit their job!

We’re here to help

At Wandering Bird, we believe that road trips are good for the soul and that everyone can (and should!) experience the freedom of exploring the world by road. A little planning and some good advice can make all the difference.

Motorhome travel should be fun, not daunting and we love to share tips to help other people just like you get started and make the most of their time on the road. We share tips for motorhomes, campervans and general road trips.

What people in our community are saying

“Thank you for your vlogs, blogs and YouTube channel, I have learned a lot already from you.”- Anouska

“These emails have been so helpful Kat. I could have purchased and regretted! Thank you for stopping my impulse purchase” – Matthew

“Just want to say thanks for all of your videos (and posts), we’ve watched every one and some more than once! The enthusiasm of you and your husband is so infectious.”- Ian and Lyndsey 

“ Thanks for your website and all the support you give.”  -Hazel


  • Having the knowledge to road trip anywhere in Europe (or the world!) without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Having the confidence that you can deal with whatever situation may arise, no matter what. 
  • Being able to just jump in the van and ‘go’, knowing that you’re set up with everything you need- all you have to do is pick a destination (and remember the dog!)

THIS is what I want for you. When you become a member of the Wandering Bird community, you’ll learn how to plan a road trip to anywhere and confidently deal with any situation so you can enjoy the freedom and simplicity of time on the road.

Join thousands of other motorhome owners and road trip lovers and receive helpful tips and tricks for where YOU are right now in your journey – completely FREE. 

Who am I?

Hi! I’m Kat, aka the Wandering Bird.

In 2018, I quit my job to travel Europe in a motorhome. Since then (give or take 2020!) I’ve been full-time travelling and touring around the UK and Europe.

I LOVE to share my adventures and encourage people just like you to do the same. 

When we bought a motorhome, I had no intention of living long-term in it. I certainly wasn’t planning on quitting my job and changing my entire life.

After all- real people don’t do that… right? 

Several years on, the novelty still hasn’t worn off. I LOVE vanlife and the peace I find on the road. Although I now travel mostly alone, it’s still one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I honestly believe everyone can (and should!) experience the incredible freedom of life on the road- whether it’s for a long weekend or a 3-month tour of Europe…

There’s nothing you can’t conquer with a little knowledge and confidence- and I want to help you get both. 

When we first started our motorhome adventures, I couldn’t believe how difficult it was to find good information about things like wild camping or equipment needed to travel in Europe.

I remember how daunting it was, heading off on an adventure for the first time, wondering if we had everything we needed. My goal is to make it easy for people to learn how to road trip, whether it’s by motorhome, campervan or car- and hopefully inspire you to visit somewhere new.

We have travelled many, many miles now and have learnt lots of tips for motorhome living, but we still make mistakes- like that time we ended up in France on a bank holiday in Winter with no gas! Doh. We share both the good and bad so you can benefit from our experiences.

Full disclosure- we don’t spend hours setting up cute Instagram photos or photoshopping them to make it look sunny… sorry.

Panoramic Mont Blanc Cable Car - Visit the Mont Blanc Cable Car . and ride to the top of Mont Blanc - Aiguille du Midi Cable Car ride Chamonix French Alps #montblanc #cablecar #chamonix #alps #france #aiguilledumidi #panoramic #wanderingbird
At the top of the Aiguille du Midi, Mont Blanc. Without a hairbrush

Not sure where to start?

Here’s how to get some answers fast: 

Motorhome Tips & Advice

Want to learn more about motorhoming and vanlife? Here you go:

Road Trips Tips & Life on the Road

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Destinations, Itineraries & Epic Adventures

Some of our favourite places for motorhome travel and vanlife adventures! Let us know where the road takes you!

Books and Guides

We’re written numerous books and guides on various motorhoming topics, including touring Europe, getting started with motorhoming, buying a van, touring with a dog and staying off grid.

We also have plenty of other resources to help you- see them all here

Youtube Videos

Nothing brings a place to life like a video, so we try to make videos on Youtube to show people what a place is really like.

We’re not professionals, by any means, but we hope you find them enjoyable and useful.

So welcome, once again. There’s a whole heap of information on this site already, and it will continue to grow.

If you have any questions feel free to join our friendly motorhoming Facebook group. If you’d like to work with me, email me at hello(at)

Safe travels,

Kat x