Does YOUR Road Trip need these? The Best Travel & Road Trip Gadgets

Looking for the best travel & road trip gadgets for 2019? Look no further- this comprehensive list will definitely help enhance your road trips! #roadtriptips #roadtrip #travel #hacks #accessories #gadgets

What ARE the best travel & road trip gadgets? How do you know which accessories are worth the money and which ones are… well… not! Fear not, brave explorer. After a year of Road Trippin’ around Europe, we’ve found some awesome bits of kit which have definitely enhanced our adventures! 

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Road Trip Gadgets for Photography

Photography is one of my favourite parts of a road trip. I love trying to capture the beauty of the places we visit and sharing them on Facebook and Instagram, so I’m starting with my favourite gadgets that help.

iPhone & Android Travel Gadgets

I’ve said it many times, but most of our photos are taken on an iPhone, because I’m rubbish and I keep forgetting/ can’t be bothered to lug a camera around with us. My FAVOURITE iPhone accessories are – Clip on lenses, Bluetooth selfie button and plug in microphones.

    All of these are small enough to fit into a pocket or handbag, which means I actually USE them.

    I also LOVE my glass photo ball, which allows me to take pretty pictures like this! I can’t believe how cheap it was or how pretty the pictures look. Definitely one of my favourites.

    Looking for the best travel & road trip gadgets for 2019? Look no further- this comprehensive list will definitely help enhance your road trips! #roadtriptips #roadtrip #travel #hacks #accessories #gadgets
    Glass Photo Ball- one of my favourite road trip gadgets!


    GoPro Road Trip Gadgets

    GoPro camera’s have been around for a while now and are one of the most commonly used compact, wide lens cameras. One of my first, was the GoPro 7, the latest models you can get are 10, 11 and 12.

    Looking for the best travel & road trip gadgets for 2019? Look no further- this comprehensive list will definitely help enhance your road trips! #roadtriptips #roadtrip #travel #hacks #accessories #gadgets
    Take pictures like this with a Go Pro Hero 7- an essential on my road trip gadgets list!

    There are TONNES of epic GoPro Accessories you can get to make your experience with the camera even more awesome. You can get accessories here.


    Road Trip Gadgets- Drone

    Since getting a drone, we have filmed some INCREDIBLE places, like John o’Groats, Lands End, Mont Blanc, Switzerland and the Italian Lakes, to name just a few. Obviously, you have to be INCREDIBLY careful and attentive to the rules in each country, but getting a drone has really enhanced our travels.

    We recommend the DJI Mini 3 Pro, so you can get shots like this that was taken on a recent trip to Iceland.

    Portable Telescope

    What’s the point of going on a road trip, if you can’t take some random but very cool gadgets with you? Our telescope definitely falls into this category and I guess it’s only exciting if you’re an astronomy nerd like me, but I love looking at the sky and the stars – a clear night is my perfect present.

    Road Trip Gadgets for Wifi

    Having connection on the road is important – if you want to stay connected the world. This is especially a must if you want to post all your fab photos on your Insta or Facebook. So having a good WiFi system in your van can be a daunting choice, as there are so many options out there, but here we recommend these of which are 2 of the popular brands- Netgear & Huawei:

    Road Trip gadgets for fun!


    I fought this for such a long time, as I LOVE books. I love the way they smell, and feel and taste…( uh…sorry, got carried away there!) In all seriousness, I thought I’d never love reading on a tablet. Turns out, it’s so easy! I use the Kindle app on my iPad and it’s brilliant, but if you don’t have an iPad, a Kindle saves you have to carry a million books with you. (It also allows you to read Harry Potter for the millionth time without anyone else knowing…!!) 

    I recommend getting a Kindle with WiFi- it makes it so much easier to sync/ download new books as you’re travelling- especially if you’re Road Trippin’ for a while.



    There is nothing worse than being on a quiet, tranquil campsite, and then some idiot pulls up next door and starts blaring loud music. Especially if it’s bad music! 😉 Still, I know you aren’t that inconsiderate, so here are our favourite speakers which last for hours and have GREAT sound quality.

    Road Trip gadgets for POWER!

    Power Bank

    I think Power management is one of the hardest things about Road Trippin’, especially if you work from the road as we do. We’ve found various ways to make life as simple and efficient as possible. Firstly, I charge as many things as possible whilst we are driving. I charge laptops via the inverter and phones/ ipads by 12v chargers, so that when I arrive somewhere everything is (hopefully!) ready to go!

    My laptop (MacBook Pros) is brilliant but VERY power-hungry. The battery on mine lasts about 8 hours of non-stop usage, which is a shock after my previous laptop which lasted a couple of days! I carry the Ecoflow River in my van and they are also useful for things like blenders/ juicers other smaller appliances which you might want to use whilst wild camping. You can check out the full reviews I have done for the Jackery and the Ecoflow.

    Solar Panel

    We debated for a long time whether we needed a solar panel or not. If you only go a day or two without a campsite and electric, my opinion is you probably don’t. If you plan to go for longer, it’s a good addition to your motorhome. We have a Sargent solar panel, which we ordered direct but can’t find it on their site anymore. It’s very similar to the one below. A flexible solar panel might also be a great idea, based on your vehicle.

    Road Trip Gadgets- Portable BBQ

    Not every campsite allows campfires- sad, but true! However, most will allow BBQs- and this clever bit of kit allows you to have a fire in a BBQ, watching the flames as you sip your hot chocolate. Is there a better ending to a day? Just be careful of lighting it in really dry conditions, especially if you’re in the middle of nowhere and make sure you have a supply of water to hand. Just in case. Here you find the post I have done, that covers BBQ’s for vanlife!

    Blimey! Is that enough Road Trip gadgets to keep you going for a while?!?! With all those, I think your Road Trip is going to be EPIC- let me know where you end up!!

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