20 Reasons you NEED to buy a Motorhome right now!

Considering buying a motorhome? Wondering if motorhome life is right for you? Here’s an insight into life on the road and why we love it so much!

Looking for reasons to buy a Motorhome? Considering renting a motorhome in Europe and then traveling by campervan? Have you been reading our travel blog and thinking ‘that sounds fun’, but are still not sure whether buying a motorhome is a good idea?

Honestly, neither were we until we took the plunge a year ago and finally ended up buying a motorhome for the first time! As you may have guessed- it was a good decision for us and we’ve had some incredible adventures in the past 12 months.

You can read all about our first year of motorhome life here

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Reasons to buy a motorhome

Buying a motorhome or campervan is a big decision, no matter what size or age you go for. There’s a lot to consider and a lot of questions to ask. Having said that, we wish we’d bought our first motorhome 10 years ago! Let us show you why- here are our top 20 reasons to buy a motorhome.

Travelling in a motorhome- with your wardrobe!

Are you a ‘hand-luggage only’ traveller or a ‘bring everything you’ve ever looked at’ sort of person? With a motorhome, it doesn’t matter- you can take as much or as little as you like on your adventures! (Obviously, if you’re Kate Middleton or something, you might have to sacrifice a FEW things… but it’s certainly more than hand luggage!)

Without wishing to brag, I am amazing at hiding clothes in the motorhome. There are loads of places where I have shoes and scarves hidden without Mr WB even knowing they were there.

If you’d like to know how to increase clothes storage in your camper, read more here

(Did anyone else always dream of this wardrobe in Clueless?? No… just me??)

Is a buying a motorhome for the first time worth it? You’ll discover places you’ve never heard of

This is probably one of my favourite things about Motorhome travel- driving down the road and seeing a sign for something random (like a glass platform up the top of Mont Blanc!) and just being able to pull off and visit it without any fuss.

No hotel bookings, no flights to catch, no stress, no timetable (except for maybe the journey back as we did an ultimate UK road trip!) We love being able to meander wherever we feel like each day and explore whatever we find there.

Motohomw parked beneath beautiful mountains in Europe.
Reasons to buy a motorhome- travelling to incredible places in UK and Europe like this!

Slow travel makes the journey more fun

I’ve always been a ‘rusher’. I’ll run around like a headless chicken, trying to get everything done. This includes being on holiday, where I have been known to create a schedule and cry big ugly tears when the ‘schedule’ didn’t go to plan.

“What do you MEAN you want another coffee? We don’t have time to stop until 12 minutes past 4…” *true story* It’s a wonder I’m still married, quite frankly.

But as we travel Europe by motorhome, we’re forced to slow down. We can’t travel around at 500 miles an hour. We can rarely detour around traffic jams. We don’t even know WHERE we’re going to stay that night most of the time, which used to scare me witless but now allows me to just relax.

If my chauffeur wants a coffee or a little nap, I’ll find us somewhere quiet or pretty and we’ll chill until we fancy setting off again. This is all part of the adventure and it’s FUN. Believe it or not, Motorhome travel is fun and why you should definitely consider buying a motorhome.

Owning a motorhome- A Weekend in the motorhome feels like a week-long break

This is how our perfect Friday night goes:

  • Jump in van
  • Buy Fish and Chips en-route
  • Drive about 30 minutes to either a place on the seafront we like or a local campsite
  • Settle down
  • Light a fire
  • Open some wine
  • Breathe deeply for the first time in about 5 days

Party animals, aren’t we??!! No matter how bad a week it’s been, how stressed we are or what chaos we’ll hit on Monday, we always feel completely refreshed after a weekend away in the motorhome.

Doctors should start prescribing this as stress relief- I think it would change the world. (I say “we”… but everyone knows it’s mainly Mr WB who works. I spend most days in my pajamas working on this motorhome blog and chatting to you lovely people on Facebook! (Speaking of which, are you following us on Facebook for our up-to-date news? You can do that HERE.)

Why buy a motorhome? Quality time with your family

Is anyone else guilty of not really being ‘present’ at home? I try, we all do, but there are a million jobs to do and if I ‘just do this’, it’ll be easier. As our daughter Jade gets older and is away from home most evenings, we find we spend less and less time together as a family.

But one of the added benefits of buying a motorhome was that it gave us a great place to put the phone and TV away for a night or two and play games, watch the fire burn, count the stars and chat to each other. We learn so much about our daughter and her mindset during these evenings of silliness- and frankly, that’s priceless. (Yeah Yeah Mastercard, send me your bill.)

Having said that, if you want to watch television on the road, here’s our lowdown on motorhome tv‘s and how to choose the best

Motorhome parked in Italy.
Chilling in the motorhome in the middle of Italy

Why buy a campervan? You don’t have to pay for hotels

This was one of our driving (ha!!) factors for buying a motorhome in the first place- Jade got too old to share a room with her Dad, so we had to start booking two hotel rooms everywhere. And that gets EXPENSIVE!

Especially as we tend to leave our holiday planning to the last minute so could never take advantage of cheap deals! Talking of which…

When buying a campervan, you can leave your holiday planning to the last minute

Obviously, if you want to go to Europe, you’ll need to book onto a ferry or the tunnel as early as possible to get the best rates, but otherwise, you don’t need to plan your motorhome trips in advance.

We’ve explored Wales and Cornwall last minute in the school holidays without any issues finding overnight spots or campsites for wild camping in the UK. We also went to the Italian lakes in August without booking a single campsite while campervanning in Italy – and then unexpectedly went up to Switzerland.

We travelled Norway in the motorhome for 3 weeks without booking ANYTHING in advance. Motorhome travel is perfect for lazy planners– or people who are recovering uber-planners! Do you think there’s a 7-step programme for that??

motorhome buying toolkit
motorhome buying toolkit

Want to get ALL our best buying tips, tricks and ways to save money?

Grab our Complete Motorhome or Camper Buying Guide for beginners.

It contains everything you need to go step-by-step through the buying process, including tricks for saving money, what to look for when you buy, what to do when you collect and much more. Check it out now.

And don’t forget to grab your FREE buying checklist here 

Is it worth buying a motorhome? You have a shower and toilet with you

Why did we buy a motorhome and not a campervan? Because I wanted a proper bathroom (among other reasons.) I wanted to be able to stand up and have a shower and use the toilet without going outside. (Yes, modern campervans have small bathrooms too. But I’m not small…)

That’s probably one of my top reasons to buy a motorhome and why we decided against buying a campervan! I love having a proper bathroom and toilet- it makes everything so much easier. And if it’s easy, it’s fun.

You can sit outside and have a campfire (hotels tend to frown on that!)

I talk about fires a lot- because they are one of the most pleasurable things I’ve discovered about the freedom associated with buying a motorhome. If we’re choosing to stay on a campsite, we do our best to find one which allows BBQs, and then we use our BBQ for a fire.

(TIP- many campsites don’t allow fires on the ground as it damages their site, but a BBQ which is off the ground is usually fine. Just be sure to check first.) This is the one we use and love.

Should you be buying a camper? You can work from the road

This one is so important for us. One of our main reasons for buying a motorhome was that there is the space and ability to safely carry any kit we need to work whilst we’re away.

We rely on Mr WB’s wage, and he needs to have certain things to be able to do his job successfully, such as decent wifi- how many hotels have you stayed in with shockingly bad internet?!!

Buying a motorhome allows us to work from the road, which allowed me to leave work so we can travel more. It’s like an ever-improving circle of happiness. 🙂

Buying a motorhome allows you to park in remote areas and spend time in nature, like the motorhome parked here by the lake.
Reasons to buy a motorhome- spending more time in nature and beautiful countryside

You can stop whenever you want

If we’re driving and see somewhere pretty to have lunch, or just want an afternoon nap, we can do that! If we see a chocolate shop or a trinket shop, we can stop and browse for as long as we like, knowing that there’s no rush to get anywhere else.

We can chat with people over dinner or spend time getting to know new friends without having to rush off anywhere

You’ll go places you never even imagined after buying a motorhome!

When we head off for an adventure, we never know where we’re going to end up. We set off for Italy, and by the end of it we’d seen the Milky Way from Switzerland and had lunch in Liechtenstein. We also set off for Slovenia, and ended up in the Dolomites!! 

We also set off for Norfolk and ended up in Cornwall… don’t ask! But the plans can be as flexible as you are!

Buying a motorhome means you have a kitchen with you whenever you need it

I’m not sure there’s anything better than waking up in a new place with an incredible view, putting the kettle on and enjoying a bacon sandwich made to your exact preferences.

Having a kitchen which travels with you is great- you don’t have to eat out every night if you don’t want to, you can eat a smaller meal if you feel like cheese on toast for dinner. It’s so easy- even doing the food shop is easy as you can put it all away straight in the supermarket car park.

Or if you get stuck in a massive holdup (like say, the Eurotunnel on a bank holiday weekend) then you can make a brew, and give the upset kids in the car next door some squash and chocolate! (Their parents were eternally grateful!)

And if you have dietary requirements, you can cook- just like you do at home.

It’s easy to travel Europe by Motorhome with kids/ pets/ family

We LOVE travelling with our cocker-spaniel, Mac. He’s an integral part of the team and we can’t imagine being without him. We love how easy it is to travel in a motorhome with him, especially now he’s no longer a puppy. 

I also love how we can find water for him for a swim, and he’s the happiest dog you ever did see!!

Kat sitting with her dog atop her motorhome, looking out at the lake.
Reasons to buy a motorhome- travelling easily with dogs and other pets

You can indulge your hobbies

We’ve met so many motorhomers who strap their surfboards to the roof, their push bikes to the back or tow motorbikes like we do.

We also have an inflatable kayak and a paddleboard so we can explore places as we travel. Motorhoming is great for allowing you to enjoy your hobbies and travel to areas where you can enjoy them at their best, wherever that might be.

It’s WAY more comfortable than a plane

For anyone over 5’7, flying is no longer fun unless you can afford Business Class. I’m 5’11 and being cramped into those little seats for hours makes me miserable- even if the holiday is worth it.

That’s why, buying a motorhome for the first time and taking it with you as your travel is so much more comfortable. And you have your own bed, with your own bedding and pillows and hot-water bottle. (Anyone else love a hot water bottle?)

You can even get automatic motorhomes, so it’s even easier for anyone with mobility issues to drive for longer.

Want to park by that pretty river? Or camp next to the lake? There’s a high chance there’s going to be somewhere you can. Want to park in the middle of a city?

If it’s not in the UK (and you can read all about their campervan parking laws here), no problem! Europe is so well kitted out for Motorhomes, it’s possible to stay in THOUSANDS of places and many of them are free and breathtakingly beautiful, or close to major attractions. It’s easy to tour Europe in a Motorhome.

So, is it worth Buying a Motorhome? Yes! Motorhoming works for EVERYONE

It’s one of the few hobbies/ lifestyles we know of where young couples (that’s us…right?? RIGHT?? Hmmm…) mix with families with children of all ages and people enjoying their retirement. It’s such an inclusive environment and a pleasure to be part of it.

We’ve met some awesome people of all ages and backgrounds on our travels and it’s our favourite thing about motorhome travel. Some of our favourite evenings have been spent around a fire, sharing a beer or 6 with our neighbours for the night and putting the world to rights.

It’s a lovely community and we’re so pleased to be part of it and never would have discovered it without buying a motorhome for the first time.

The sunsets/ stars/ nature are incredible!

Camping under the stars and waking up to a breathtaking sunrise is one of my favourite things. Not just that, but we walk more whilst we’re travelling in the motorhome and spend more time outdoors enjoying nature’s beauty.

Should I buy a motorhome? Yes, to enjoy driving your motorhomw through mountains in Europe and the UK.
Should you buy a motorhome? Sure, so you can enjoy Motorhome travel in UK and Europe in beautiful places like this!

It could most definitely change your life!

In no way did we believe that one year after buying a motorhome for the first time, would we be living on half our previous income, with me having given up my career.

We’d have said it was impossible. So be warned- buying a motorhome could change your whole life!! You might even end up living full time in your RV?!?! Now wouldn’t that be an adventure?

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Next steps

If you’d like some more help figuring out what vehicle to get (and how to buy the RIGHT one for you), grab a copy of our Complete Beginners guide to Motorhome Buying here– a course of videos, downloadable eBook and worksheets to help you make the BEST decision for YOU!

motorhome buying toolkit
motorhome buying toolkit

More things to help you move forwards:

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  1. Roger Weavers says:

    Just bought mine. Collecting mid August for a year long trip around Europe, can’t wait.

    1. Fantastic Roger! Do you have a rough itinerary?? You’ll have an amazing time wherever you go. 🙂

      1. Roger Weavers says:

        The rough plan is to spend a couple of weeks in the UK, Devon, Cornwall, then across to France down the west coast, across the top of Spain, down through Portugal, Southern Spain, then get to my apartment in Almeria for November/December. Stay in my apartment for a couple of months then head up the east coast of Spain, Italy, Croatia, then maybe Germany, etc. But who knows, plans change 🙂 I’ll be travelling with a girlfriend I dated in the 70’s for a few years. We reconnected last year after 40 years! Should be fun.

  2. Roanne Evans says:

    Yes! We first bought ours for weekend breaks, and still have one as we have two dogs, they come with us, including Continental trips. (We have to do museums in relay, one stays in a cafe or park with dogs, then swap). We love having our own bed and kitchen, no fitting around hotel mealtimes or explaining dietary restrictions! We’ve seen places we’d never have got to otherwise, and met fascinating people. Parking our home by a loch, or under mountains in Bavaria and trying out life there is amazing.

  3. We bought our motorhome two years ago in France (we live there) and have visited almost all of Spain and parts of Portugal and heading to the italian lakes in September. Being retired allows us to spend lots of time on the road, although my other half still teaches on line as we travel. As you say you can park up almost anywhere and discover places you’ve never heard of.
    Best thing we have ever done.

    1. Amazing! We have a small bit of land in France for retiring too at some point. We love it there but there’s so much more of the world to see first! The Italian lakes are BEAUTIFUL! (Although don’t swim in them- they’re all badly polluted) I’m actually working on a couple of posts from our visit there last year- hopefully you find those useful. Maybe see you out there somewhere!!

  4. This sounds amazing. I would love to be able to do this… need to learn how to drive first though, haha!

    Kirstie xoxo

  5. Malcolm Dunkley says:

    Interested in trailers for carrying motorcycles been riding motorcycles all my life and camping about to buy my first motorhome the Avenger with a bit of comfort very inspiring to read what you are up to thank you I need

    1. I cannot recommend the Motolug trailer enough- it’s perfect for us! It’s carried our two big heavy motorbikes up some pretty scary roads and done well over 18,000 miles. It’s light enough for me to move around by myself (without the bikes on!!!) and it can be taken apart for easy storage, which is perfect for us when we’re not travelling. You can store it inside the motorhome or in a garage. There are links all over my site to their website- give them a call! They’re a really helpful company. 🙂 You won’t regret your motorhome purchase- especially with a motorbike. Best of both worlds!!

  6. Hi, Found your Blog very informative,I’m retired and live in Cape Town, and thinking of returning to the U.K., I’ve been looking at places to rent/buy in the Manchester area, but the prices they ask are frightening, The thought of buying a Motorhome worries me a little, as kids we used to go to North Wales and stay in a Caravan, which I enjoyed,
    As I’m getting older I think that I must do something,why not buy a Motorhome, (Who Knows)

    1. Hi Bernard! I’ve always wanted to visit Cape Town- hoping to do that in the next few years! I would suggest looking around. You will pay more for a motorhome from a dealer, but they will also guarantee it for 3/6 months, which gives you greater peace of mind than if you buy it from eBay. I guess it depends how capable you feel to fix any problems which might arise. Feel free to ask any questions- sounds like a grand adventure!!

  7. Great blog! We had a caravan for 6 years & had some great trips round the U.K. & Europe in it. However last October we changed to a motorhome and suddenly the world has opened up. 3 months in Spain, a month in the Outer Hebrides and now we’re changing to a bigger bus and the temptation to pack up and hit the road is becoming very strong. There’s something about a motorhome that you don’t get in a caravan (and it’s not just the engine!) It’s a greater sense of freedom, the ability to stop or go with minimal fuss, to wild camp and I’m not really sure what’s stopping us upping and offing long term!

  8. Ken wilson says:

    Loved this blog, answered so many questions we had about buying a camper van with honesty and humour. Thanks 🙂

    1. Wandering Bird says:

      You’re very welcome Ken. So pleased it helped you! 🙂

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