One Week in England- itinerary idea

England road trip one week itinerary idea

Not sure where to see in England? Only got one week? Here’s my one week in England itinerary – I hope it gives you some great ideas.

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One week in England Itinerary

Obviously, one week in England is not a long time. There’s SO MUCH to see and you can’t possibly expect to cover it all.

On this trip, I was driving north to Scotland from my home in Portsmouth (on the south coast of England) and decided to take a week to explore more of the beautiful country I live in.

England road trip itinerary tips

A few important things to know:

  • I toured England in a motorhome, which is a FANTASTIC way to explore (If you need some recommendations, here’s how to hire a motorhome)
  • I was travelling with my dog, which means I was actively looking for beautiful places in the countryside (or near lakes!), and avoiding big towns and cities
  • It took me a week to meander up to the Scottish border, which is where I then continued motorhoming in Scotland. You can actually do the drive much quicker if you’ve only got limited time.

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England Road Trip Map

Here’s a map of where I stayed on this England road trip. I’ve also added in the Scotland spots too so you can find it all easily.


I started my trip travelling to the beautiful Cotswolds. There are so many incredible villages that it was hard to know where to stay. I chose Burford, because there was a Caravan and Motorhome club site nearby, which gave me a great base to explore.

Burford village is very pretty, but apparently there are nicer (Bourton on the water was mentioned a few times, so I’ll head there sometime.)

If you’d like to treat yourself to pancakes, Huffins was lovely. There’s also a Co-op in the village, and there is parking for motorhomes, which I didn’t realise until I needed a taxi (which cost me £20!)

If you have time, spend a day or two exploring the Cotswolds- there’s so much to see!

Banbury/ Warwick

I drove to Banbury, where I actually stayed on a friend’s field (for free!).

However, if you don’t have a handy friend with a field, I recommend ignoring Banbury (which is ok, but not amazing) and continuing up the road to stay in Warwick.

This is a beautiful city and well worth exploring. If you have time, a trip to the Castle is worth every penny.

Ideally, spend a day or two here if you can.

Peak District

I’ve been saying I wanted to visit the Peak District for ages, and I was not disappointed.

I stayed at a pub called the Winking Man nr Leek one night, then wild camped in my motorhome the next night at the Roaches.

I highly recommend walking the Roaches if the weather is fine- don’t miss Lud’s Church, which isn’t a church at all but is a massive gorge!

Lake District

There is something about the Lake District which soothes my soul. Perhaps it’s the tales I grew up on from Arthur Ransome, or perhaps it’s just that mountains and lakes are my happy place. Either way, I LOVE visiting here and don’t come up enough.

I spent a night at Braithwaite Car Park (£18 for 3 days, including overnight for motorhomes/ campervans)

The next night was spent at Aira Force, a National Trust property with one of the biggest waterfalls in the UK. It cost £10 for the night (applicable to members and non-members)

I also drove Kirkstone Pass, which was absolutely fine in a motorhome. Just take your time and don’t forget to pull over regualarly to let cars or bikes pass- that keeps everyone happy and less stressed.


I spent precisely two hours at Carlisle; I stopped at the Toby Carvery there and got a roast dinner. However, it’s a great place to break up your journey if you’re heading north to Scotland- there are plenty of campsites or Brit Stops around.

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