Camping Bled- Lake Bled Campsite review

Camping bled- Lake Bled campsite review & video tour.

When we visited Slovenia, we spent a night at Camping Bled- the Lake Bled campsite for motorhomes, campervans and cars with tents.

Here’s a review of the campsite, plus some extra tips you might find useful for your own Slovenia road trip. There’s a video of Camping Bled campsite at the bottom, so you can see what it’s like for yourself (there’s also tips for crossing the border from Austria into Slovenia)

If you’re already in Slovenia, you can easily get from Ljubljana to Lake Bled– and we highly recommend you do!

Why stay at Camping Bled

Initially, we wanted to wild camp with our van at Lake Bled.

Turns out, that’s a lot more difficult than it sounds!

Wild camping is banned in most of the Slovenian national parks and popular locations- and lake bled is no exception.

Seriously- just look at how empty the Park4Night app is:

camping bled campsite location Slovenia motorhome travel tips

Camping Bled is the campsite (tent) to the left- at the bottom of Lake Bled.

Aires at Lake Bled

So then we started looking at aires around the Lake. There were a couple, but when we arrived they seemed to be full of groups of men, sitting around and staring at us.

Honestly, we felt completely uncomfortable.

So we decided to splurge on a campsite and went to Camping Bled.

TOP TIP: Always always ALWAYS trust your gut when using aires or wild camping spots in Europe (or anywhere for that matter.) It doesn’t matter if it’s rational/ politically correct or anything else- if one of you isn’t happy or has a ‘bad feeling’ about a place, move on immediately.

Where is Camping Bled campsite?

Camping Bled is on the south side of Lake Bled, RIGHT on the shores of the lake. Seriously, it took us less than 5 minutes to walk to the lake, which is how I managed to drag my poor husband up before dawn to photograph the sunrise over the lake. (If you haven’t met Mr WB yet- let’s just say he’s not a fan of mornings!! 🙂 )

Lake Bled is about 20 minutes from the Slovenian/ Austrian border.

Address: Kidričeva cesta 10c, 4260 Bled, Slovenia

Camping bled- Lake Bled campsite review & video tour.

When is Camping Bled open?

The campsite is open from beginning of April to mid-October. Please check in advance for exact dates.

If you’re also travelling at that time, here are more places to visit in Autumn in Europe.

How much is Camping Bled campsite?

We visited Lake Bled in October with 2 adults, a motorhome and a dog. We paid 28€ using our ACSI CampingCard. Without a card it was 33€/night at that time- much more in summer!

We didn’t book in advance- just turned up. It was surprisingly full- but then it is one of the only decent campsites in the area. Luckily, there were a few pitches left and we spent a great night there.

What facilities are at Camping Bled?

  • Great restaurant on site- we enjoyed Schnitzel & grilled meat
  • Kids play area
  • Baby changing and other facilities if you’re camping with a baby
  • Shower & toilet block, which was very clean
  • Laundrette- needs tokens which you buy from reception
  • Shop inside reception
  • Fresh bread & croissant delivery in mornings (try the marmalade apricot croissants- they were AMAZING!)
  • Glamping pods, tents and more available for anyone without their own vehicle to stay in

The staff at reception were very friendly and welcoming, sharing information and tips for seeing the area. They told us about Vintgar Gorge and gave us some great tips for driving up Vrsic Pass in our motorhome. They also had loads of information about hiking and rock climbing around Lake Bled if you’re interested in some exercise.

Are dogs allowed at Camping Bled?

Yep, dogs are welcome at the campsite, but must be kept on leads at all times.

There also isn’t anywhere easy to walk them. There’s a green field just outside the campsite, but it’s right next to a busy road. In the end, we let Mac swim in the lake- which he adored!

Camping Bled has dog showers, which are amazing (you can see them on the video)- we made good use of those although I accidentally dropped the showerhead… which of COURSE then turned towards me and sprayed ME. I was totally drenched. Mr WB’s lasting regret is that he wasn’t filming it…!!

Watch the video of Camping Bled- and our strange introduction to Slovenia!

Click below to see our video of Lake Bled campsite, plus drone footage of the lake at sunrise (BEAUTIFUL) and also tips for crossing the border from Austria to Slovenia- which we found a little confusing…

Would we go back to Camping Bled next time?

Absolutely. We only had one night there and didn’t feel we explored the area well at all- but we were on a rush to get to Croatia.

So we hope to go back and do the area more thoroughly some day. We would definitely stay at Camping Bled again.

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