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Guides and courses to help you

Did you know we have written several eBooks and guides to help you with different aspects of motorhome travel and road trips?

New to Motorhoming or Campervanning?

Motorhoming is a funny hobby. You spend all that money… and then have to figure it all out for yourself! I fully remember how confusing and overwhelming some things felt, so we’ve created some beginner guides to help you every step of the way, from bringing your new van home, kitting it out, taking your first trip, maintaining it and beyond.

Motorhoming Made Simple Toolkit
Motorhoming Made Simple eBook

Wild Camping with a motorhome or campervan

Free/ off-grid camping is one of our absolutely favourite things to do in our motorhome. We LOVE being able to stay away from busy, noisy campsites (and yes, save some money too.)

But I know the first few times are completely daunting. These guides are designed to help you get started and answer all your questions…

wild camping toolkit
Wild Camping Toolkit & Database
wild camping ebook
Wild Camping ebook

Europe Travel with a Motorhome or campervan

For anyone wanting to visit Europe with their van

Heading to Europe with a motorhome or camper (or even a car) can be totally intimidating. There are so many rules, paperwork and other regulations- not to mention having to deal with aires, foreign languages and different cultures. Our guides were created to help you every step of the way, from planning to being out on the road!

europe motorhome travel toolkit
Europe Motorhoming Complete toolkit
europe travel ebook
Europe motorhoming eBook

Buying a Motorhome or Camper

Buying your first van can be daunting. You’re about to spend a lot of money and you’re not even sure if you’re going to use it enough to justify the expense. 

We’ve created these guides to help you choose the right sort of vehicle for YOU, plus checklists to help you when you’re talking to the seller AND when you collect it.

motorhome buying toolkit
Motorhome buying complete Guide
motorhome buying ebook
Motorhome buying ebook

Road Trip Journal Logbook

road trip journal logbook
Road Trip Journal Logbook

After years of searching for the perfect road trip logbook, we finally decided to create our own!

Crammed full of checklists, tips and plenty of logbook pages, this full-colour A5 journal is just what you need to record your adventures, and remember them for years to come!

We also have guides available for:

Road Trip Planning

Road Trip Tips





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