REVIEWED: BEST Camper Kitchen Accessories & Motorhome Storage Solutions

Best camper kitchen accessories and storage solutions for motorhomes

Looking for easy motorhome, RV & campervan kitchen storage hacks? Want camper kitchen accessories to help keep you organised? Here are some of the best tips, tricks and gear, plus ways to improve the storage and make it easier to use. You’re welcome.

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Storage hacks for motorhomes, caravans, campervans and RVs

You would think, after living on a boat for over 15 years, that packing up a motorhome and dealing with lack of storage space wouldn’t bother me at all.

Sadly, you’d be wrong. 

In the boat, I somehow managed to pack a LOT of stuff away into nooks and crannies. In the camper, there’s just not the space and I end up with things crammed into the cupboards and not be able to find what I want.

Opening a cupboard with guests in the van used to be frequently embarrassing when something dropped out onto someone’s head!

I knew something had to change. I needed to find some better storage solutions for the camper.

Best RV & campervan storage hacks for the kitchen

There are lots of ways you can fix your tiny kitchen storage issues- and we’ll share the best of them here. The first section is the best motorhome and RV kitchen accessories we’ve found to make vanlife a little easier. Promise.

The second section has some of the best hacks and tips we’ve found to KEEP your RV/ campervan/ motorhome kitchen organised- and free from rattles. Learn more about how we stop rattles in our motorhome here.

The most useful camper kitchen accessories to improve storage

I love useful accessories and space-saving kitchen accessories for campers are some of my favourites. But don’t buy too many; it’s a lot easier to keep tidy and organized if you don’t have too much stuff.

Before you start buying anything, assess what you really need. For some, a dedicated RV coffee maker is essential. For others, they’d rather use their motorhome payload for more shoes *cough cough*.

If necessary, sell or donate the unsuitable gear to make room for all the lovely new gear which will help keep your RV kitchen tidy.

Awesome Kitchen Gadgets

Whilst this post focuses on accessories and tips to help storage in your motorhome kitchen, there are some larger kitchen devices which I’m a huge fan of, especially as I live in my motorhome.

You can find more in-depth reviews for these here:

Nesting RV Kitchen cookware- perfect for small kitchens

These nesting cookware pans blew my mind when I first heard about them from a boating friend. They are SO easy to use, save up to 50% space and are even easy to clean! Designed specifically for RVs, campervans and boats, they’ll be your favourite friend for years to come!

Storage bins for under campervan seats

We all have stuff in our RVs that we want, but don’t use that often. We store those items under the seats and keep them together in easy to see into storage baskets. Again, easy to find when we want them- and it frees up our RV kitchen shelves!

Under-cupboard shelves- perfect campervan storage hack

Struggling to organise your RV kitchen cupboards? Add in an extra shelf! These plastic shelves hang under any other shelf and make excellent use of the dead space in cupboards, fridges, under sinks- and many other places! We’ve used them on the boat for years and we’re pleased to say they work just as well in a campervan.

the best motorhome and camper kitchen accessories and storage solutions

Collapsible Mugs

Who doesn’t love a hot drink while they’re driving?! These fantastic mugs fold flat when not in use, so perfect for RVs, boats and even camping- easy to carry with you and enjoy a drink when you arrive.

If you’re not sure about a collapsible mug but want something to keep your drink hot for HOURS while you’re driving, these mugs are amazing. Seriously- we swear by them.

Collapsible colander and bowls for easy motorhome storage

These amazing collapsible bowls are PERFECT for small RV kitchens. They make storage easy by collapsing flat and are heat-resistant, so fine for hot pasta or vegetables.

RV & Camper kitchen accessories to create more space

It’s all very well buying some awesome RV accessories- but you need to be able to organize it all. Here are some of our favourite storage hacks and ideas.

RV & campervan storage hack – Box EVERYTHING

This is the key to us having a camper with no rattles when we drive- everything is in plastic boxes. It’s incredible (and slightly terrifying!) how many of these we use throughout our van- but every single one helps with our RV storage and in the kitchen they are irreplaceable. Buy these in bulk, in all different sizes. I promise you’ll use them all!

Fruit & Veg Organiser

These Macrame fruit or veg holders are not only lovely, but they are a cool way to store your fruit and veg so you don’t use up cupboard space!

Herbs Storage Pouches

We all know that herbs and spices are bulky to store, so look at this amazing idea! Storage pouches!

Camper Kitchen Accessories- Foldable Kitchen Bin

Bins take up a lot of space, so check out these that folds up when not in use, a great idea for space saving.

Motorhome Kitchen life-saver- Non-slip matting!

Our top-secret number two: wrap everything in non-slip matting. And I mean, everything. We line all the drawers in our RV kitchen with this, but it’s also used between our utensils, to keep our knives safe, to stop glasses clinking in the cupboards… you name it, we probably wrap it in non-slip! I love all the pretty colours you can buy.

Rv camper Kitchen organizer boxes with handles

Remember all those little plastic tubs? Put them in one of these and it makes it so much easier for RV kitchen storage! We keep tea, coffee, sugar etc in one, condiments or spices in another- makes it really easy to grab the one we want and bring it down to the RV kitchen worktop.

Plate separators- stop rattles in the van

We like ‘proper’ plates in the RV, instead of plastic, but boy do they clink when we’re driving.These amazing plate separators stop all noise and keep the plates and bowls safe while underway.

Add a drawer under a cupboard

These drawers are perfect for adding a little extra RV kitchen storage where you need it. Great for spices, napkins, pens- all types of things can fit in these.

Drawer separators- genius campervan storage hack

If you’re lucky enough to have an ‘odds and ends’ drawer in your RV kitchen, then keep it organized by using these pretty boxes. Perfect for pens, batteries and a million other things, they’re also pretty to look at. Who says storage can’t be cute?

Over-door storage- motorhome living tip

This is such a perfect way to store annoying items like chopping boards in your RV kitchen. Just grab one of these, pop it over a cabinet door- and you’re done. Maybe use some non-slip matting to stop things rattling!

RV Kitchen Organizer

I love this- what a great place to keep paper towels, condiments or even pretty ornaments.

Here’s are some great boxes for organising the cupboards, and what’s great is that these fit in the overhead lockers!

Do you have an RV kitchen which needs organizing? Found an awesome hack you love? Let me know your favourite camper storage ideas.

Want more tips for motorhoming?

Here are some more ideas you might find useful:

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RV campervan kitchen storage hacks for simple vanlife motorhome living

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