Our unique New Year Ritual (& 2019 best bits)

Oh my goodness- 2019 has been crazy!!

You know those people who leave work and then say stupidly annoying things like “I don’t know how I ever had time to work; I’m just so busy…”

Uh, yeah.

That was me this year. #sorrynotsorry

Our Favourite New Year Tradition

I LOVE Christmas, but I love New Year more.

There’s something about starting a new year, full of hope and ideas and places to go! I get so excited by the possibilities.

(I also get a little overwhelmed and spend time watching Christmas Movies and eating chocolate biscuits while I decide what to do with my life…)

Each New Year, Mr WB and I have an awesome tradition. We write down EVERYTHING which has happened in the past 12 months which has bugged us, upset us, hurt us- all the bad stuff.

We literally write it down on a piece of paper and it takes as long as it takes. We never EVER EVER read each other’s paper- that’s not the point of this and allows us to be completely honest about how fricking ANNOYING the other one has been…

Once we finish, we burn it.

Yep, proper flames and everything.

It’s weirdly therapeutic and really allows us to wipe the slate clean and move on with our lives.

Setting Resolutions

We don’t set resolutions- we write business plans.


I love taking a few hours out and chatting about what we want to achieve in the next 12 months. Sometimes, we talk about where we want to be in 5 years, but normally our lives change so fast that we have no clue what’s going to happen.

So we talk about our aims for our businesses, our family and ourselves. And then we write them down. Mr WB scribbles notes to himself on his iPad and I write mine up in my Google Docs sheet. I love being able to look back at them from time to time.

We only mention things that are REALLY important to us, not just stuff we feel we should put down. Again, no-one else ever reads these, so it’s just for us and we can be completely honest.

Looking back at 2019

Here are some of our highlights and funny moments from 2019 (not necessarily in order- our calendar only goes back 6 months!)

  • Crossing the Millau Viaduct in our Motorhome
  • Visiting Cinque Terre- despite the high fine!
  • Speaking at the NEC Camping, Caravan & Motorhome Show(!!)
  • Riding our Motorbikes around part of the Monaco GP Circuit
  • Mac and I being chased by a BIG dog in the middle of the night!!!!! (That wasn’t a best bit- it was terrifying!!)
  • Taking a brand new Bailey Motorhome into the wilds of Wales
  • Walking behind a waterfall
  • Going for posh afternoon tea for Jade’s 18th Birthday & seeing Hamilton at the theatre
  • Seeing the Eagles live at Wembley
  • Wild camping in some spectacular places, especially in the French Alps
  • Visiting Niagara Falls
  • Ziplining at Niagara Falls!
  • Dangling off the CN Tower in Toronto
  • Exploring the Dolomites, especially Senna Pass and Tre Cime
  • Driving up the Vrsic Pass in Slovenia
  • Seeing the sunrise over the desert in Wadi Rum
  • Seeing the Treasury in Petra lit up by candlelight
  • Taking my parents to Jesus’ baptism site
  • Floating in the Dead Sea- total life goal!!
  • Chilling by the beach in van life Croatia

Some highlights from our year:

So there we go- our year in a nutshell.

What’s been the highlight of your year? We’d love to hear about it.

We wish you and yours all the best in the new decade and hope 2020 is everything you wish for.

The Wandering Bird fam xxx

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