Thinking of travelling to Europe with your motorhome or camper?

Feeling a little intimidated/ overwhelmed/ annoyed at the totally contradicting advice found online?

Concerned about the paperwork, legalities, how to find places to stay, how to find water, what kit you need to carry and do you really NEED a breathalyser? 

I was EXACTLY the same on our first trip to Europe. I didn't have a clue what we needed and searching on Google just confused me more. 

That's why I created this 90+ page, very in-depth, step-by-step guide (completely updated for 2020) to help you with everything you need to know- no matter when your trip may be!

Buying a motorhome or Campervan UK tips, questions and advice
Europe Motorhome travel advice guide

Learn how to plan a trip to Europe with a motorhome or camper. 

This 90+ page eBook includes what to bring, where to stay, tolls, route planning, pets, navigating, aires and much more! 

(Digital eBook available for instant download)

“Anything I can learn from such a thorough and articulate book is exciting for me.

I will use your ‘bible' as a useful reference book”

– Gerald M.

Complete travel to Europe guide

Are you worried about:

Motorhome touring in Italy

Planning a trip overseas can seem overwhelming. Sometimes, trying to get answers to the simplest questions feels impossible- not to mention you run the risk of getting bad or incorrect information from forums Facebook groups (or even from leading manufacturers!)

Trust me, I get it. 

On our first trip to Europe, we had no clue what we were doing.

We didn't know which route was best, how much tolls would be, how to find campsites as we travelled- or book them in advance! We ran out of gas (on a bank holiday weekend), lost our brakes in the Alps (literally!) and ended up in Lake Garda in the middle of August.

But I PROMISE you- travelling Europe by Motorhome or Camper does NOT have to be difficult- or daunting! Since that first trip, we have spent three years exploring all over Europe in our motorhome, spending many months on the road. 

We've learnt exactly what we need (and what we DON'T) to make it all work, plus how to save money and stay safe along the way

 And we're sharing it ALL with you in this guide. 

We want to help you get the absolute best out of your trip, whether it's a long weekend away or a 6-month tour of Europe.

Introducing our brand new 90+ page ebook:

The Complete Motorhome Guide to Europe

This guide is packed with everything we know about travelling Europe in a motorhome. With almost 100 pages of step-by-step advice including:

  • how to choose the best destination for you
  • how to plan your route to keep tolls and other costs as low as possible
  • essential kit you NEED (and what you don't)
  • how to manage power
  • how to choose somewhere to stay
  • CHECKLISTS to take with you

and much, much more.

(Digital eBook available for instant download)

Europe Motorhome travel advice guide

“This guide answered all my questions and more. Thank you very much”

– Louise P

What You'll Get

Motorhome Shows 2020- motorhome campervan caravan and camping shows in UK in 2020

Step-by-step instructions on travelling to Europe

Motorhome trips to Europe- route planning and tips for visiting Europe with a motorhome or campervan

Everything you need to know about making the most of your trip

Motorhome Guide to Europe- Contents

  • Getting Started
  • Choosing where to go
  • Where to stay
  • Getting to Europe
  • Planning a route
  • Essential Kit
  • Safety Kit (& checklist)
  • Kit we recommend
  • Paperwork
  • Trailer/ towing
  • Hiring a vehicle
  • Travelling with a pet
  • Planning a route
  • Tolls in Europe
  • Things to check before you go
  • Life on the Road
  • Driving in Europe tips
  • Getting Gas in Europe
  • Finding Water
  • Doing Laundry
  • Fines in Europe
  • Mobile PhonesGetting Online/ Wifi
  • Travelling with Kids
  • Staying Safe
  • Power Management
  • CHECKLISTS to help keep everything organised

Phew! As you can see, it's incredibly comprehensive. There is a high chance the price of this guide will increase in the next few weeks, so grab it NOW while it's at this price.

Who am I?

Hi! If we haven't met yet, I'm Kat. In 2018, I quit my job as an Air Traffic Controller to travel Europe in a motorhome with my husband, our teenage daughter Jade and lately an over-excitable (but ridiculously cute) cocker spaniel called Mac.

For 2 years, we've travelled as a family with a teenager, as a couple on our own and with a dog. 

We made TONNES of mistakes- and we want to help you avoid making the same ones. 

We've been lost, ran out of gas, and had our brakes fail on us going down a (very!) steep mountain. But we've also wild camped under the stars, parked up by the Mediterranean for a week and discovered more places than we ever knew existed. 

Travelling Europe changed our entire lives- and I want to help you change yours too!

Europe Motorhome travel advice guide

With these tips, you'll be able to confidently travel all over Europe, finding water, gas or places to stay without worry or stress and you won't believe the freedom you'll feel. You'll know what you need, when you need it and what you can leave behind. 

**cough, breathalysers, cough**

(Digital eBook available for instant download)

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Things smart people ask:

How do I get this guide?

The entire guide is available for you to download and read on your computer, phone or iPad. You can also print it if you wish and keep it in the motorhome. You will receive a link by email to use. Links are valid for up to 90 days.

I'm on a phone/ have bad internet. Do I have to download it now?

Not at all.  You can download it later when you have better internet or are on your laptop. All the details will be emailed to you for your convenience. 

Can't I just get this info on your website?

Nope. We talk about motorhome travel in Europe (heck, that's half of the website!), but in this guide, we share ALL the tricks we use, including route planning, safety, travelling in different countries and many more tips. It's also laid out in a sensible, easy-to-follow order and the checklists are invaluable.

So go ahead and grab our Europe travel secrets at this price while you can- and maybe we'll see you out on the road

No thanks, I already know how to travel Europe in a motorhome

– I want to learn how to wild camp in the UK & Europe

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