Motorhome Accessories- everything you need for your camper travels

Looking for the best motorhome accessories? Wondering which gear is the most useful?

Anyone who’s owned a motorhome or campervan longer than a few weeks knows that some kit is worth every penny, while other gear is… meh. 

Here, we’ll share the ESSENTIAL motorhome accessories every new owner needs, what gear you need to travel in Europe, the best kit for travelling with a dog, and much more.

Most posts contain packing lists or checklists to help you keep track of everything. You’re welcome 🙂 

Essential Motorhome Accessories for new owners

We get it- you’ve just bought a motorhome and already you’re dreaming about cute mugs, or pillows, or gadgets you NEED. The possibilities are endless and it’s so easy to forget about the basics- you know, like a hosepipe.

Or your spouse…

Before you set off for your first trip, please make sure you have these essential motorhome accessories for new owners

Motorhome accessories for Europe travel

Planning a motorhome trip to Europe? It can be daunting trying to figure out if you have everything you need, can’t it?! 

But, I promise, it’s not so bad. Once you know what you need, it’s fairly straightforward and you’ll always have the kit ready for whenever you travel to Europe in the future. 

Here are the motorhome accessories you NEED to travel to Europe (as well as a few we highly recommend!)


Wild camping kit

Planning on wild camping in your motorhome? Here are the 5 essentials we recommend (and 2 things we DON’T!)

Where to buy your motorhome accessories cheaply

We recommend buying your motorhome accessories online instead of using high street shops which are often hugely over-priced.  Check out our dedicated Amazon store – we’ve created lists of all our recommended kit to make it easy for you to find what you need.