5 Steps to Freedom- Create a life you love!


In July 2017 we wild camped in the Swiss Alps. I have never been anywhere more stunning in my life and we were mesmerised as we watched the sun set over those incredible mountains, and then mesmerised again as we watched the Milky Way come out above us. We sat outside our motorhome and never wanted to leave.

But we had to.

We couldn’t even stay another day in this paradise. Why? Because we had jobs. More specifically, my job, which couldn’t be done whilst we were travelling, unlike my husband’s. We had a fun evening that night, watching the Milky Way, sipping hot chocolate and wildly planning how I was going to leave my job and free up more time for us to travel.

7 months later I did exactly that. I was 35.

Ready to create a life you love? Get the FREE guide here, with the 5 step system which changed our lives.

How does it help to create a life you love?

Creating a life you love doesn’t have to mean quitting your job. It doesn’t have to mean selling up and travelling the world. It doesn’t have to be anything more or less than you want it to. It’s also not about competing with anyone else. Sure, I left my job 7 months after that conversation in the mountains of Switzerland. But we were ALREADY planning for me to leave work in 2019- we just managed to achieve it 18 months earlier than planned by using these steps to focus on what’s best for us.

So don’t be intimidated, even though this could be a life-changing moment for you! No pressure or anything…!! 🙂 After all, it’s a FREE GUIDE- what do you have to lose?


What are the 5 steps to Freedom?

  • Would you like to learn how to find what REALLY matters to you?
  • How to discover what gets you excited?
  • How to create a plan to achieve your goals
  • How to share them with your partner
  • How to deal with setbacks?
  • How to stay focussed day after day, even when you just want to quit?

The 5 steps to Freedom are the exact steps we used to plan out my retirement from work, as well as design our life afterwards. We’ve been through these steps many (MANY!) times over the past couple of years, in order to help us really understand what we want to achieve.

Ready to create a life you love? Get the FREE guide here, with the 5 step system which changed our lives.

What is it not?

  • It does NOT cost you ANY MONEY. Seriously- the steps in this book do not cost a penny to do.  You don’t have to buy any software or expensive product. Nada. It’s just you and your brain.
  • It’s NOT always easy. I’m going to be upfront about this- following these 5 steps and changing your life is not easy. But it will ALWAYS be worth it.
  • For us, it isn’t a ‘one-stop-shop’ for the rest of our lives. We haven’t gone through the steps once, and then that’s it forever. We’ve been through them several times in the past 2 years- and I expect we’ll go through them many many times in our future. But you can do it as many times as you need to.