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Wandering Bird Adventures



 Exploring the world by motorhome and motorbike. Always looking for the next adventure.

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Wandering Bird Adventures

Van living, bike riding, drone flying, photo taking, adventure seeking family... life's too short not to.

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14 years ago my new boyfriend and I decided to live on a small boat to save some money. (TOP TIP: living in a confined space with someone is a GREAT way to tell very quickly if you like them or not!)

We knew even then that we wanted to live life a little differently. We didn’t want a massive mortgage and we wanted to be able to travel as far & as often as possible.


Since then, we’ve worked hard to make that happen. Luckily, that boyfriend is now my Husband and, despite getting older & having a daughter, our ambitions haven’t changed much. We still don’t want to be tied down to ‘conventional life’ and we travel as often as we can.


We still (mostly) live on a boat, but we’ve just bought our dream motorhome, and are currently exploring Europe (and perhaps later the world??!). We’ve discovered vanlife takes all the skills we learned in boating, but we worry less about the weather and we can visit more places. Win Win. We also take our motorbikes so we can further explore the places we visit.


We love the freedom of travelling by van, never really knowing where we’re going to end up. Every day is a new adventure! 

We look forward to sharing that adventure with you. If you happen to see us, come say hi! We have stickers. 🙂 

Safe Travels,

Kat, the Wandering Bird xx


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